Poem by Cezarina Trone, Dec. 13, 2013, in gratitude for a healing
Laura’s interview with Cezarina on BlogTalk Radio’s Quantum Creativity

swiftnaturecoverWith such purity of heart,
You keep my MAGIC alive…

Dear Alchemist of Light,

I watch your hands sweeping the dust off all the hidden places…

I hear the singing of the Cosmic Spheres in your sweet voice and I smile again and again…

You gift me unexpected wonders and so I honor 
The RADIANCE of life itself Spiraling from your eyes Into every corner of the Universe!



“Thank you for the healing love you shine into my eyes. Your gaze predates time. The majesty of the mystery flows through you. xooxo”

~ Nancy  O’Brien Simpson, Cincinnati, OH


“Dear Laura, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the OMG wonderful healing session you gave me and the huge transformational benefit. You are indeed so awesome, delightful, intelligent, heart-felt, great.  Thank you for the magnificent healing work.”

~ Erik Fulkerson, Fullerton, CA


“I’d like to introduce you to a truly amazing woman, she is one of the most energetic influences I have felt in a long time. Light bubbles forth from her lips.”

~ Tzahik ShadowHawk Salewa wrote in a Facebook post 8/20/13


“I just wanted to say, again, what a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful session that was with you on Wednesday.  I just feel in so many ways a weight lifted and so much more open, relaxed and at peace – thank you.  My mind is working differently.  I’m looking forward to the next session in a couple of weeks, but it was just wonderful and I wanted to thank you again for being there for me.  Have a great day and thank you so much!”

~ Phil Crabtree, Cincinnati, OH


“Laurita, since I met you something changed in me!! I learned so much from you and I have to put it in practice . Big blessings for you and your family. Thank you!!! 

~ Norka Florez, Puno, Peru


“I cannot thank you enough for the healing energy and assistance in clearing what has been an anchor weighing me down emotionally for a long time.  I feel incredible – and neutral to the issue – amazing!!  I am so grateful.  I will be scheduling another session soon.”

~ Amber, Ft. Thomas, KY


“Dear Laura, Thank you SO much for your Healing. Your intuitive Divine guidance flowed right where it was meant to flow when we let go and allowed it to lead us. I am feeling a shift within myself and people around me. The dreams which followed were very insightful also. Your work is diving deep into Soul level which is so much needed now. My deepest gratitude and appreciation to you. Love ~ Val ~”


“Thank you for the wonderful healing, it opened and expanded my consciousness and I’m in such a different state of being 🙂  THANK YOU!”

~ Jen Salstrom, Reiki Master/Teacher, Cincinnati, OH


“Just wanted to tell you that I watched your interview yesterday on World Puja Network and as you spoke the language of light I was intentionally releasing some physical issues that no longer serve me…. Last night was the first night in over a month that I slept through the night and felt sleepy in the morning (typically I’m awake by 2:00 am with only 4 hours of sleep). Something has changed and I wanted to thank you….All day I keep hearing in my heart & head “you are healed” and I truly feel I am while my cellular memories rewire and my nerves regenerate to who they really are. Thank you – bless you – rock on.”

~Missy Wryn, Estacada, OR


“Hi Laura, I just wanted to thank you for the session you provided me at Colleen’s salon opening. The amount of peace I felt afterward was indescribable. I have been searching and working so hard for quite some time to feel that, while working through major changes and transitions in my life. You truly have a beautiful gift. After our session I was able to find faith and belief in knowing that I am strong and I am choosing the path that’s right for me.”

~ Maureen Fisher, Cincinnati, OH


“I felt your energy STRONGLY! I became tired the rest of the evening and tried to drink water too. Its been a very long time since I’ve felt a healer with you strength. Love your courage to go forward with your gifts despite western medical influence.”

