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Angel kitty on keyboardI have tried to make this website highly informative about Light Language because I believe many people will begin spontaneously speaking The Language of Light in the months and years to come and will be looking for information to understand what they are doing and why.

I also believe the quantum nature of sound healing is the new frontier, which will be highly relevant and important to our continued shifts into the higher frequencies of Unity Consciousness. Upgrades in our frequency will enhance our connection with our Divine Self and the development of our intuition and lightbodies, all of which are necessary for ascension. Remember, this is Not new to you. At ascended levels you, too, speak light language and your heart-soul awareness understands it perfectly, even now. It is the language of the heart, the language of love and some form of light language is your native tongue!

The questions below were submitted by readers of this site. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, please email your question to I will answer as soon as possible and probably add yours to the FAQs below. Thanks for joining the conversation and co-creating with me to make this a more useful informative site!

The mind is full of questions but the heart KNOWS the answer all the while! You will notice, as your ascension journey progresses, that you have fewer questions and more Trust and Knowing.

You may notice a pattern of me turning you back to yourself, directing you to trust your experience. My heart tells me to empower others, instead of building dependency on me. It is with love I do this, so you come to trust your inner knowing and personal truth. Such discernment is an important part of soul awakening and the journey of remembering.

Part of my mission is to demonstrate that it is safe and appropriate to use powerful “remembered” gifts that flow from a place of knowing, without necessarily understand them at mental levels. In the ascension process, people will naturally begin remembering gifts they used and even mastered  in past lives, which they will integrate and use now. The heart has a much broader understanding that is inclusive of many things the mind cannot fathom. That needn’t be a limitation. In fact, it is part of the joyous fun of living and working in the quantum!



Q – Can I listen to multiple Language of Light transmissions, such as A Daily Dose of Love and your previous posts at the same time or should I leave a gap of a few hours or even a day, given the differing energies they contain?

A – My guides tell me that most people will benefit from using A Daily Dose of Love in sequence, which is why I have created a subscription that will initiate the sequence at the beginning, no matter when a person signs up. BUT, my guides also said that guided synchronicity will lead some people to find exactly the transmissions they need on social media and they will be guided to my website just in time to enter the sequence, at the level they need to begin, as they are being posted in real-time. 

I like to empower people to trust themselves, since each person needs to develop guidance that will lead them to exactly what they need in the moment, as well as where, when and how. It is truly a remarkable system we have available to us when we learn to trust and follow our guidance, which is still very subtle and unconscious for many people, yet alive and well nonetheless! But for those who do not have awareness of such guidance, I suggest you start at the beginning of the A Daily Dose of Love sequence and enjoy one a day, listening to my other light language posts whenever you feel inclined. 


Q – Will I get overwhelmed if I listen to a lot of language of light transmissions in one sitting?

A – It will not hurt you, if you are not yet sensitive enough to sense your inner wisdom guiding you and therefore listen to transmissions faster than you are able to integrate them. If they do not resonate with you they will simply pass you by. If they are for you, but too much to integrate in the moment, they will be stored in your energy field for later use, like a savings account waiting for you to draw upon it when ready.

The only thing I can think of which would cause you a problem is if you were to throw your ego at all things vibrational in a race to ascend, drawing to you a lesson to trust and live in the moment within divine timing. Intent is everything! To get the greatest benefit, ask to be guided and trust that guidance to the degree you are able. Let go of need, expectation and attachment to an outcome, allowing it to be a gift you receive with gratitude and an open heart.


Q – Since I can’t understand Light Language, how should I decide which transmissions to listen to?

A – In the case of A Daily Dose of Love, listen to one each day, as many times as you wish, and let it soak into your heart and cellular knowing. And remember to drink lots of fresh water, for this is a transformational healing journey that releases cellular debris, needing to be flushed out of your system.

Enjoy the process and the gift that it is, simply feeling the loving support in the sounds, pacing and tonal variety. You can choose which transmissions to listen to, as well as when, where, how and how long in the same way you might use your intuition, feeling which of one, two, five or more cards to draw from a deck of divination cards.

