Language of Light Transmissions Archive

As part of the "Humanity Rising Series," these spiritual energy transmissions in the language of light contain imbedded Divine Light frequencies and ascension codes to support individual and mass consciousness healing and transformation. We are always exchanging energies with others consciously or unconsciously. When you listen and receive these Divine Light frequency alignments into your light body, you are able to carry them to others as you go about your day, like spreading a Love virus!

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Download A Daily Dose of Love (192-track 5-15 minutes daily series of light language transmissions for a 6-month recalibration for ascension!

Archive Link to Christ Consciousness Integration & Quan Yin Blessing – Laura Pieratt on Healing Fountain Radio 5/22/17

Healing Fountain Radio Archive Link Cosmic Christ Consciousness Integration & Quan Yin Blessing All you need to do is enter your heart and give permission to receive all the blessings imbedded within these energy meditations/activations.  After taking a few callers, I lead everyone through a Universal-Self Alignment meditation to integrate and anchor the Cosmic Christ Consciousness in […]

ARCHIVE LINK to Embodying Divine Truth – Laura Pieratt on Healing Fountain Radio 3/27/17

  Laura Pieratt is an energy intuitive, healer, channel, and light language alchemist. In this archived edition of The Healing Fountain radio show, hosted by Jeanne Christie and Gary Moore, Laura helps you expand, align, and embody more of your divine TRUTH. Sound Quality Alert: We had some ongoing feed-back/echo sound conditions that we were not able […]

Join Laura Pieratt Live on Healing Fountain Radio – Embodying Divine Truth (Monday at 5pm EDT)

EMBODYING DIVINE TRUTH Tune in and Call in live on Healing Fountain Radio – or catch us in the archive later! And Please Share! Laura Pieratt is back on Healing Fountain Radio March 27th to help you expand, align, and embody more of your divine TRUTH. Laura is  an energy intuitive, healer, channel, and light language […]

ARCHIVE LINK – Healing with Laura Pieratt on Healing Fountain Radio – 2/13/17

Use this LINK to listen to the Healing Fountain Radio Show Archive of February 13th for Healing Love. Laura Pieratt shared her gifts as an energy intuitive, healer, channel and light language alchemist with three callers. You can benefit from the discussions and healing energy shared with each of the callers. The was the day before Valentine’s Day […]

Archive Link – Laura Pieratt Offering Light Language Healing on Healing Fountain Radio (11/21/16)

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!! May you experience the blessing of unconditional love as you gather with friends and family tomorrow. Remember, we are all divine beings at various levels of awakening to that reality. Sometimes the illusion and our masks are so convincing that we forget. It is nonetheless true! To everyone, wherever you reside on this […]

Embracing Transitions with Ease & Grace – Laura Pieratt on The Healing Fountain Radio Show (8/22/16) Archive Link

Use this LINK to listen to The Healing Fountain Radio Show, August 22nd, 2016. Jeanne Christie Drinkle hosted Laura Pieratt, for a discussion about ‘Embracing Transitions with Ease and Grace,’ which included several powerful light language energy transmissions (see list below). Listeners comments… “Just finished listening to Embracing Transition. My body is expansive and vibrating at an elevated level~WOW! […]

Join me for healing Monday, 8/22/16 at 5pm (Edt) – The Healing Fountain radio show!!

Join me MONDAY at 5pm Edt (10pm Bst) on the Healing Fountain online radio show, once again, with hosts Jeanne Christie Drinkel and Gary Moore. PLEASE SHARE this post with friends you think would benefit too! If you miss us live, be sure to listen to the archived show! The theme will be ‘Embracing the Transition,’ and we will be […]

Light Language Channeled Energy Post with an Uplifting Message!