~ Wise T. Pearl wrote after listening to an online radio interview


Custom Healing Recordings
Laura’s Light Language CDs are soothing and sublime. They are the perfect tools to transcend the judgmental mind and allow for positive change to occur with less resistance from one’s ego. I especially recommend that you commission Laura to create a customized Light Language CD just for you. I believe these customized CDs are powerful tools that will help you to heal your own specific challenges masterfully.  ~ Andrew, Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher


Language of Light ~ Albums
“When we were at the Inner Light Festival, she [Laura] was working on someone [doing a healing session] and she said, “you can listen to a CD if you want.” So I did and after about to two or three minutes of one of them, I thought, this is really interesting, so I sat down while she was working (and listened to the recording). Well, I started feeling the most interesting vibrations in different parts of my body, so I bought the CDs.

I listened to the [Language of Light] CD the first night…and all of a sudden I noticed different selections were causing different things to happen.  I was feeling vibrations literally jumping from one side [of my body] to the other. On another one, my ankles started throbbing to the point where I needed to move my feet around, so I started moving them together, and I had never had those kinds of sensations. Some [tracks] were causing my temples to throb and then certain parts of my brain and it was just really interesting…. I listened to it again a couple of days later and had exactly the same sensations in each part of my body.

There were a couple of selections where I actually started hearing voices, not calling my name, but just conversations. It happened both times I listened and I thought that was interesting. Another one was, I just started having flashes of imagery. But I had exactly the same effects on my body with the same tracks every time I listened. Every single time! And I’ve since listened to it a third time just to see and it happened the same way. I don’t know if something needs to clear on me or if that is just the way it works or whatever.

[Listening to] Gifts of the Elohim, I found to be an entirely different experience. I felt a lightness and I don’t know, it is really difficult to explain, I felt insights coming to me, that’s basically it, a lot of lightness, a lot of expansion and I just felt like special things were being downloaded to me, special abilities. Now I don’t know if that’s true, but that what I felt. I felt more confident about certain things. It was really one of the most remarkable experiences I’ve had.”

~ Michael Kamau, Cincinnati


Language of Light ~ Posts & Website – Emotional Healing
”I Listened to the Podcast and had an immediate release on an issue I have been dealing with for years.  I felt forgiven and was able to forgive in a new way after reading some of your writings. Just want let you know how powerful your work is and that I have been blessed. I have been trying to contact my guides and take a step forward, looking for knowledge and feel I have found the next key.”

~ Blessings, Kathleen, Bethel, Ohio


This first response was a personal note to me following a Rebirthing Into The New Earth group event. Nancy then posted the second message on Facebook.

Laura, You were amazing. I was blown away. Your language is amazing. I mean amazing. You can become a bird or a crystal bowl. And, it is a gateway, a portal to someplace else…. Simply amazing. Each found her way…into your energy field of pure love and acceptance and needed to go to the place only you could take them for the nourishment of their souls and the expansion of their consciousness. I found the entire experience to be just amazing. A journey to the stars. I can’t begin to thank you for such an amazing gift. I love you.

Facebook post: This was an amazing experience. Laura is a portal into a vibration of peace, and an expansion of consciousness. She has an amazing gift of language. She can actually linguistically become a bird, the wind, a crystal bowl. And, those sounds become a song that lulls one into a state of dreamlike peace. Her unconditional love and acceptance is a transference, that can shift personal judgments and negativity. Her workshops really are quite wondrous. Thank you Laura, for manifesting such wisdom and glory. Nancy xoxo


Laura’s note in response to a letter of gratitude for emotional healing in a session…
You made my day! It is such a delight to hear that you are having such immediate positive benefits from listening to your recording! I am so excited to know you are feeling better already!
The language of light is powerfully transformative and it is always exciting to hear how it helps people. But, I want you to remember that it is YOU making the changes! The recordings may trigger something inside you, help dissolve blocks or activate your DNA to engage the New Earth codes, but it has all been inside YOU all along. The power lies within you to have positive loving and empowering experiences every day, no matter what job, how you feel physically or what your neighbors say or do. All those circumstances present a backdrop for you to choose who you are and how you are going to respond in each challenge. The language of light will help you remember who you are at the level of your true whole multidimensional self as Love and Light, but always remember, it is just helping you remember YOU as you already are, but simply forgot. I am so glad you are waking up joyfully and quickly!!