I notice that as I hear similar sounds over time, they become comforting like welcome friends, and I look forward to hearing the next transmission to see/feel who will show up! And it is indeed many loving high spiritual friends joining us, whose names you will hear repeated throughout transmissions. In truth, as I channel, the sounds and energies come through me as a weave from countless angles, high Light beings and group collectives beyond form, from many dimensions. I am told it is too much for the human mind to understand at our current level, so to just relax, allow and receive.


Q – Would you recommend listening to your Language of Light album a certain number of times before listening to your Gifts of the Elohim: Blessings album, or would it be beneficial to listen to both regularly on a daily basis?

A – You cannot listen too much, if that is your concern. However, you may become spacey or tired if your body is overloaded and trying to process all the energy and information imbedded in transmissions. Just like when reading an information packed book, you will know when you need a break to integrate the information and rest before continuing. Just as with a symphony, each listening will be a unique experience relative to your state of mind, attention, receptivity, emotional sensitivity, life events, triggers, distractions and other factors. Such parameters will always be unique for each person.

Part of my mission is to empower people to reach inward, develop intuition and learn to trust their guidance. Fortunately, listening to the language of light helps this type of inner knowing develop and strengthen! My advise is to follow your interest/knowing/guidance about which transmission, as well as how many times to listen before moving on to the next.

You can download them to a playlist and mark favorites, listening throughout the day as you enjoy and feel drawn to them. When one no longer interests you, un-mark it as a favorite and replace it with others.


Q – You say that it’s most beneficial to listen to the recordings in order. Is there any benefit from listening to them multiple times, or are the effects basically accomplished in one listening?

A – Yes, listening multiple times helps you both absorb and integrate the energy and information imbedded, as well as access what was not previously easily available, because each time you listen you are in a different moment–and you are actually different by what the previous listening catalyzed or transformed. Each time you listen it is like shuffling a deck of cards so the order is changed and what was buried may now be available. Each time you listen and each new transmission you listen to interacts with you at new levels you may notice and ALSO multidimensional levels you will not even be aware of while in this limited form/perspective. I think of it as a spiritual solvent, a gift of Grace. And remember to drink lots of pure fresh water when transmuting with any energy process.

You may enjoy a perspective my guides shared with me.Read the below information from my guides about healing…

Lessons in the Divine Science of Alchemy – The secret is…

1) knowing or expecting a change will occur
2) ask–remember to set your intent from loving desire (not from lack or fear)
3) release– let go of all doubt, fear, limiting thoughts, assumptions, etc
4) wait for it to show up–know and trust it is coming in the best form for you
5) notice the change (this helps anchor it into your reality as real – don’t let doubt undo your miracle!)
6) say thanks! – cultivate gratitude as a life-force energy of Grace, based in Love and Unity with all life.

Message about working with available probabilities instead of struggling for a particular outcome.

This is a co-creation with the Universe. You need an intent – an identifiable marker, that is a clear expression of what you wish to create, but leave a little wiggle room! An identifiable marker is a confluence of energy patterns that superimposes, one over another, in a cascade of options or probabilities coalescing at one location (nodal point).

Why not work with what is most readily available? Release the idea of the outcome you desire to the outcome available with readiness and least effort? If the deck is stacked, so to speak, at the point of confluence, perhaps the card on top is available, useful and instant, whereas the specific intent focused upon may require struggle and work because it is tangled with alternate realities that lack stability and readiness (in terms of the soul’s needs, contracts, desired purposes and experiences). So the outcome at the top of the deck can be dealt with easily and instant change can take place, while other outcomes may be buried and take more time in your linear perspective to ripen and become available in the shuffling or reconfiguring energies. So imagine this coalescing confluence of constantly changing sets of probabilities and accept what presents itself easily. Then the probabilities can rearrange themselves and a new option can present itself for easy access.

