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Laura Pieratt

What’s better than Sharing Love and Healing?

I am currently taking a hiatus from regular radio shows to focus on new energy processes Spirit gave me, in January 2015, to upgrade clients for EMERGENCE as DIVINE HUMANS in the NEW EARTH. Learn more about 3 New Earth Divine Human Activations! I am also in the process of upgrading my website, sharing more frequently with you, and beginning some new spirit-led projects, and, of course, all in between continued travels. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, please enjoy over 50 hours of free healing in my radio show archives using the links above! I’m happy to report a great many people have contacted me personally, and also the radio hosts, to say they have had powerful healings while listening live or to the archives! I pray you will be one to experience the blessing of a healing too!

My goal in doing so many free radio interviews and video presentations is to reach as many people as possible with the divine light frequencies being made available to us now to ascend and create the New Earth! These divinely encoded communications have many benefits to those who listen and receive them directly. And there is the added benefit of becoming a carrier of these frequencies of divine love to bless others, as the energies radiate from your energy field throughout the day.

Please spread the word, as I am trying to reach more people with energy and information of a direct experience of healing with The Language of Light.

Light Language is the language of the heart.
It is a frequency language of love as expressed through light, sound, geometry and color. It is an expression of divine love as it exists as an absolute state beyond this plane of duality. I shear this work widely both as a healing method and also because I believe many people will, intentionally or spontaneously, begin to speak and sing these powerful words and tones, as we move further in the ascension process. Others may notice their hands begin to move in graceful ways, intuitively making mudra hand positions or begin automatic writing in symbols or sacred geometries.

From my perspective, these are all aspects of The Language of Light–various energetic expressions we are remembering as we awaken. As we leave fear and ego behind and learn to live from our hearts in true benevolence, powerful higher consciousness communications and healing gifts become available. The thing to remember is that all of these energy expressions must be felt and experienced, which requires an open receptive mind, trust and allowing of a personal experience of healing and transformation.

It is my goal and intent to share when and where I can so people will receive and embrace this beautiful divine and sacred gift with the love from which it is delivered from Creator/Source. It is surprising to me how many people turn away from it as either too strange, fearing ridicule from family and friends or worse yet, fear it. It is time to awaken to the love and light all around and within us,  leaving fear behind as the dual energy it is. Let the Light shine through you in whatever form it blesses you!!

More about Light Language…

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What Healing will you experience?
What People are Saying – Radio Show Testimonials 

Bonnie Albers On Air: Laura Pieratt Angel Speak Healer!

“We had the privilege of having Laura on air with us, both in January, and more recently this month, March! People have been experiencing healings listening to the archives of this show, and we want to share this with everyone! Thank you Laura Pieratt – Channeling Healing and Ascension Energies, you are Amazing!”  ~ Kelly Coulter, Co-host, Bonnie Albers On Air Show

And after another show, Kelly reports… “We had several people listen to it in archives already, and they called to say how Good it was, content-wise, and they experienced healing during the one lady you helped through the grief experience!  Awesome!”


Radio Host Healing – “As a light worker, akashic medium, reader, life coach and radio host….I was fortunate to have Laura appear as a guest on mine and an associates radio show to demonstrate her healing abilities with light language.

Suzan Z. Rich

She shared that ability with several of our callers and I also personally experienced a healing gift during the program.  That healing experience dramatically and energetically changed me emotionally and physically.  I was of course, in the beginning a little reticent about any expectations I might have for results but within 48 hours, it became very apparent that a major reprint on my energetic field was taking place.  What was once carried within my body as an emotional and energetic dead zone from a traumatic incident in my teenage years became awakened and alive with a burst of joyous and electric emotions and physical responses.  It was wonderful and very exciting to experience, lasting almost a full week before settling into a peaceful awareness that something had changed for the better.  I truly believe Laura is here to help us become as we are meant to be….awakened, alive with the God energy and connected to the light as one.  I would highly recommend connecting with her for any level of help in your life.”   ~ Namaste, SZ Rich


“I find your light language fascinating, affirming and so loving. But the way you present it with logic and such clarity and thoroughness is what most stays with me.” ~ EM, Santa Fe, NM


Response to a Doves4Peace video
Laura, that was l o v e l y… You look radiant, you are so clever channelling the dolphin noises. It was my pleasure to watch & receive the beautiful energies. I sat outside in the sunshine and had many soul shakes move thru my body. 

Thanks l o v e l y,  you are l o v e ly…  ~Trisha Australia xx


“Thanks Laura for taking the time to help me today. You were so right on point with everything you saw. I appreciate the help and I will follow your advice. It felt so good just to have someone understand and acknowledge what I am going through. May God Bless you with your continued work.”  ~ Blessings, Maria


“I felt your energy STRONGLY! Its been a very long time since I’ve felt a healer with your strength.  Love your courage to go forward with your gifts despite western medical influence…. Your healing is such a gift.” ~ Wise T. Pearl 

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