YouTube Video with a Simple Perspective on Transitioning from 3D to 5D Humans

I want to wish everyone in America a very happy Thanksgiving! For you, and everyone not in America celebrating Thanksgiving as well, it is helpful to remember gratitude as an important key for tapping into our 5D selves! Learn to cultivate gratitude, joy, peace, acceptance, appreciation, and many other flavors of Love which will assist you in accessing and remaining in the […]

Happy Equinox! Enjoy a Light Language Video as We Send Love, Light & Gratitude to the Earth!

Hello Everyone! Happy Equinox! Please join me in sending love, light and gratitude to the Earth on this beautiful fall equinox day!! I remind you that intension is everything! What you send from your heart’s love and gratitude is always a powerful prayer. As people join together in a heart shared intent the energy is […]

Join me for a Collective Prayer for Nepal & Dolphin Wisdom about Dealing with Tragedy on Doves4Peace, May 25th, 3pm (EDT)

Join me on May 25th at 3pm (EDT) on Doves4Peace in a Collective Prayer for Nepal in the Language of Light, a divine language of love that our soul’s all recognize though our heart-mind, although your brain-mind probably will not. You will also receive some Dolphin Wisdom about Dealing with Tragedy. If you miss the live show, you can […]

Co-Create with me! YouTube Song Project & Channeled Message

Inviting Co-Creators to Join in a Spirit Guided Collaborative YouTube Song Project! “SPARK CODES” – Igniting a Global Tsunami of Love! This is nothing less than a powerful WORLD PRAYER!! PLEASE SHARE!! TOGETHER, WE ARE REMEMBERING THE POWER OF LOVE!  Spirit gave me this simple little song and channeled message along with an assignment to invite […]

Re-PLAY! Dolphins, Whales and More, Oh My!

In case you missed it, here is the archived YouTube video of my 30-minute Doves4Peace light energy presentation from 5/3/15. In-JOY and Be Blessed!!  Please remember to SHARE!! In Oneness and love, Laura What viewers have to say about the following video… “Laura, that was l o v e l y… You look radiant, you are […]

Doves4Peace Video (1/6/15) – Light Language Support to Surrender into Your Divine Essence!

Happy New Year! May you be infinitely blessed, co-creating your best and most Grace-filled life according to your divine soul template for this time on Earth! Even if a bit late posting, I wanted to support much more than the brief phase of typical new years resolutions. I wanted to invoke divine assistance and guidance to […]

Laura Pieratt’s Doves4Peace 12/21/14 Broadcast on YouTube

Here is the YouTube link to my Lifestream broadcast yesterday on Doves4Peace. Here is what people are saying… Oh Laura… Best e v e r!!!! Tears energy soul shakes magic Christed golden light. Thank you, thank you, thank you…So grateful bless you…May the Light of Christ fill you with great joy this Christmas ***” ~ Trisha Australia […]

Join Me Dec 21st for Healing on Doves4Peace Livestream – 3pm (EST)

I hope you will join me on Doves4Peace this Sunday, Dec 21st – the Solstice! This is a quick reminder and LINK to the Doves4Peace lifestream presentation. Please SPREAD THE WORD so others can tune in too. Please SHARE on Social media too. If you miss us live, you can catch it on Youtube or in the ARCHIVES at the Doves4Peace’s […]

Laura’s Doves4Peace Video in the Archive! Receive Blessings of Joy, Light, Healing & Peace

Please enjoy my recent Doves4Peace livestream 1-hour video presentation with light language healing! It is LOADED–see below!  LINK Read Experiences 2 Viewers Shared this Week… “I had many soul shakes during the show and I had a vision of my I AM presence. I have been in so much fear lately, so much worry about finances. […]

Join me on Doves4Peace livestream at 3pm (EST) Tomorrow!

Hi Friends, This is a quick reminder and link to the Doves4Peace lifestream presentation I will be doing tomorrow (Wednesday 11/5) online. I hope you will join me! If you miss it you can catch it in the archives, but only for a month. My understanding is that Doves4Peace needs a benefactor(s) to contribute $500 to […]

A Christmas Blessing for Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness & Peace

I offer this Divine Light Blessing in the Language of Light for everyone wishing to embrace, embody and emit the qualities of Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Peace. It is my hope that you will release what no longer serves Love and Peace and receive a Christmas gift of greater Love and inner Peace today. The dolphins and whales […]

Language of Light Transmission for COMPASSION

Please join me in anchoring the energy of COMPASSION into the earth plane NOW!  Simply hold a desire to receive and anchor more Compassion in your heart for yourself, the planet earth and all life. Then just listen to the YouTube video below, breathing in the transformative energies of the Language of Light. I recommend you […]

WAIF FM Radio broadcast: Language of Light for Greater Cincinnati 6/4/13

WAIF FM Radio broadcasted a Language of Light spiritual energy transmission June 4, 2013, specifically for the Greater Cincinnati area. To listen to Waves of A New Age, tune to 88.3 FM every Tuesday, 3-4pm! I recently met Judy Peace, a wonderful Cincinnati light worker who has been instrumental in spiritual awakening and consciousness evolution […]

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