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Hello Everyone and Happy 4th of July!

I’m on an RV trip west until late September. I love seeing this great country of ours and its magnificent beauty every day as we travel, meeting and interacting with wonderful people and the sweet Earth as we go! You can follow my trip pics on Facebook if you’d like.

Travel is my new mission, as my purpose is expressed in many ways by simply BEING. By BEING the DOING gets done magically, synchronistically and effortlessly, mostly by my higher dimensional aspects operating through me! No more agenda, doing, planning, struggling, or scheduling for me. Just life in flow, following signs, synchronicity and inner knowing. Somehow it all just works out perfectly! The following summit is one example of how life brings opportunity to my doorstep without any effort on my part.

I want to share something really awesome with you so please scroll down past my personal message and SIGN UP for a FREE empowering speaker series – Power of Connection Summit 2017! Here’s a sign up LINK if your ready based on my recommendation. If not, you can read more at the end of my message.

PLEASE SHARE this opportunity with your friends too! I was honored to be invited by the series creator, Julia Griffen, to be one of over 20 speakers interviewed for the FREE Power of Connection Summit because I recognized it as a win/win – that’s the way we do things in the New Earth!

I loved Julia’s concept of coordinating a group of powerful spiritual speakers, teacher, and healers with empowering wisdom, tips and tools to share in a free summit. The invitation was for EACH SPEAKER TO SHARE THEIR WISDOM in an interview and provide A FREE BONUS GIFT! Doesn’t get easier than that to help change the world through the ripple effect!

In this win/win project, speakers get their message out and reach a broader audience (ripple effect) and subscribers to the series get exposure to new spiritual leaders, their modalities and perspectives, plus helpful tools in each speaker’s bonus gifts. Most online speaker summits offer great packages but you have to buy them. These are all free! So check it out and sign up if you resonate. I’ll be one of the speakers so you’ll hear my interview along with the others. You’ll get my free gift of 5 light language audio tracks, plus ACCESS to 20 other FREE GIFTS!


Back to my note…
I hope and pray you, too, are feeling the JOY of BEING
flowing through your expanding consciousness as you engage the unconditional love potential of non-reactive neutrality regarding the 3D fear and polarity matrix all around you.

This does not mean you settle or accept what is, but help lift what is into higher consciousness,  harmony, and greater potentials by the ALCHEMY OF BEING present as a divine love. That is the way of BEing in this world but not of it – holding loving awareness for all creation as it is, even as you focus your heart on its greater potential. And its a way we can bring Heaven to Earth, anchoring our TRUE SELF’s higher-dimensional love, wisdom, compassion, and unity consciousness to inspire more benevolent outcomes.

In this way we are thinning the veil between worlds and raising the dense 3D matrix into its 5D potential. Notice what your thoughts and emotions are engaging because they are creative forces, and we are creating/manifesting much more quickly and efficiently now! You can see this in the outer world reflection of your inner thoughts within hours or days of the thought.

Thanks for waking up and holding the light of love on Planet Earth! I’m very grateful you are here and I’m honored you value, support and share my work. 

I wish you all the best of love, light, peace, prosperity, fulfillment and joy, Laura

Power of Connection Summit 2017

Have you experienced life at a higher vibration?

It’s peaceful. Meaningful. Full of love.

At a higher vibration we move out of suffering and pain more quickly – and return to being creators of our harmonious present and future.

When we reach that higher frequency, we are able to rise above the things that pull us down.

This July, I’m excited to be a guest speaker as part of a special summit – alongside other experts who are sharing their methods to leading an awakened life.

Introducing the Power of Inner Connection – Hosted by Julia Griffin

The 14-day event begins on July 10th, and it is FREE!

Click here to reserve your spot!

Julia Griffin has a very special story that led to her own awakened life. It all began when she dreamed of a white wolf with startling blue eyes, howling at her window. It wasn’t long before she found herself with real wolves, and realized she had a special gift for communicating with animals. The beautiful souls of these wolves taught her to return to the ancient wisdom. They helped her connect to her own soul – and to envision a world where everyone lives on a higher vibration.

No matter where you are on your soul’s journey – it’s time to step into a world of higher thoughts, feelings and dreams.

The 14 days of the summit are full of enlightened stories. Everyone will find something that resonates with them – and leave with tips to increase the frequency of their day-to-day life.

When you can see, feel and envision your future…when you can visualize a light-filled presentthe Power of Inner Connection Summit will help you send anxiety into the past.

Claim your virtual seat at the summit now!

SPEAKERS: Caroline Casey. Katana Abbott. Jean Adrienne. Pamala Oslie, Julie Ann Turner. Robert Moss. Mark Borax. Cynthia Segal. Carol Gurney. Jill Mattson, Sloan Lauinger, Ed Langan, Laura Pieratt, Trudy Griswold. Jennifer Hoffman. Karen Atkins, Jean Adrienne, Jennifer Bonetto, Burge Smith-Lyons, Katana Abott—and more!

Learn how to discern and activate awakening, how to develop connection with life and the higher self and a whole new way of envisioning and creating the lives we desire.

Here are just some of the inspiring topics:

  • Prosperity
  • The impact of the past and future
  • Auras and quantum physics
  • Stepping into the unknown through passion and bravery
  • Turning on your inner genius and creativity
  • Soul astrology
  • Shamanism
  • The power of music
  • Animal communication

Take a step toward finding your own answers.

Take a step toward finding greater connection and joy – in every moment.

Join us NOW                         


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