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Enjoy periodic Language of Light energy transmissions offered as guided,
for a specific time portals, energies or intentions

Voice Channeled Messages
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Laura’s Channeled Messages Published in The Sedona Journal

Laura’s YouTube Channel
archived video – still being developed & expanded

I always encourage you to use your own discernment, accepting what resonates with you and letting the rest go. You do not have to agree with my understanding of energy and Spirit or the content of these messages to benefit from hearing another perspective and feeling the multidimensional love and healing energy embedded in them.

Always trust your Self (inner knowing) to guide you according to your highest truth. In time, you may find that truth expands to lead you in new directions or to a greater truth. May love, reverence and your heart’s inner knowing be your guide as you explore the world beyond our veiled awareness. 

Testimonials About The Language of Light

Language of Light Podcast & Website – Emotional

”I did take the time to read your Website and want to thank you for sharing. I Listened to the Podcast and had an immediate release on an issue I have been dealing with for years.  I felt forgiven and was able to forgive in a new way after reading some of your writings. Just want let you know how powerful your work is and that I have been blessed. I have been trying to contact my guides and take a step forward, looking for knowledge and feel I have found the next key.

~ Blessings, Kathleen, Bethel Ohio

Language of Light Podcast

“I just listened to the podcast, Release & Allow – AMAZING.  By the end, tears were pouring down my face. Thank you for sharing.”

~ Kay Brinkman, Ft. Mitchell, KY

Language of Light Podcast

Yesterday I was listening to the Music Peace Recording, “Om”. Funny I have been chanting Om in the woods hiking the dog and find it very comforting. Listening to the Podcast is what seemed to bring on the breakthrough I started experiencing yesterday. Issues I have been struggling with  simply let go into the ether. I am sure I will still be facing the issues but with a different perspective and more love than I was able to muster for myself or others.

Today I listened to Creational Alignment. Without even realizing it or thinking about it I am singing in the kitchen. Not words just sounds like words. They were not ancient or anything like the podcast, more like stretching of my voice than anything. It just came to me – I am filled with excitement as if a door has opened. I have been asking for contact with my Spirit Guides My Reiki Guides and wanting to know about  the Angels Ascended Masters.

~ Kathleen, Bethel Ohio

Language of Light Podcast – A Facebook Post

“If you have never experienced someone channeling a light language (a form of sound healing) check out my friend Laura Pieratt latest post. For those that can feel energy post back your experience, curious to hear your take on this. I got a lot of vibration that started in the chest cavity and then emanated throughout my body after a few minutes. Have always been a fan of Laura’s talents.  ”

Gary Hopkins, Metaphysical Website, Energy Healer & Author ~ Cincinnati, OH

Language of Light Custom CD

Laura’s Light Language CDs are soothing and sublime. They are the perfect tools to transcend the judgmental mind and allow for positive change to occur with less resistance from one’s ego. I especially recommend that you commission Laura to create a customized Light Language CD just for you. I believe these customized CDs are powerful tools that will help you to heal your own specific challenges masterfully.

~ Andrew, Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher

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