“I just listened to the podcast, Release & Allow – AMAZING.  By the end, tears were pouring down my face. Thank you for sharing.”

~ Kay Brinkman, Ft. Mitchell, KY


Yesterday I was listening to the Music Peace Recording, Om. Funny I have been chanting Om in the woods hiking the dog and find it very comforting. Listening to the Podcast is what seemed to bring on the breakthrough I started experiencing yesterday. Issues I have been struggling with  simply let go into the ether. I am sure I will still be facing the issues but with a different perspective and more love than I was able to muster for myself or others.

Today I listened to Creational Alignment. Without even realizing it or thinking about it I am singing in the kitchen. Not words just sounds like words. They were not ancient or anything like the podcast, more like stretching of my voice than anything. It just came to me – I am filled with excitement as if a door has opened. I have been asking for contact with my Spirit Guides My Reiki Guides and wanting to know about  the Angels Ascended Masters.

~ Kathleen, Bethel Ohio


Improved Blood Levels – Iron
“I’ve had several healing sessions with Laura just before a transfusion for Haemochromatosis in which my blood tests showed my iron levels had dropped to normal, so I did not need my usual blood treatments.”

Blood Platelet Levels – Pre-leukemia
“I have “MDS”, formerly called “pre-leukemia,” which causes your blood platelets to drop.  After one session with Laura, my platelets rose over the next 6 months from 58,000 to 116,000.  It hadn’t been that high in 8 years.  I really do believe Laura has a gift.”

~ Rose, Crestview Hills, KY

Acute Hip Pain
“My hip was hurting to the point that I couldn’t walk upstairs without significant pain. Laura did her thing and my pain subsided. When I got up from the healing table, I could twist and turn my hip without pain. It was the first time in weeks that I could walk up stairs without pain. I may not be at 100%, but I am 90% better than I was before.”

~ Tonya, Fort Thomas, KY

Back Pain ~ degenerative discs
“Laura Pieratt is a magnificent and gifted healer.  Laura, unlike other healing practitioners of our age, allows her universal knowledge about how energy works and flows to guide her every move.  She allows each individual a unique opportunity to receive the specific treatment they need by tuning into the guidance she receives from the particular energies within each person’s field.

I can’t begin to thank her enough for the healing I received on my back.  I had been suffering endlessly from the effects of two highly degenerated discs in my lower spinal column.  Just a few months before my consultation with Laura, my back completely gave out!  EMT’s had to peel me off my couch and transport me to the hospital just so I could move again.  Though this was the worst of it, I had been suffering with debilitating back pain for years.  There was no medicine capable of curing the intensity of my discomfort.  Surgery was becoming my only option.  After only one session with Laura, my back was completely healed!  I no longer need any pain medication, and my back is restored to its full mobility.  At this point, I can actually enjoy doing yard work again!  I never thought that would be a possibility.

I can’t tell anyone that my results are typical.  All I can say is that if you open your heart and mind to receiving miracles they can, and do, happen.  Just 24 hours before ever meeting Laura, I was lying flat on my back praying for an alternate cure to surgery.  I was in so much pain I could barely move.  The next day a good friend of mine called and said, “I think I’ve met someone who can fix your back.”  I called Laura five minutes later, and 30 minutes after that she was “fixing” my back.  God and the Universe work in great and mysterious ways, and often they are aided by the extraordinary healing talents of practitioners like Laura Pieratt.”

