Humanity Rising Ascension Tool Kit

Symbolic of Ascension -Photo by Ed Pieratt

Symbolic of Ascension: Rising into the Light – Photo©2011Ed Pieratt


What is Ascension and How Do I Do It?

Remember to Just START! 
Surrender, Trust, Allow, Release, Transform! 

At its simplest, the mass ascension being discussed at this time on Earth is the rapid evolutionary process of humans raising their vibration (frequency) to that of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness so they can merge with their divinity (Soul energy) while still in physical form.

That preparation allows one to ascend (rise/expand to embody higher Light and Truths) out of this duality plane of veiled awareness where we learn through the illusion of separation (Earth School) to expand into higher dimensional awareness where we experience the greater love-based realities and higher planes throughout Creation. 

There are many paths to accomplish this up-shift in frequency (consciousness) that will enable each being to hold more Love/Light in our light-bodies, thereby living as Whole-Light, fully conscious divine humans from our core connection to God/Source.

So, we understand now that ascension is an ongoing process of adapting to many vibrational upshifts in consciousness/truth over time, but we can make it faster, more fun and much easier!

Much of my work involves the divine alchemy of Light Language frequency healing, Light Code activations, alignment and attunement processes to assist in this evolutionary shift into higher frequencies of Divine Love/Unity/Oneness.

And, while I no longer offer sessions, most of that work is now available for FREE in this website’s archives! Explore the links below to easily access all of my paid downloads and free materials.


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Reconnect to Your Soul’s True Light, Path and Purpose!
Everything You Need is Within You. 

Let’s Reveal and Activate it Now!

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What does your deepest Soul longing wish you to Do/Be/Share/Remember?

I have been successfully navigating this awakening and healing journey for myself and thousands of others for many years. My soul purpose has been to use my spiritual gifts to help raise humanity’s frequency into Christ/Unity/Love Consciousness. To this end, I offer spiritual channeling, healing, divine alchemy, and other forms of support to shifting consciousness from the 3D fear/duality matrix to the Christed 5D+ unity/love New Earth/Heaven on Earth matrix. I also travel extensively, as I am guided to contribute to the planetary shifts and for sheer enjoyment.

I have been blessed with a powerful merge with a remarkably vast array of Light Beings and Collectives in the realms of Spirit whose primary purpose is to assist in the joint ascension of Earth and Humanity. They bring forth the pure Light of Truth, Divine Love and Light Key-Codes, that clear limiting patterns and distortions to reveal your True Light, activating that which is already present in you but lies blocked or dormant in your DNA as pure potential. Everything you need is already within you. The alchemical materials in this website can help bring forth your greatest alignment with your Soul’s True Light – your direct connection to God/Source.

“Your vision becomes clear when you look inside your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”     ~ Carl Jung

Once we release our connection to the 3D collective consciousness’ distorted emotions and thought patterns (limitation/fear/duality/separation) we begin to pierce the veil between dimensions, gaining awareness and intuitive insight, love, wisdom, and guidance from our Higher Self, ascended masters, angels, and guides. In time and with dedication we begin to experience glimpses of, and eventually sustain, 4th and 5th dimensional states of divine love and light. Once the bulk of humanity has achieved that level of Source awareness/Oneness we will naturally co-create heaven on earth as it was always intended to be but went awry due to “The Fall” in consciousness. 

Your personal map for your Soul journey is within YOU! 
It is in your heart, your DNA and your Soul connection.

If you feel too stuck in pain, fear and lack to imagine the possibility that you can be part of this divine plan, you will be happy to know that if you apply yourself to the process in pure intent and to the best of your ability, living from love and harmless intent, you will be granted divine dispensation and be uplifted by the mass-energy of many thousands holding the light on the planet now. Such individual shifts are being made easier by the energy of Divine Grace, the increasing influx of higher light frequencies from the divine realms, the crystalline grid, and seed carriers holding Light Codes for ascension.

This may sound like pie in the sky to you, but from my point of view, what have you got to lose by practicing meditation, deep introspection, loving kindness, compassion, and benevolent living. Your health and well-being will improve and you will shed light upon and be a blessing to all you know and meet. How can that not be worth the time and effort, even if it were all a pipe dream promoted by woo-woo people? I say this with a twinkle in my eye, for it is how my husband and children, who love and support me but are not into all this “spiritual stuff” make sense of and embrace my deep passion to serve as a healer and the many changes that have resulted from that. They have borne witness to the very positive outcome in my health, joy, and presence and simply cannot argue with that as a life path!

To that end, I invite you to join me in a remarkable journey of transformation! Experience the transformative sound frequencies of the Language of Light. Without trying to consciously understand it, simply open your heart and feel, while actively listening in a meditative state.

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