We are suggesting a process of greater allowing and aligning with creative forces may be more useful, lasting and a more fluid process for enabling the next level of possibility to emerge than a rigid construct with one focused intent. We suggest more of a dance or conversation with the energies of Universal Design than the monologue many are so inclined to engage.

You should hear prayers from the minds of humans! “Please God, grant me this!”  Not so much “God I am listening, learning and allowing, what do you (including yourself at greater levels of awareness, of course) wish for me now?” Do you see the difference?  Everyone wants an instant cure. But there is purpose in the journey, even healing over time can provide useful experiences.

Alchemy is a divine science, a chemistry of the heart aligned with the Love and Trust of God and the Universal All.  Alchemy not only embraces magical change but also the appropriateness of divine timing, placing each one in the place and experience perfect and needed by the Whole – the whole of the individual as well as the Whole as that individual is part of the One.

Yes, miracles do happen and many instantly, but your search could be more geared toward perfect alignment for the highest healing, than a demand for the outcome you desire from your limited 3D perspective. Give a little wiggle room (spirit wink 😉 and see what emerges!  We do love you, your passion and enthusiasm.  Keep up the cheer!  Blessed Be.”

Q – Is there any problem with listening to multiple recordings in one day? 

A – Not, as long as you feel enjoyment and ease as you move to the next one and are not engaging ego as a race to speed up your journey or race past challenges and life lessons. Embrace diving time and truly immerse yourself in the moment to receive the gift that is fully present in one transmission before rushing to the next. But if you fully enjoy one, or don’t really feel the resonance and so move on to the next to seek the one you know is yours to experience, then truly look to receive it with a joyous heart. Feel the gift in the next transmission, the big hug from Spirit, and by all means, hug back!


Q – Can you understand the Language of Light? Do you know what the guides are saying when you channel it? 

A – At times I do understand the gist of a transmission but I prefer not to put too many descriptors on it as that limits people’s unique experiences and they will be inclined to go with my assessment and doubt their own. I’ve met a few people who understand the messages in the transmissions but that is rare at this time on earth and usually more of a telepathic interpretation or answer from guidance than a direct translation.

Don’t get hung up in the need to understand these energy transmissions. They are full of multidimensional information, non-dual divine energies, Light Codes, healing energy and loads of divine Love, the core substance of Creation. It is also important to understand that the message in such a spiritual energy transmission may be quite different and unique for each person. The quantum nature of the Language of Light, and indeed channeling in general, allows for many levels of understanding and receptivity. 

I honestly don’t try to understand this divine language because one of its gifts is that it works beyond the mind. I prefer to let my heart feel, interpret and shift from a place of “KNOWING without knowing.” It is a next step for us humans to develop our intuition and learn to trust our instinctual knowing. That will be necessary skill in times when our minds can’t give us an answer and we need to trust and use our innate wisdom.

It would be a limiting distraction to concern yourself with a message when there is so much more available in them. It is like asking what is the message in an expression of love, which clearly holds so much more than words can express. Do you ask a person demonstrating love to you in some form what their message for you is? Of course not, you just let it flow into your heart and fill you up! It is the same with this gift of love from Spirit!

Listening to Language of Light raises your frequency which stimulates greater intuition, as it makes you more expansive, open and able to trust yourself. When you trust yourself and your discernment, you don’t need to separate yourself through judgment or projection. When you are clear about who you are you, you are not threatened by who some one else is choosing to be. You no longer need to compare or judge others against yourself, defend your ‘truth” or project it on others. You can finally live in loving non-judgment, discerning what is right for you and accepting that may be very different for someone else.

Q – Would it be possible to provide a short description of what each recording is “for,” for future reference, or in case we want to go back to a certain one? 

 A – I certainly do use the Language of Light to bless, heal, align and manifest by setting intents. However, Spirit asks me not to get too involved in defining each transmission because, as soon as you do, you limit people’s experience to that description. People like to feel safe, feel like they know the right answer, be told what to think and feel, but that does not help us learn mastery or learn to validate or trust our inner knowing. 

