Sign Up to Hear Laura Pieratt’s Interview Saturday (July 22) on The Power of Connection Summit! You’ll Get a Free Gift Too!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to remind you that my interview with Julia Griffin on The Power of Inner Connection Summit is this Saturday (July 22). I hope you’ll sign up to listen in. In addition to accessing the interview, you’ll get my free gift of 7 audio tracks of alchemical light language and channeled messages in English from my Daily Dose of Love series. 

And…in addition to my interview, you’ll get to listen to 20 other great speakers and get their great free gifts too! Blessings, please enjoy! 

Namaste, Laura

Have you experienced life at a higher vibration?
It’s peaceful. Meaningful. Full of love.

At a higher vibration we move out of suffering and pain more quickly – and return to being creators of our harmonious present and future.

When we reach that higher frequency, we are able to rise above the things that pull us down.

I’m excited to be a guest speaker as part of this special summit – alongside other experts who are sharing their methods to leading an awakened life.

Sign up to join us all on The Power of Inner Connection – hosted by Julia Griffin
The 14-day event began on July 10th, and it is FREE! You can still sign up, listen to great speakers, and get some great free gifts for transformation!

Click here to reserve your spot!        

No matter where you are on your soul’s journey – it’s time to step into a world of higher thoughts, feelings and dreams. 

The summit is full of enlightened stories. Everyone will find something that resonates with them – and leave with tips, tools and gifts to increase the frequency of their day-to-day life.

 Learn how to discern and activate awakening, how to develop connection with life and your higher self, and a whole new way of envisioning and creating the lives we desire,

 You can see, feel and envision your future…you can visualize a light-filled present. The Power of Inner Connection Summit will help.

Claim your virtual seat at the summit now!

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