Benefits of The Language of Light

What is the Language of Light?
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Benefits of The Language of Light

• Energetic Healing and Rapid Transformation
• Connect to Higher Self, I AM Presence, Oneness
• DNA Activations to restore Divine Blueprint
• Clear Unconscious Blocks and Limiting Emotional Patterns
• Sustain High Consciousness Love/Unity Frequencies
• Accelerated Spiritual Awakening and Enhanced Intuition
• Expand into Awareness of Multidimensional Self
• Remember Spiritual Gifts and Soul Purpose
• Recalibrate, Rejuvenate, Regenerate
• Divine Light Codes for Ascension, Manifestation and more
• Receive Sacred Geometries, Symbols & Fire Letters
• Activation of Ancient Memories, Skills and Wisdom
• Light Frequency Alignments & Attunements
• Light Body Activations and Support
• Enhanced Connection to Earth, Nature and All Life
• Reconnect to Pure Creation Potential

More about the benefits of Light Language by sound-healing pioneer and chant master Jonathan Goldman channeling Shamael, Angel of Sound, in the following excerpts from his excellent book, Shifting Frequencies – Sounds for Vibratory Activation.

“This language was the original sound of the Creator… These sacred languages that stem from the original language of light are “guarded” in as much as there are extraordinary beings associated with these languages who guard them against misuse…. Only those who have achieved the level of required consciousness may successfully use it…. In order to properly utilize the language, you must pass through a gateway to fully understand the principle and practice. One begins the journey through that gateway by learning to love and project that love onto the sound. 

“This new language conveys communication, but frequently it operates at a plane in which creation can begin to be experienced. At times this new language can interface and affect reality and the creation of the physical, which was also true of your more ancient sacred languages. You might have healings and regenerations, for it resonates downward to the cellular level. It can create change and frequency shifts of unimaginable proportions.” 


  1. Phenomenal experience in such a short time.

  2. My dear Laura, I am a very spiritual being that is constantly looking for my next high. I stumbled upon your sight searching for light languages. I listened and took a nap earlier and had the most amazing download.My entire body vibrated even my teeth were chattering. I could hear the sound like a constant chugging. Thank you for this experience.Looking forward to buying some of your work. Thank you dear one and blessed be.

    • Thank you for sharing your profound experience! I’m so happy you’re feeling the energy of light language so powerfully! You mentioned checking out my products. I think you’ll enjoy A Daily Dose of Love because you’ll get one a day for 6 1/2 months. Wait til you get to track #128 and beyond when the Dolphins come in strongly and we start working the hair-line point, head energies, the 8th & higher chakras, and Oneness!! Let me know how it goes 🙂

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