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Arp 273 Galaxies collide! The titanic gravitational forces rip apart entire galaxies and they fall back together, forming completely different structures. Interacting galaxies provide some of the most interesting and varied visual forms known. Arp 273 is a particularly interesting example of this, with terrific form, a strong feeling of motion and power, yet extraordinarily graceful.

Hubble Image–STScI

As you Recalibrate into a New Earth Human
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Testimonials about experiences using my Language of Light Albums

TESTIMONIALS about my Language of Light Albums are included below so you can read how others have experienced these albums and the alchemical power for transformation. To share your own experiences, please send Laura an email using the CONTACT page or submit a comment on my Facebook page.

“I’d like to introduce you to a truly amazing woman, she is one of the most energetic influences I have felt in a long time. Light bubbles forth from her lips.”

~ Tzahik ShadowHawk Salewa wrote in a Facebook post 8/20/13


This enthusiastic new friend was concerned because I was discontinuing physical CDs in favor of downloads only through CD Baby. It’s hard to manage mailing the physical orders due to my travel. Sally was so excited to have her first set that she ordered another set as a gift before they were unavailable. No worries, if anyone really wants a physical set I’ll make a set special for them!

“The CD’s did arrive and I immediately listened to the first one.  It was indescribably perfectly beautiful.  Please, please, keep the CD’s available.”  ~ Deepest Regards, Sally Dolbier

In a second email Sally said…”Dear Laura, the CD set arrived and I listened to the first one immediately.  It was truly perfection of the heart. It felt like a glove, wrapped around me and supporting me. I doubt if I’m any different, but it felt so perfectly attuned to me and what I was looking for, that it seemed made to order for me personally. Please, please, pleeeease keep the CD’s available. I’m not so techy with downloads etc., but I do plan to play these when I go to sleep at night. Actually, I can hardly stay in my body right now! Oh why bother! Just in case I am unable to convince you to keep these magnificent things available on CD, I have ordered a second set through Paypal. I know that I’m supposed to give it to someone!”

~Deepest  Regards, Laura, Deepest Regards, Sally Dolbier


“When we were at the Inner Light Festival, she [Laura] was working on someone [doing a healing session] and she said, “you can listen to a CD if you want.” So I did and after about to two or three minutes of one of them, I thought, this is really interesting, so I sat down while she was working [to listen to the recording]. Well, I started feeling the most interesting vibrations in different parts of my body, so I bought the CDs.

I listened to the [Language of Light] CD the first night…and all of a sudden I noticed different selections were causing different things to happen.  I was feeling vibrations literally jumping from one side [of my body] to the other. On another one, my ankles started throbbing to the point where I needed to move my feet around, so I started moving them together, and I had never had those kinds of sensations. Some [tracks] were causing my temples to throb and then certain parts of my brain and it was just really interesting…. I listened to it again a couple of days later and had exactly the same sensations in each part of my body.

There were a couple of selections where I actually started hearing voices, not calling my name, but just conversations. It happened both times I listened and I thought that was interesting. Another one was, I just started having flashes of imagery. But I had exactly the same effects on my body with the same tracks every time I listened. Every single time! And I’ve since listened to it a third time just to see and it happened the same way. I don’t know if something needs to clear on me or if that is just the way it works or whatever.

[Listening to] Gifts of the Elohim, I found to be an entirely different experience. I felt a lightness and I don’t know, it is really difficult to explain, I felt insights coming to me, that’s basically it, a lot of lightness, a lot of expansion and I just felt like special things were being downloaded to me, special abilities. Now I don’t know if that’s true, but that what I felt. I felt more confident about certain things. It was really one of the most remarkable experiences I’ve had.”

~ Michael Kamau, Cincinnati


“I have to tell you how much I admire your work and how grateful I am for having been guided to you. The short time I spent with you at Victory of Light [Holistic Light Expo] last year changed me forever and I thank you for that. Looking forward to more Gifts of The Elohim [groups].

~ Susan Moore, Cincinnati, OH


Language of Light ~ Personalized CD

Laura’s Light Language CDs are soothing and sublime. They are the perfect tools to transcend the judgmental mind and allow for positive change to occur with less resistance from one’s ego. I especially recommend that you commission Laura to create a customized Light Language CD just for you. I believe these customized CDs are powerful tools that will help you to heal your own specific challenges masterfully.  ~ Andrew, Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher

* Note about Recordings and Albums: My recordings are not studio quality. My guidance has been to focus on creating many energetic “butterfly fields” people can light in and nourish themselves from the nectar to receive the sustenance of Spirit. My primary mission is to create and share energy transmissions frequently and freely, or at a cost that keeps them accessible, affordable, and in a form I can manage while traveling to do earth energy work. It would both increase the cost (none would be available for free!) and greatly limit the number of transmissions I could share if they were recorded under professional studio conditions.

This work is not for entertainment – it is all about entrainment and activations by exposure and immersion. Believe me when I say, I would not spend my time and money to create and offer these transmissions for free if they were not effective! The quality of your experience in this Spirit-driven work is NOT compromised by the quality in which they are offered. Evidence of this it in the many testimonials and emails I receive from people telling me of the healing experienced as a direct result of listening to my light language transmissions on posts and radio shows. 

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