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These channeled messages represent an ongoing conversation I have had with my higher self, healing angels and teaching guides over the last eight years. These amazing loving beings bless me with their constant support, wisdom and healing energies. The only thing they have ever asked of me is to share what I am given. To that end, I share with you recent messages of love and hope for these times of change, as well as older Q&A sessions from times I sought the greater perspective and counsel of these loving divine beings for my own life challenges.

Archive Link to Christ Consciousness Integration & Quan Yin Blessing – Laura Pieratt on Healing Fountain Radio 5/22/17

Healing Fountain Radio Archive Link Cosmic Christ Consciousness Integration & Quan Yin Blessing All you need to do is enter your heart and give permission to receive all the blessings imbedded within these energy meditations/activations.  After taking a few callers, I lead everyone through a Universal-Self Alignment meditation to integrate and anchor the Cosmic Christ Consciousness in […]

Light Language Channeled Energy Post with an Uplifting Message!

Please enjoy a light language channeled energy transmission and uplifting message from Spirit to help you integrate the intense energy shifts of two eclipses, the Spring Equinox, and Easter. Channeled Light Language Energy Session followed by a Message in English This transmission and message are a co-creation with a new client, Paul, who commissioned a custom light language session this […]

We are On the New Earth! Embracing Change in 2016

How shall we embrace the changes of transitioning into the New Earth as we enter its 4th year? Joyfully – Purposefully – Trustingly – Creatively – Boldly – Heartfully – Inspirationally – Hopefully – Holistically – Transitionally– as an evolution these are the words that flowed into my mind, greeting me as I sat to enjoy my morning coffee I received a vision this week. I was on an Arctic icebreaker ship cutting through frozen […]

Develop Your Relationship with Nature – Sedona Journal of Emergence Message (October 2015)

Archived Sedona Journal of Emergence Messages by Laura Pieratt July 2015 Message from “Planta” Published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence, channeled by Laura Pieratt on 7/24/15 We will call ourselves “Planta” for we are nature speaking. We will begin by saying that we are large in spirit! Many of you think size is a matter of source, power and function, but we […]

Archived Healing Fountain Show – Joy BOMBS for PEACE – 12/7/15

Please SHARE via Social Media to spread seeds of JOY & PEACE! And check out 50+ hours of FREE HEALING on archived radio & video shows on this website! ARCHIVED SHOW LINK, if you missed Laura Pieratt live 12/7/15 on the HEALING FOUNTAIN RADIO, hosted by Jeanne Christie and Gary Moore. Immerse in Joy & Peace, great peace-themed music, […]

Thanksgiving Message & Light Language Blessing

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I wish my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving! And for those who live in parts of the globe that do not celebrate this American tradition, I wish you extended peace, gratitude, and thanks giving, for any day is a good day to live in the energy of gratitude. Let’s join together to project that powerful energy […]

You Are the One True Light – Sedona Journal of Emergence (September 2015)

Archived Sedona Journal of Emergence Channeled Messages by Laura Pieratt     September 2015 Message from Crystal Light published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, channeled by Laura Pieratt Hello, beloveds, we are Crystal Light. We greet you this day upon rays of light. We speak to you from one united heart as rays of illumination […]

The Truth is in Your Breath – Sedona Journal of Emergence Message (August 2015)

Archived Sedona Journal of Emergence Messages by Laura Pieratt August 2015 Message from The White-Winged Ones of Holy Light/Illumined Truth, Published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence, channeled by Laura Pieratt on 5/23/15 We see you are at the beginning of new beginnings. That has become a theme, has it not? Each month, it seems we are heralding the newest new! It is […]

EMERGENCE – Message from Creation Fields of Holy Light

Dictionary definition of Emergence • the act or process of emerging. • to come into existence; develop. • to rise, as from an inferior or unfortunate state or condition. ORIGIN: mid 17th century from medieval Latin emergence ‘bring to light’ Evolution: the appearance of new properties or species in the course of development or evolution. Channels […]