Please enjoy a light language channeled energy transmission and uplifting message from Spirit to help you integrate the intense energy shifts of two eclipses, the Spring Equinox, and Easter. Channeled Light Language Energy Session followed by a Message in English This transmission and message are a co-creation with a new client, Paul, who commissioned a custom light language session this […]

SORRY! CORRECTED LINK on New Years Eve Meditation to Release the Old and Enter 2016 with a Clean Slate

On this eve of 2016 I hold best wishes in my heart for all, in the New Year! And I wanted to meet with you at an even more personal level, offering a free meditation to support releasing what no longer serves you and can be left on the doorstep of the new year, to enter 2016 […]

Happy New Year! – Light Language Support & Blended Message to Release the Old and Enter 2016 with a Clean Slate

On this eve of 2016 I hold best wishes in my heart for all, in the New Year! And I wanted to meet with you at an even more personal level, offering a free meditation to support releasing what no longer serves you and can be left on the doorstep of the new year, to enter 2016 […]

Celebration of The Light of Love – Channeled Light Language Transmission

  Merry Christmas to those who celebrate that holiday, and Happy Holidays to those who do not! I’m so happy to connect with you in rays and waves of love today though this audio recording of my heart’s love, and a light language energy transmission from Spirit, to immerse and bless you in the Light of Love. Let’s […]

Archived Healing Fountain Show – Joy BOMBS for PEACE – 12/7/15

Please SHARE via Social Media to spread seeds of JOY & PEACE! And check out 50+ hours of FREE HEALING on archived radio & video shows on this website! ARCHIVED SHOW LINK, if you missed Laura Pieratt live 12/7/15 on the HEALING FOUNTAIN RADIO, hosted by Jeanne Christie and Gary Moore. Immerse in Joy & Peace, great peace-themed music, […]

Thanksgiving Message & Light Language Blessing

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I wish my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving! And for those who live in parts of the globe that do not celebrate this American tradition, I wish you extended peace, gratitude, and thanks giving, for any day is a good day to live in the energy of gratitude. Let’s join together to project that powerful energy […]

Happy Equinox! Enjoy a Light Language Video as We Send Love, Light & Gratitude to the Earth!

Hello Everyone! Happy Equinox! Please join me in sending love, light and gratitude to the Earth on this beautiful fall equinox day!! I remind you that intension is everything! What you send from your heart’s love and gratitude is always a powerful prayer. As people join together in a heart shared intent the energy is […]

Enjoy a Light Language Transmission to ACTIVATE FREEDOM!

LET FREEDOM REIGN! Enter a whole new level of Personal Choice & Sovereignty! Be blessed as you open your heart to receive the words, tones, sounds and energies in this Light language activation for; FREEDOM from old patterns, fears and judgments to embody the FREEDOM to BE THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE! Please share freely with others, thank you! Download   […]

Join me for a Collective Prayer for Nepal & Dolphin Wisdom about Dealing with Tragedy on Doves4Peace, May 25th, 3pm (EDT)

Join me on May 25th at 3pm (EDT) on Doves4Peace in a Collective Prayer for Nepal in the Language of Light, a divine language of love that our soul’s all recognize though our heart-mind, although your brain-mind probably will not. You will also receive some Dolphin Wisdom about Dealing with Tragedy. If you miss the live show, you can […]

FREE HEALING – Healing Fountain Radio Show Archive of 5/11/15

I hope you will enjoy and be blessed with a healing while listening to the newly archived 5/11/15 Healing Fountain Radio Show. Thanks for listening and sharing with others what you find of value.  NOTE: We ran out of time to discuss the project below on the Healing Fountain Show. Please click the headline link below for more info on the […]

Re-PLAY! Dolphins, Whales and More, Oh My!

In case you missed it, here is the archived YouTube video of my 30-minute Doves4Peace light energy presentation from 5/3/15. In-JOY and Be Blessed!!  Please remember to SHARE!! In Oneness and love, Laura What viewers have to say about the following video… “Laura, that was l o v e l y… You look radiant, you are […]

I Am A Galactic Child of Light – Voice Channeled Message & Transcript

NOTE: I share this message in hopes you will feel deeply touched by your own grandeur, feeling the Grace of Source with which you are eternally One. May you awaken ever more fully, to the great joy of remembering who you really are! PLEASE SHARE! In-Joy and Be Blessed, Laura Download I am a galactic child of […]

REBIRTHING INTO THE NEW EARTH! Archived 3/2/15 Healing Fountain Show and Message w/ Light Language Transmission

Welcome to the Gold Ring Healing Fountain show ARCHIVE from our March 2nd, 2015 healing show.  “Laura, Great show!! Very deep strong energy.  I have listened to whole show & twice to mini [language] of light recording [see audio player below]. I had lots of shudders & soul shakes.”    ~ Thank you, Trisha Please enjoy, download and […]

Doves4Peace Video (1/6/15) – Light Language Support to Surrender into Your Divine Essence!

