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Laura Pieratt

Commission a customized healing recording in the Language of Light for your specific needs! For $66 I will tune into you and record a personalized session in the Language of Light. Within a week of your order you will receive a digital download to use repeatedly!

A lot can shift in 15-minutes! These recordings are about 15-20 minutes and cost $66 – half the cost of a full session.
They can be focused on an intension you set or you can ask your higher self to guide the session according to your highest good.

Light Language audio transmissions are great accelerators for your continued spiritual evolution as you listen repeatedly to move through current issues, blocks or goals and come into greater alignment with your True Self. 

When you feel you’ve fully integrated a shift, you can order another one to activate your next potential. This is a very exciting personal customized healing tool!

Important Instructions!!

After you PAY for your custom recording using the PayPal link above, CONTACT Laura by  email with any specific information or intentions you would like her to focus upon for the session. We do not need to talk directly. Laura will connect with you energetically and work with your higher-self to channel the recording that is PERFECT for YOU, just like in a one-to-one session! You will receive a return email within a week with a link to download your Custom Light Language session recording from Dropbox.

Enjoy a Light Language transmission every day for 6-months!
Download “A Daily Dose of Love” – a 6-Month Light Language Series


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