~  Lisa, Fort Thomas, KY

Back Pain ~ acute pain due to recent injury
“There is NO doubt Laura Pieratt is the Real thing, a beautiful healer. I had thrown out my back and was in a lot of pain from top of my neck to my tail bone. I called Laura for help, right away she came to my home.  As we started the session I got instant relief. My pain went from a 10, the highest pain level, to a 0 – no pain. I got up and could walk without pain. She truly has a wonderful gift! I would highly recommend her work to  you! Thanks Again Laura”

Back Pain ~ healed in group setting
“Hi Laura, Thanks so much for last night and spending time with us after class. I came to class with my back killing me on a scale of one to ten it was a 9.5 yesterday. When I left class it was, no lie, a 1 still a little stiff but pain-free. I don’t know what happens when you are doing healing work on people in class, but I seem to get the healing.”

~ LM, Ft Thomas, KY

Neck and Shoulder Pain
“For eight months prior to my session with Laura, I had pain in my neck and shoulders as a result of an auto accident.  Within 24 hours of the session, 98% of the pain was gone – and has not returned.  I’ve worked with many healers, and Laura is certainly among the best.  I recommend her wholeheartedly!”

~ Robert Schwartz, Cleveland Ohio – Author of Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born (www.yoursoulsplan.com)

Severe Head Trauma
“Laura has a true gift which continues to surprise and amaze those around her, as well as Laura. She heals from the heart with the guidance of her angels. She was invaluable when my brother was in an auto accident and received a severe head injury. She helped one of my best friends through her initial breast cancer diagnosis. I have and will continue to put my faith, trust and healing in her most capable hands!”

~ Joni Soboloff, New Orleans

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work with my son at his most critical time. The doctor told me that he might not make it through the night. After your work with him, his responses improved.”

~ M.S., New Orleans, Louisiana

“A few months ago, I was diagnosed with a hernia just above my navel. At the time of diagnosis, the hernia was the size of a golf ball and would need surgery for repair, since over time it would only enlarge. My doctors would place a plastic mesh in my abdominal wall to secure the rupture from expanding. I scheduled surgery, hesitant to go under anesthesia, since I have not done well with it in the past.All the while, the golf ball sized hernia was easy to see and feel.

A dear friend of mine treated me to a healing session with Laura for the benefit of promoting some emotional and spiritual wellness. Laura urged me to see her the night before surgery to hep me with the side effects of anesthesia I would undergo. I did. When I left that evening…I was not able to feel the hernia! I am happy to say that surgery took less than fifteen minutes due to the fact that the hernia was so small, less than the size of a pencil eraser, so that no mesh was needed – just a few stitches to close the small (very small) opening!! Also, I had no side effects from the anesthesia – none. In fact, I felt wonderful.

I truly believe with all my heart that had I seen Laura perhaps one or two more times prior to surgery that I would not have needed surgery at all!! She is truly a conduit to Divine healing. I am so grateful to her.”

~ Tina P., Ft. Thomas, KY


“Laura, THANK YOU for my WONDERFUL healing session today!  I feel like I lost 1/3 of my body weight!  I feel SO happy again & full of energy.  I had the desire to do things that I have avoided for quite a while. My 2 children immediately sensed my lightened spirit & my 10 year old daughter who had been home sick for 2 days, within an hour said, “Mommy I am starting to feel much better, could we go outside.” She is so empathic. I believe the healing that I received from you was transmuted through me to her on a higher level then we fully understand.

Your profound willingness to serve ALL THAT IS, is inspiring & enlightening. Thank you, for you have fed not only my soul, but all the souls that I come in contact with as well. Thank you for rekindling my flame and touching my heart. All is in Divine order.”

~ Caroline, Cincinnati, OH

Stress & Despair~ results from a 15-minute session at a Light Expo
“I wanted to share with you how much different things are in my dealing with the internalized feelings of the struggle with my parents. I have had a terrible time now that my mother has Alzheimer’s, as she has begun to treat me in the unkind manner that she did when I was younger. When I tried to explain this to my father (who apparently was oblivious to any of this) he became very angry with me and basically denied my truth. It has been just devastating to me to be estranged from him and accused of making my past up. However, since my session with you, I have had a sense of peace and it all seems removed and distant. I have had some dreams in the past week, some of which were less than pleasant, but I truly sense a shift. I so appreciate your time with me and hope to be able to connect with you again soon.”