Happy New Year! May you be infinitely blessed, co-creating your best and most Grace-filled life according to your divine soul template for this time on Earth! Even if a bit late posting, I wanted to support much more than the brief phase of typical new years resolutions. I wanted to invoke divine assistance and guidance to […]

Laura Pieratt’s Doves4Peace 12/21/14 Broadcast on YouTube

Here is the YouTube link to my Lifestream broadcast yesterday on Doves4Peace. Here is what people are saying… Oh Laura… Best e v e r!!!! Tears energy soul shakes magic Christed golden light. Thank you, thank you, thank you…So grateful bless you…May the Light of Christ fill you with great joy this Christmas ***” ~ Trisha Australia […]

Join Me Dec 21st for Healing on Doves4Peace Livestream – 3pm (EST)

I hope you will join me on Doves4Peace this Sunday, Dec 21st – the Solstice! This is a quick reminder and LINK to the Doves4Peace lifestream presentation. Please SPREAD THE WORD so others can tune in too. Please SHARE on Social media too. If you miss us live, you can catch it on Youtube or in the ARCHIVES at the Doves4Peace’s […]

Receive & Spread a Thanksgiving Blessing from”The Holy Ones”

  Happy Thanksgiving to those in the USA. I hope you will enjoy this holiday with loved ones and let the Spirit of Love fill your hearts and the day. And for those who do not live in America, this is for you, as well! “The Holy Ones” blended with me to offer a light language and […]

Mark Your Calendars! FREE Healing Tomorrow 1-3pm (EST) – Bonnie Albers On Air Show

If you are new, WELCOME!! If not (you are welcome too!), this is your REMINDER to SET your CALENDARS for 1-3pm (EST) – THURSDAY 11/13/14. Don’t miss my monthly healing radio broadcast on the Bonnie Albers On Air Show (1-3pm). We usually go an hour over til BTR kicks us off the air, so be sure to register on BlogTalk Radio in […]

Join me on Doves4Peace livestream at 3pm (EST) Tomorrow!

Hi Friends, This is a quick reminder and link to the Doves4Peace lifestream presentation I will be doing tomorrow (Wednesday 11/5) online. I hope you will join me! If you miss it you can catch it in the archives, but only for a month. My understanding is that Doves4Peace needs a benefactor(s) to contribute $500 to […]

Join me for FREE Light Language HEALING Thursday – 1-3pm (EST) Bonnie Albers On Air show!!

TUNE IN TOMORROW at Bonnie Albers On Air (BlogTalk Radio) and hold a clear intension for what you wish to heal, release or shift. Then simply open your heart to receive!  PLEASE SHARE!! Neither distance or time are limits when we meet in our hearts, the doorway to quantum possibilities,holding the intension for the highest good/most benevolent outcome! […]

Download Equinox Message with LL Healing + Archive from 9/22 Healing Fountain Radio Show

Happy Equinox on September 23rd!!! To help you take advantage of the Equinox energies in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, I’ve co-created this 16-minute message and Light Language energy transmission with my Light team. ENJOY!! And Many Blessings!! DOWNLOAD mp3   And please enjoy the ARCHIVE to the 9/22/14 Gold Ring Healing Fountain Radio Show         […]

Free Healing & Light Language Transmission 1-3pm (EST) Today…

Join me for FREE HEALING AND LIGHT LANGUAGE TRANSMISSIONS from 1-3pm (eastern time zone).I will be a guest on the Bonnie Albers On Air Show today, and every 2nd Thursday of the month!! Register on BlogTalkRadio beforehand so you can call in at 347-838-8864 or join the online chat! If you miss the show, catch the […]