You will find most of my posts, with the exception of A Daily Dose of Love, do offer a reason or intent that was the basis of creating the post, but I do not give much description, even if I get some insight, because that pulls people out of their heart into their mind–and out of their own experience into comparing. I find that is not useful, so prefer to offer something like a butterfly field of love for people to settle into and sip the nectar, as they feel drawn to each flower (transmission). You don’t have to tell a butterfly which flower to land on or how to suck its nectar for nourishment. That is instinctual and we humans are learning to trust our instincts too!

Q – Is there any chance that listening to the Language of Light will catalyze being able to speak/understand it in some listeners?

A – Yes! I have activated a number of people to speak Light Language–some immediately and others within a short while. It is not guaranteed or predictable and my understanding is that it comes in through a pure heart, open active 8th chakra and according to divine timing. I believe listening and desiring to speak it will help (intent is always key!). Speaking it seems to activate most easily in those who really feel it within them, feel a strong resonance or hear it in their heads but can’t get it out their mouths. It can also be signed with the hands (which I also do) and written and read.


Q – Is there any problem if we start listening to a recording and get cut off, or need to stop listening and resume later?

A – No. It is ideal to make time for yourself to receive this sacred loving gift from Spirit in a quiet meditative state for the greatest benefit and receptivity, but it will not harm you if you begin and get interrupted. Remember, though, how you give to and invest in yourself is a statement of self-love and how you value yourself, your time and your appropriate boundaries. So, if you are always multitasking, defining yourself by time and tasks, responding to everyone and every distraction and allowing constant interruptions without boundaries, you will need to examine issues of self-worth and self-love.

Having said that, however, Spirit is well aware that a busy working parent is doing what they can to juggle many balls. Few can dedicate their life to a mystery school, in this day and age, as we did in Atlantis and Egypt to study and go through our initiations for ascension. We are doing it on the fly in an integration with busy lives! If the best you can manage is to listen while cooking dinner, then by all means, or listen to these transmissions in the background of your day or on an mp3 player at your work desk. They will still work like a spiritual solvent, operating in the background of your mind/heart, upgrading you like a software upgrade. And perhaps you will soon find it compelling enough to find time to listen in a way you can pay attention later or on another day, as a gift to yourself! Again, for perspective sake, when one is offering you their sweet love and upliftment, do you make time and space to receive that or ask them to offer their hugs and sincere attentive heart to you while you do something else?

Q –
Is it okay to combine the Language of Light/Daily Dose recordings with other modalities, such as Reiki, meditation, acupuncture, visualization, or other energy work? Or does this slow, down, inhibit, or otherwise interfere with the energy?

A – Absolutely! Language of Light is a tool that can be used with any modality–and I do use it with many others in my own healing practice. If you don’t speak it, you can play a recording in the background while using other modalities. Vibrational healing in all its forms–sound, light, color, geometries, crystal, frequencies, etc.–creates a grand symphony when conducted by a compassionate heart-centered skilled healer.

If you asked all your questions replacing the word Language of Light with the word LOVE, would you still ask your question? 

Your ascension journey, and any healing needed along the way, is being directed by each person’s higher self and I AM Presence. All modalities you feel guided to receive or study and practice are being directed by the higher aspect of your totality. It is a great symphony being conducted by YOU!

It may seem like your higher self is a guide or somehow separate, but it is YOU in your divine all-knowing state! You are overseeing your own journey from a vantage point that is much broader and has never left The Oneness, where you are fully aligned with your soul plan and how it fits in big puzzle of the overall Divine plan. Might as well relax, trust yourself (at the level I call your TRUE LIGHT) and enjoy the ride! This is why it is key to find a way to connect to and receive guidance from your higher self. That connection accesses and activates your unique map/soul plan that is stored in your DNA. What you need to know is not outside of you in some book, class or seminar. Those resources–experts, healers, counselors and others skilled in one path or another–can help you clear the debris blocking the way and help you discover a way to make that personal connection to your totality.  Then the journey becomes creating the outer from the inner in your own unique way! And living from that Joy Path becomes high velocity fun!!

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