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We are all searching for Truth, Healing, and Wholeness. I offer the following links in hopes of helping you find your own path and purpose through referrals, healing, inspiration, spiritual wisdom, channeled messages, and the powerful Alchemy of Light Language frequency upgrades and activations for ascension.

May you be blessed every step of your Journey home to your own True Light!
May you know Love, Light, Joy, Peace, Healing, and Prosperity, Laura

Trusted Referrals for Readings and/or Healing
While I am no longer offering private healing sessions I am very happy to refer you
to the people I trust and personally turn to for readings and healings. 

Anita Owens – Medical Intuitive & General Readings
Iridology/Sclerology & Feng Shui Consultant & UFO & Vortex Tour in Sedona
Stephanie Albright – Accurate Readings, Life Guidance & Healing
Laura Calderon Energy Healing
Twin Flame, Past Life & Roadmap Sessions, Retreats
Cindy Riggs – Psychic, Trance Channel & Healer
Certified Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Author & Speaker
Karen Kenny – Readings, Spiritual Counseling & Reiki Classes
Patti KesslerVibrational & Crystal Healing & Liquid Light Elixirs
Jayme PriceEnergy Healing, Light Language Sessions & Channeling
Phil Crabtree – Sound Healer, aka “The Peace Piper”
Intuitive music with pipes and drums for healing, rejuvenation, and inspiration 
Jill Mattson – Sound Healing Author, Teacher, Composer & Artist
Composer and author with a collection of  great CDs and books on sound healing
Gary Hopkins – Metaphysical Website, Energy Healer & Author
Erin Gallagher – Licensed Massage Therapist
Movement, posturing, myofascial release, energetic coaching, embodiment, groups
Joe Polivick Animal Communicator & Healer

Laura’s Healing Broadcast ArchivesBenefit from over 50 hours of healing!

Laura’s YouTube Videos

Laura’s YouTube Videos with Language of Light Energy Transmissions
Messages of Hope – Light Language energy transmission
Light Frequency Alignment for Compassion
Light Language Blessing; Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness & Peace
Light Language transmission for Cincinnati OH

Doves4Peace YouTube Presentations

Doves4Peace 5/3/15 YouTube Video – Dolphins, Whales and More, Oh My!
Doves4Peace 1/6/15 YouTube Video – Creating space to emerge as New Earth humans
Doves4Peace 12/21/14 YouTube Video – Winter Solstice, personal healing, United Nations and other global intentions and healing)
Doves4Peace 11/5/14 YouTube Video  – Loaded with healing! – Laura’s Published Articles
Holistic Healing News & Cloud Nine Marketing also host Holistic Healers Directory

A Mantra For The Holiday Season – Dec 16, 2013
We Are One! How Can That Be? – March 14, 2013
Why Energy Healing? – Jan 2, 2011
Shift from Drained to Joyful Vitality – Aug. 26, 2011
Forgiveness, The First Step Toward Transcendence – Oct. 15, 2011
Tapping Into Higher Frequencies for Guidance – July 15, 2011

Archived Sedona Journal of Emergence Channeled Messages by Laura 

Laura’s Mediation Archive & Resources – on an older website

2011 & 2012 Meditation Archive
Meditation Resources

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