Join Laura Jan 30 on The Bonnie Albers On Air Radio Show

Hello my friends, This is a quick calendar update – another Free Healing Opportunity next Thursday afternoon, Jan 30th, or catch the archives later! Join me Thursday, JAN 30 from 2-3:30 – Bonnie Albers On Air BlogTalk Radio’s Bonnie Albers, RN, LNC, CLC, Spirit Medium, specializes in Romance, Love, Relationships and Sexual Issues with a TWIST […]

Oneness Abounds on Earth!

This touching voice-channeled message of hope and Oneness begins and ends with a Language of Light transmission. The spoken English message is transcribed below. I included it as in both forms so you can enjoy the LOL transmission, as well as the emotions and energy in the voice-channeled message, which begins about 8:40 minutes into […]

Mark Your Calendars for Healing! Two More Radio Interviews

ARCHIVE – former radio show interviews  Just a quick update so you can mark your calendars to remind you to join me for more DIRECT HEALING!! I love doing internet radio shows because it gives me an opportunity to spread more love, light and healing, while planting more seeds of awakening, in a broad and global way! […]

Listen to Laura’s Archived “Psychic Viewpoint Show” Radio Interview

Just a quick update to let you know that my radio interview with Rosalea on The Psychic Viewpoint Show aired 1/4/14 and is now available to listen to on BlogTalk Radio archives. The interview offers healing in the form of Language of Light energy transmissions. And stay tuned for more as Rosie has invited me […]

Benefits of The Language of Light

What is the Language of Light? Subscribe to 6-FREE month light language journey – A Daily Dose of Love  Benefits of The Language of Light • Energetic Healing and Rapid Transformation • Connect to Higher Self, I AM Presence, Oneness • DNA Activations to restore Divine Blueprint • Clear Unconscious Blocks and Limiting Emotional Patterns • Sustain […]

A Christmas Blessing for Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness & Peace

I offer this Divine Light Blessing in the Language of Light for everyone wishing to embrace, embody and emit the qualities of Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Peace. It is my hope that you will release what no longer serves Love and Peace and receive a Christmas gift of greater Love and inner Peace today. The dolphins and whales […]

2013 Winter Solstice Message & Meditation: Align in Peace and Oneness

Happy Solstice! I wish you each a joyous season of Love, Peace, Oneness and Prosperity! May we all Unite as One family now and ever more. Whether you celebrate Christmas or some other path, let us share as One Heart, One Family – Beloved All. We are the Human Family and humanity is indeed rising! Let us […]

2013 December Full Moon Energy – Language of Light Podcast

It was an impressive full moon tonight (12/19/13) in the cold clear sky of Cincinnati, Ohio. Well, actually it was a day past the full moon but glorious, nonetheless, with Jupiter very clear, sparkling brightly off to the left of the moon. Since the energy felt so expansive, refreshing and uplifting, I created a Language […]

Language of Light Transmission for COMPASSION

Please join me in anchoring the energy of COMPASSION into the earth plane NOW!  Simply hold a desire to receive and anchor more Compassion in your heart for yourself, the planet earth and all life. Then just listen to the YouTube video below, breathing in the transformative energies of the Language of Light. I recommend you […]

World Puja Radio Interview Aired, Archived and Already Healing!

Hello from Buenos Aires! Just a quick update to let you know you my radio interview with Asara aired yesterday and is available to watch as an archive now on World Puja (for members) and FREE OF CHARGE at the link below. Lightworkers of the New Earth – Conversations with Wayshowers on the Leading Edge interview with Annette Sassou’s (aka Asara). Listen […]

Language of Light Podcast – Purification to Align with Greater Light

A second Language of Light transmission followed the first one I recorded under the full moon in Cusco. It felt more personal and intimate, touching me deeply. When I asked it’s purpose, I was told it was to purify in order to align with greater Light. I am honored to share it with you with the love […]