Message from White Light Seed Carriers of Stellar Patterning

Please also enjoy this LINK to a wonderful new Activation Transmission by Anrita Melchizedek, with information about the powerful energies of August and September. We are Light Touching Light! I cannot remind you of that enough. I AM LIGHT. YOU ARE LIGHT. WE ARE ALL LIGHT That is the Truth we are awakening to!  As a regular contributor to The Sedona Journal of Emergence […]

Loving Channeled Message from “The Way,” and More…

Patricia Cota-Robles shared a very important message… on 9/8/15 that provided great insight into the extraordinary gifts from ON-High brought to fruition the Causal Planes in August and September, including those yet to come September 28th. Please take the time to read this long inspiring message from Patricia about the ascension accelerating recent gifts from Mother Mary […]

Seek Your Truth and Follow It Home – Sedona Journal of Emergence Message (July 2015)

Archived Sedona Journal of Emergence Messages by Laura Pieratt July 2015 Message from Ananda Published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence, channeled by Laura Pieratt on 4/30/15 We are happy to greet you again from the realms of light and joy. It is our privilege to assist you in many ways. Some of these you are aware of and some […]

The Universe is Calling Itself Back Together – Sedona Journal of Emergence Message from Ananda (June 2015)

Archived Sedona Journal of Emergence Channeled Messages by Laura Pieratt Published June 2015 Message from Ananda, published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, channeled through Laura Pieratt on March 20, 2015 – the Spring Equinox, Super New Moon & Solar Eclipse We will share a view of things to come. We are progressing to a new phase […]

Join me for a Collective Prayer for Nepal & Dolphin Wisdom about Dealing with Tragedy on Doves4Peace, May 25th, 3pm (EDT)

Join me on May 25th at 3pm (EDT) on Doves4Peace in a Collective Prayer for Nepal in the Language of Light, a divine language of love that our soul’s all recognize though our heart-mind, although your brain-mind probably will not. You will also receive some Dolphin Wisdom about Dealing with Tragedy. If you miss the live show, you can […]

Co-Create with me! YouTube Song Project & Channeled Message

Inviting Co-Creators to Join in a Spirit Guided Collaborative YouTube Song Project! “SPARK CODES” – Igniting a Global Tsunami of Love! This is nothing less than a powerful WORLD PRAYER!! PLEASE SHARE!! TOGETHER, WE ARE REMEMBERING THE POWER OF LOVE!  Spirit gave me this simple little song and channeled message along with an assignment to invite […]

I Am A Galactic Child of Light – Voice Channeled Message & Transcript

NOTE: I share this message in hopes you will feel deeply touched by your own grandeur, feeling the Grace of Source with which you are eternally One. May you awaken ever more fully, to the great joy of remembering who you really are! PLEASE SHARE! In-Joy and Be Blessed, Laura Download I am a galactic child of […]

Trust Truth & Light – Sedona Journal Channeled Message (May 2015)

Archived Sedona Journal of Emergence Channeled Messages by Laura Pieratt May 2015 Message from Djwal Khul published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, channeled by Laura Pieratt on 2/27/15 Beloveds, it is I, Djwhal Khul. We [in spirit] greet you warmly this day. We trust you will receive this message in the energy of love with which it […]

Currents of Change – Sedona Journal of Emergence Message (April 2015)

Archived Sedona Journal of Emergence Messages by Laura Pieratt April 2015 Message from The Angels of Peaceful and Benevolent Resolution published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, channeled by Laura Pieratt on 1/27/15. This message shared the page with another message, from Ananda; Participate in the Realms of Light We join you from the light of love in the depths of peace. We are of the angelic presence; […]

Participate in the Realms of Light – Sedona Journal of Emergence Message (April 2015)

