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These channeled message posts represent an ongoing conversation I have had with my higher self, healing angels and teaching guides over the last decade and more. These amazing loving beings bless me with their constantly support, wisdom and healing energies. The only thing they have ever asked of me is to share what I am given. To that end, I share with you recent messages of love and hope for these times of change, as well as older Q&A sessions from times I have sought the greater perspective and counsel of these loving divine beings for my own life challenges.

What is Channeling and How Can I Learn to Channel?

I want to remind you that you have a team of angels and guides too, who will help you if you will give them permission and allow.  I have met a number of people who tell me they pray for help every day, but do not feel any real help coming. As important as asking is receiving. If they are trying to guide you in a new direction, into forgiveness or to get seek out some form of healing but you are stuck in an old pattern and won’t change, they will wait until you learn whatever life lesson you need to become more receptive. You have free will to learn from them or to learn by trial and error (cause and effect / action and consequence).  Pain was my greatest teacher until I learned an easier way!

Developing a Dialog with your Spirit Guides

Guides will NOT tell you what you must do or try to run your life. In the course of helping you remember your mastery and responsibility as a divine creative being they will, however, offer you their perspectives as they lovingly and often humorously guide you back onto your soul’s highest path and purpose.

I invite you to subscribe to my channeled message post to get the most recent messages as I post them. In the meantime, you are welcome to search this website by topic or read through the archives – as well as my former site which actually has more and longer messages. There is a SEARCH window in the top right corner of each page of this website and a link to my former website at the top of this page. My recent path has taken me further into offering Language of Light transmissions which you will find more of on this newer site.

May you be as inspired by the love, hope and empowerment in these messages as I have been!

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