Join Laura Pieratt Live on Healing Fountain Radio – Embodying Divine Truth (Monday at 5pm EDT)

“Rise Up…Shine On” Divination Deck and artwork in photo created by Michelle Griffith


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Laura Pieratt is back on Healing Fountain Radio March 27th to help you expand, align, and embody more of your divine TRUTH. Laura is  an energy intuitive, healer, channel, and light language alchemist.

We will focus on helping you dissolve and transmute untruths that still have power over your thoughts and choices, emotional reactions and expectations. These are the many thoughts and feelings you have been conditioned to believe that keep you small and fearful, identifying with your limited mind, human body, roles and identities, thoughts and emotions, and stories and histories that keep you in denial of your essential TRUTH.

We have all accepted many imprints since birth, and even before in other incarnations that still express in our cells as emotional memory, ancestral lineage, akashic history, identity, stories, DNA and more.

You don’t need to find each hidden mistruths you may still be unconscious of to let them go! Let the higher non-dual energy of DIVINE TRUTH act as a powerful spiritual solvent and entrainment field to transmute that which is not true, and no longer serving you, into alignment with DIVINE TRUTH.

Let GO and Let God with ease. You are a divine being. This is your birthright! As Spirit, you are always and forever connected to The Source of All That Is. The idea you are not is the greatest lie that perpetuates the experience of separation.

Laura will offer a meditation in the Language of Light for you to “Let Go and Let God,” transmuting what you are still holding onto that is false into DIVINE TRUTH. This can be an effortless process of entrainment by immersing in the higher frequency of DIVINE TRUTH, allowing you to surrender lesser ideas into greater possibilities which will enable you to expand and embody more of your DIVINITY.

LINK to over 50 hours of archived radio and video shows with Laura Pieratt

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