Archived Sedona Journal of Emergence Channeled Messages by Laura Pieratt April 2015 Message from Ananda, published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence, channeled by Laura Pieratt on 12/19/14 I asked who transmitted the message and was told, “It is us of the loving light, Ananda”…followed by the light language words (spelling?) ki ha tokai. I had not […]

Heart Will Demand Coherent Alignment! – The Sedona Journal of Emergence (Feb 2015)

Archived Sedona Journal of Emergence Channeled Messages by Laura Pieratt February 2015 Issue The Sedona Journal of Emergence message from Khiii Khaaaum, Channeled Message by Laura Pieratt Demand Coherent Alignment NOTE: This light collective was reluctant to offer a name, but when I asked their purpose they shared the following: “We are a collective of light bearers. We are […]

Visioning and Emerging into The New Earth – Channeled Message

This is a channeled message from one of my guides, Kamala, about Visioning and Stepping into the New Earth I am now scheduling discounted sessions of my newest Accelerating Ascension Energy Activations and Alignments! •  Rebirth Codes of Holy Light •  Alignment to the Prosperity Grid for Social Consciousness •  Victory Elohim Light-Body Activation I pray the […]

Laura Pieratt’s Doves4Peace 12/21/14 Broadcast on YouTube

Here is the YouTube link to my Lifestream broadcast yesterday on Doves4Peace. Here is what people are saying… Oh Laura… Best e v e r!!!! Tears energy soul shakes magic Christed golden light. Thank you, thank you, thank you…So grateful bless you…May the Light of Christ fill you with great joy this Christmas ***” ~ Trisha Australia […]

Receive & Spread a Thanksgiving Blessing from”The Holy Ones”

  Happy Thanksgiving to those in the USA. I hope you will enjoy this holiday with loved ones and let the Spirit of Love fill your hearts and the day. And for those who do not live in America, this is for you, as well! “The Holy Ones” blended with me to offer a light language and […]

One Heart, One Humanity – The Sedona Journal of Emergence (Dec 2014)

Archived Sedona Journal of Emergence Channeled Messages by Laura Pieratt December 2012 Annual Predictions Issue The Sedona Journal of Emergence message from Altura, Channeled by Laura Pieratt One Heart, One Humanity Note: When I asked for a message for The Sedona Journal’s 2015 predictions issue, I was greeted by Altura, saying, ”We are sisters of the Light […]

Channeled Message of Love, Expansion, Trust, Hope, Peace and Clarity

Welcome to my renewed channeled messages blog! For easy access, there is a link to the archives of these channeled (English language) posts in the top menu bar of the website pages. Jump in and explore! I hope you will be blessed, as I have been.  ARCHIVE We are all on unique journeys, but there are universal lessons, archetypes and […]

Download Equinox Message with LL Healing + Archive from 9/22 Healing Fountain Radio Show

Happy Equinox on September 23rd!!! To help you take advantage of the Equinox energies in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, I’ve co-created this 16-minute message and Light Language energy transmission with my Light team. ENJOY!! And Many Blessings!! DOWNLOAD mp3   And please enjoy the ARCHIVE to the 9/22/14 Gold Ring Healing Fountain Radio Show         […]

Oneness Abounds on Earth!

This touching voice-channeled message of hope and Oneness begins and ends with a Language of Light transmission. The spoken English message is transcribed below. I included it as in both forms so you can enjoy the LOL transmission, as well as the emotions and energy in the voice-channeled message, which begins about 8:40 minutes into […]

2013 Winter Solstice Message & Meditation: Align in Peace and Oneness

Happy Solstice! I wish you each a joyous season of Love, Peace, Oneness and Prosperity! May we all Unite as One family now and ever more. Whether you celebrate Christmas or some other path, let us share as One Heart, One Family – Beloved All. We are the Human Family and humanity is indeed rising! Let us […]