New Language of Light Podcast – Harvest Moon from Cusco, Peru

Greetings from Cusco, Peru! The full moon last night, high over the Andean mountains took my breath away! I sat under the cloudy sky watching the moon play peek-a-boo and channeling this language of light podcast for all of you. Just as I finished recording the clouds parted and I was blessed with the photo […]

Language of Light Support for Stress & Anxiety

So very many people have recently mentioned struggling with severe stress and anxiety that I felt it important to release a Language of Light podcast to offer energetic support to help with these issues. Listen to this 26-minute audio recording frequently–and especially when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious–to shift your frequency into that […]

Quantum Creativity Radio Interview with Language of Light

Listen to my interview on Quantum Creativity radio. Included in our discussion are 2 Language of Light transmissions!! One for co-creating in harmonious partnerships and the other I left to spirit to bring through what was most needed by the listeners and the earth at this time. Due to technical difficulties the pre-recorded show was […]

Experience Whale & Dolphin Tones in Laura’s interview on The Dr. Leslie Wells Show

Experience dolphin and whale tones, as part of the Language of Light, in Wave of Fire, an interview with Laura Pieratt on Dr. Leslie Wells’ Bridging Holistic Health radio show. NOTE: This interview is edited highlighting Wave of Fire, the second segment of the radio interview. If you wish to listen to other shows in the 5-part […]

2013 Summer Solstice Language of Light Divine Energy Transmission

Today was an amazingly powerful love-filled day for me, in celebration of the summer solstice! I was blessed to join two friends–both musicians and healers, Phil Crabtree and Roxana Imam, to usher in the solstice with sound healing for humanity and the Earth. In preparation, I asked my guides about the energy we would be […]

WAIF FM Radio broadcast: Language of Light for Greater Cincinnati 6/4/13

WAIF FM Radio broadcasted a Language of Light spiritual energy transmission June 4, 2013, specifically for the Greater Cincinnati area. To listen to Waves of A New Age, tune to 88.3 FM every Tuesday, 3-4pm! I recently met Judy Peace, a wonderful Cincinnati light worker who has been instrumental in spiritual awakening and consciousness evolution […]

New Moon Solar Eclipse (5/10/13) – Language of Light Transmission

Support for aligning with the energetic potentials of the New Moon Solar Eclipse May 10, 2013 The following message and accompanying Language of Light transmission (with lots of dolphin and whale tones!!) is offered to help you utilize the powerful potentials of the New Moon Solar Eclipse today, May 10, 2013. You are invited by […]

Channeled Message and Language of Light Energy Activation: Hope & Support for New Possibilities

In a continuing effort to support those feeling acutely challenged these days in getting into a place of inner peace, trust, hope and allowing, I am reposting this message from 4/11 and an accompanying brief, yet powerful, two and a half minute Language of Light energy activation (see recording above) to offer support and assistance. […]

Language of Light Support for Peace, Balance, Healing, Love, Acceptance and Joy

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or unable to deal with changes in life? I offer this recording to help. I’ve been getting an increase in calls from people who are stressed, anxious, depressed or unable to deal with changes in life. The month of May is astrologically ripe for opportunities to release old energy […]

Language of Light Energy Transmission – Myrtle Beach, SC

Join me on the beach in Myrtle Beach, SC for an energy experience in the Language of Light. Simply relax, close your eyes and listen to the ocean and energy words with imbedded frequencies for healing and aligning in the Oneness of your True Inner Light and All That Is.

Language of Light Alignment: Unification of Self

Language of Light Alignment: Unification of Self

Podcast: Creating in the Now

This is a 19-minute meditation in the Language of Light to help you with Creating in the Now with Truth, Trust and Passion. Please take a few deep breaths to relax, let go of your mental thoughts and drop into your heart, feeling gratitude and appreciation for the blessings in your life. Do not try […]

Channeled Meditation and Message for Creational Alignment

When listening to Light Language, please sit comfortably, relax and be open to absorb the sounds of the energy words as a feeling, rather than trying to understand a translation or meaning. This message is from 2011 but is still very true and important. 10-minute Language of Light Meditation with Message (transcribed below) NOTE: I […]

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