~ S.M.

Bereavement ~ helping a mother release her dying son and assisting the son in a peaceful passing.
“I find myself reliving last year’s events – day by day – and a year ago you were instrumental in my allowing myself to let go of my son.  I will never be able to fully share my appreciation of what you did for my son in words, but know that this time last year you were an absolute blessing to him, my husband and me.”

~ Violet, Loveland, Ohio

Energetic House & Land Clearing
“Thank you for the AMAZING Energy work that you did on our land this past Saturday. It was so powerful! It goes beyond words.  As you guided me through the intense clearing of the land, I was overcome with a powerful sense of understanding of the darker energies that have been on the land for many, many years.  It wasn’t until this, that I was able to understand what an impact the darkness has had on the health of my family, neighbors and own self.  As we released these energies, I felt many unusual things. I felt a warm blanket cover me and produced a tremendous sense of peace and calming. As you spoke in a language that I did not understand, I had an amazing sense of being lifted up and enlightened. The foreign language is like nothing I have heard, but it was tremendously transformational. It is difficult to put into words how profound the 45 minutes was, but I truly believe a wonderful shift has begun. I am very grateful for the gifts you have shared and your willingness to serve. The Angelic connections that you bring forth, will transform anyone who wishes to bring the Light into our world at this time.”

~ Caroline, Cincinnati, OH


Day 1: “I was glued to the table.  My legs felt like waves.  It felt different than Reconnective Healing or Reiki.  It was more intense. especially with the legs rippling/waving.”

Day 2: “I was freezing, but was too glued to the table like a mummy to tell you I was cold.”


“Life has changed after The Reconnection.  Last Wednesday I was totally wired, but since then have settled down. I feel the connection in everything, and now I want to strongly move forward. Now it all makes sense: it’s not just words in a book. I have no desire now to be judgmental or critical or angry, though I’m sure those times will come again. Tonight I watched an insect drink water from our bird bath. I felt his life, and realized it is just as precious as mine.”~ Joe, Sharonville, Ohio

Reconnective Healing – chronic back pain, asthma and fear of heights
“My chronic back pain and hip pain along with asthma have plagued me for years.   I had planned a vacation and felt I was in no physical shape to enjoy my stay in the mountains.  I contacted Laura about Reconnective Healing.  I had three sessions with Laura before I left and the results were dramatic. I was able to hike without pain and I never once needed my inhalers.  Also, as I hiked, I noticed that I wasn’t hugging the rocks on the side of the path.  I was actually enjoying the scenic drop offs.  Imagine my surprise to learn that my tremendous fear of heights had been greatly alleviated to allow me to enjoy this trip even more.”

~ SK, Florence, Kentucky

Reconnective Healing – Tourette Syndrome
A 6-year-old with Tourette Syndrome had excessive neck jerks and frequent involuntary shoulder shrugs, causing muscle aches, as well as occasional foot stomps and clicking sounds, and drawing ridicule at school,.  The neck movements ceased completely after the first session.  He had a little trouble staying still for the session, but said he relaxed after an angel told him to be calm, that they wouldn’t hurt him.  In the next session, he became very curious about what I was doing when he felt sensations like his ears were spinning, without my even touching him.  Nearly all symptoms vanished completely after three sessions.

~ CB, Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Reconnective Healing – Back Pain, Blood Pressure, Sugar Addiction
“My experience with Laura has been phenomenal.  The first session was absolutely awesome!  The results I have experienced after 4 sessions are: no more back problems or pain, no more sugar cravings, blood sugar is more under control. I have been able to go off blood pressure medication. I also used to get several infected hairs at a time in my head.  Since my last session, these are completely healed. During all of my sessions, I have been going through a very difficult time. I feel the Reconnective Healing has helped me deal better with all the stress. I’m a believer. Try it and you will be too!”

~ Northern Kentucky

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