2013 Fall Equinox Eve – Channeled Message of Greater Light

Lake Titicaca, Peru 9/21/13 – Fall Equinox Eve – LauraPieratt©2013 LISTEN TO LANGUAGE OF LIGHT PODCAST TO PURIFY TO ALIGN WITH GREATER LIGHT Beloveds, We are with you. We are One. We join you at the edge of creation–at the point of new beginnings. We address multitudes, for there are many wishing for these changes to […]

Lion’s Gate Portal 8/8 – Channeled Message and Language of Light Support

The Lion’s Gate Portal is a stargate that opens each year from July 26th to August 12th. This powerful portal of light code transmissions reaches its peak on 8/8. Please take some time during this powerful activating portal–and especially on 8/8–to sit in stillness, breathe deeply and meditate on the The Light behind the light, […]

Release DOUBT & Bless the DARK. Invite your SHADOW-SELF to tea and become friends.

Be in Peace. Simply Be in Knowing, and allow us to guide and assist you, without doubt that we are there or that you are receiving our guidance. We are One. Let us live and BE in that Oneness every moment, with awe and wonder, Yes! Doubt and fear, No! Do you see? As you […]

The Watchers Channeled Message: Resistance and Value Judgments on People and Tasks

We are always watching for ways, alliances, opportunities to engage earth humans in better processes that will bring about more evolution and grace. It has been a difficult road for earth humans and it has taken a great toll on many. We wish to ease the hardship and offer new ways that are easier and […]

Channeled Message during Pineal Toning – Maui 12/21/12

We are awakening humanity in a force of potent waves of new potential energies for the transmission of Love. This greater Love enhances greater potentials to unfold in new uncharted ways upon a planet buoyed by such Love, Benevolence, Compassion and Joy. We are One in the unfolding of such new potentials and we greet […]

Heart-Light Awakens to Remember Oneness – channeled message 5/27/13

Photo by Laura Pieratt I awoke last night with this message coming into my mind. Note: I capitalize the beginning of some words to distinguish absolute Divine qualities being expressed or referenced, compared to those limited duality expressions of our personality selves for which I use lower case letters. Heart-Light Awakens – channeled message from […]

Wesak & Full Moon (5/24/13) Channeled Message & Meditation

(U.S. Geological Survey photo) Please set aside 30 minutes in which you will be undisturbed to listen to this healing message. It is in English (as opposed to language of light) and supports you to invite in peace, healing and Oneness while guiding you let go of disempowered thinking for thoughts of acceptance and peace, […]

New Moon Solar Eclipse (5/10/13) – Language of Light Transmission

Support for aligning with the energetic potentials of the New Moon Solar Eclipse May 10, 2013 The following message and accompanying Language of Light transmission (with lots of dolphin and whale tones!!) is offered to help you utilize the powerful potentials of the New Moon Solar Eclipse today, May 10, 2013. You are invited by […]

Channeled Message and Language of Light Energy Activation: Hope & Support for New Possibilities

In a continuing effort to support those feeling acutely challenged these days in getting into a place of inner peace, trust, hope and allowing, I am reposting this message from 4/11 and an accompanying brief, yet powerful, two and a half minute Language of Light energy activation (see recording above) to offer support and assistance. […]

Unifying Our Light in the Spirit of the Olympics & Golden Light Blessing for Healing

Golden Light Blessings for Healing (isolated from larger message below) Let us imagine ourselves with a torch, the kind they light at the Olympics. Unlike past Olympics, the 2012 Games demonstrated the passing of the torch among many people culminating in the lighting of small individual torches representing each country, ultimately lifted into one unified […]

Meditation: Shifting from Old Patterns to New Potentials

I blended energies with Thoth to create this 22- minute meditation for shifting old patterns into new possibilities. Relax and enjoy! It ends with The Language of Light. I created this meditation in a blended channel with master teacher Thoth. In meditation, he presented me with the image of a heavily laden apple tree, in […]

Channeled Message: We Are One! How Can That Be?

