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Laura Pieratt

Wisdom Learned Through My Healing Journey
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Healing Certifications

•  Reconnective Healing
•  The Reconnection
•  Matrix Energetics
•  Advanced Matrix
•  ThetaHealing
•  Advanced DNA
•  Signature Cell Healing
•  Psych-K
•  Healing Touch
•  Reiki Master
•  Seichim-Sekehm-Reiki

Laura Pieratt  is an intuitive healer, sacred sound alchemist, channel, mediator of light  activations, frequency alignments and energy attumements. Laura is gifted with the unique ability of speaking the Language of Light. Powerfully transformative words and tones facilitate a return to your soul’s True Light with accelerated healing, removal of blocks, DNA recoding, emotional re-patterning and Light codes, frequencies and activations for ascension.

As a channel, Laura works in partnership with highly evolved beings of Divine Love and Light in her healing system, True Light Process, channeled messages and energy encodements in the Language of Light. And in 2015, Laura began offering a completely new body of work to activate and reconfigure human templates for living in the 5D New Earth. Laura is passionate about helping you transform your life so you can experience the unlimited potential of your soul’s True Light and Joy, embodying your divine self in human form here in the New Earth.

Schedule a private session, commission a custom healing CD, or purchase Language of Light CDs and tracks from the store to support your healing and soul awakening process. You can also follow the various posts to experience these remarkable healing frequencies and read channeled messages offering divine guidance on healing, self-growth and expanded potentials for creating beyond the limitations of duality, in this New Earth era.


My Story

Laura flowers

Laura Pieratt – 2014photo©EdPieratt

If you had told me a decade ago that I would be an intuitive healer and channel, I would never have believed it. I was a practical person, analytical even, and not very open to what couldn’t be seen or proven. My father was a surgeon and my sister is a nurse. I fully believed in allopathic medicine to take care of all my medical needs. At the time, life was great.  Married to a wonderful man, I was a stay-at-home mom for two sweet healthy twin babies. I lived in a beautiful 100-year-old home in a safe town with good schools. What more could anyone ask for?  My paradigm was working fine and I had no reason to challenge that. Until I got sick and doctors couldn’t help.

In 1996, I began experiencing extreme body pain and exhaustion. After five challenging years, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. When the doctor told me there was no cure, yet offered no less than five heavy medications to manage the symptoms, I began exploring complimentary therapies as an alternative. A combination of meditation, yoga, energy healing and treatment by a naturopath relieved all of my symptoms and sparked a passion to help others heal. The amazing part was that I healed myself of fibromyalgia in less than two months, using energy healing alone. This personal miracle initiated an intense spiritual journey, which led me to study and practice many other healing modalities. The culmination of this experience and knowledge has evolved into my current healing system, “True Light Process,” which is divinely guided intuitive healing and the ability to channel the Language of Light and messages from my higher self, spirit guides and master teachers.

Laura at Machu Picchu

Laura at Machu Picchu, Peru – 2013

On a personal level, I love to travel. I deeply respect people and our vast magnificent earth. I believe all life is connected through a web-like energetic grid often referred to as the Universal Field. Much of my focus is on my own and humanity’s rising consciousness to ever higher vibrations of unconditional love, peace and unity with all life. Creator has given us an amazing planet in which to learn about love, while expressing diverse focuses with unlimited possibilities. 

I feel blessed to be alive on earth at this time of unprecedented support from the higher realms for humanity and the earth to evolve and ascend. I am passionate about assisting and empowering others to heal physical and emotional pain and limitation, remember their true light within and discover Oneness with all of Creation. We are all growing in inner peace, higher consciousness and enhanced intuition, while raising our frequencies to hold more Love and Light, as we learn to partner and co-create within greater realities and the divine plan.

The ultimate healing is remembering who we are, why we are here, and how to live from our the  unconditional love (love without opposite) and unity consciousness (Christ Consciousness/Oneness) that is our soul essence. That process enables us to live in the perfected state of disease free mind and body of our divine blueprint and light body.

As for my traditional educational and career background, I graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration in 1979.  I immediately discovered a passion for photography, launching a career in photojournalism. From 1981 to 1994, I worked as a photojournalist, for various newspapers, including The Louisville Courier Journal, The Seattle Times and USA Today. I completed my Master of Arts degree at Ohio University in 1994. Two months later I gave birth to my twin boys and retired from photography, feeling blessed to stay home and raise my children.


My Healing System: True Light Process

One of Anita Owens' spirit guides, King Solomon, graced us during a healing session on Kachina Point, a Sedona vortex. Photo©TomShoemaker2011

One of Anita Owens’ spirit guides, King Solomon, graced us during a healing session on Kachina Point, a Sedona vortex.

True Light Process, integrates many of the techniques and energies of the modalities I’ve studied. As such, I do not offer Reiki, Healing Touch, Reconnective Healing, Matrix Energetics or ThetaHealing or Signature Cell Healing as separate modalities. Whenever healing aspects of those systems are useful, they intuitively and harmoniously emerge in a session, blended with many of my own methods.

It has been invaluable to have studied and certified in many healing methods. The ones that offered certifications are listed above. All have provided useful tools, for developing my healing gifts and learning how to discuss healing with others. They each served as a foundation to support the evolution of my own innate healing system. I have since developed a well grounded relationship with my healing teams of angels and guides, integrating their healing energies and wisdom into all of my sessions.

Ultimately, all healing is self-healing. A healer is really a facilitator. Over the years, through my dedication to helping others heal, I have developed a well refined ability to mediate healing between you, your higher self, Creator and the Beings and energies of Universal Love and Light that are always available and eager to serve  your return to higher states of consciousness and healing where you express love and peace for all creation.  It is my honor and joy to serve as a mediator for your healing  journey. We are sharing the road, co-creating a New Earth. Lets stop awhile to enjoy a visit and share!  In Oneness, Laura

How My Method of Healing Developed

Laura conducting energy work during a group.

Laura conducting energy work during a group.

My method of fully channeled healing evolved spontaneously while practicing Reiki, Healing Touch and Reconnective Healing. I found it increasingly difficult to stay “in technique,” as I was guided to do things other than I was taught.  When I trusted the guidance, I noticed people received much faster, more profound and lasting healings. All of the modalities I studied are excellent schools of healing that provide a valuable foundation and I recommend them to students who feel drawn to them.  However, as one fully dedicates themselves to the service of healing, they receive a team of nonphysical guides and angels from the Light realms to assist them in the best way for the individual.  It is okay to step out of the box and trust yourself, for your higher-self will guide you every step of the way if you will ask for its help to and allow it to direct you.

Channeling has become the best way I know to bring through the most powerful healing and clearest information from the divine realms of Love, Light and Grace. It is much easier to transform third dimensional energy with the purer, non-dualistic energies of the fifth dimension and beyond. Highly evolved loving beings join your higher-self and mine to direct healing from their greater perspective and consciousness, with remarkable alchemy that is always appropriate because your higher-self directs the process.

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