Published at March 14, 2013 This is a merged message of thoughts I awoke with blended with my guides perspectives through channeling. In truth, that is a perfect format for this message about Oneness, for it demonstrates that we are never truly separate in our thoughts or communications. Our thoughts and beliefs are programmed […]

Channeled Messages: Jesus Says to Rest and Recalibrate

Like many other people, I have been feeling a subtle change since the December 2012 shift but have not been able to settle into a grounded space in that change. I’ve been aware something is very different, I’ve noticed client healings are much faster and easier and I’ve been consciously trying not to rush in […]

Channeled Message: Mass Ascension and My Work in The Great Shift

How does mass ascension work? I see this metaphoric train image of humanity moving forward very quickly, energized by many vibrational workers, inner earth beings and others keeping the tracks clear. All of that is happening, but then there is this 90 degree bend and the train goes straight up!  This is the point of […]

Channeled Messages: 18th Ray of Love and Perfection

Channeled Message… The Eighteenth Ray of Love and Perfection is descending to join the Elohim to escort you in your ascension back to Light. It is a glorious time of unfolding radiance that opens access to new heights of divine Perfection. We are so ecstatic about this opportunity to shine such radiant Love upon the […]

Channeled Message on 12/12/12

                  This brief channeled message was received at Punaluu (black sand beach), Hawaii on 12/12/12, a significant date for planetary ascension, as a sea turtle was coming onto the beach. Planetary Light unfolds in new creations spreading love into all passages of time, healing, restoring, resurrecting, recreating. Blessed […]

12/12/12 channeled message: Creation Unfolds Through Love

Channeled Message… Planetary Light unfolds in new creations spreading love into all passages of time, healing, restoring, resurrecting, recreating. Blessed awareness unifies. All is love. All join in the heart of the One. Peace prevails. Consciousness spreads, taking root, lifting up, evolving. Creation unfolds in this way. Cycles upon cycles continue, spirals, re-evolutions. This is […]

Channeled Message: Hopeful Update on Transitional Times

It is good to bring forth new information for everyone. Many are waiting anxiously for news of the upcoming changes. Let us begin. There are many waiting to bring forth new messages of hope and joy for everyone to unify around. So much is happening fast and it is all leading to a whopping display […]

We Are Awakening Humans Creating a New World – The Sedona Journal of Emergence (Feb 2012)

Archived Sedona Journal of Emergence Channeled Messages by Laura Pieratt February 2012 Issue The Sedona Journal of Emergence Message from Makala, Channeled by Laura Pieratt  We Are Awakening Humans Creating a New World It is time now to unravel the mystery of who we are.  We are great beings of Love and Light unfolding new messages […]

Channeled Meditation and Message for Creational Alignment

When listening to Light Language, please sit comfortably, relax and be open to absorb the sounds of the energy words as a feeling, rather than trying to understand a translation or meaning. This message is from 2011 but is still very true and important. 10-minute Language of Light Meditation with Message (transcribed below) NOTE: I […]

Creating in Unity Consciousness from Creational Nodes – The Sedona Journal of Emergence (April 2012)

Archived Sedona Journal of Emergence Channeled Messages by Laura Pieratt April 2012 Issue The Sedona Journal of Emergence Message, Channeled by Laura Pieratt Creating in Unity Consciousness from Creational Nodes We are aligned in peace. Our brothers and sisters of the Light join here now, in shared intent, peaceful, passionate and enthusiastic about creating peace. […]

The Practice of Sustained Community Relief – The Sedona Journal of Emergence (Jan 2011)

Archived Sedona Journal of Emergence Channeled Messages by Laura Pieratt January 2011 Issue The Sedona Journal of Emergence Message from Kamala, Channeled by Laura Pieratt The Practice of Sustained Community Relief We are Kamala. We are way showers of potential paths for bringing order to chaos.  It is with clear intent and loving light we […]

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