A message from my guides about this very special time of ascension…

“There is a song of Grace upon the waves of time. We are progressing into an era of recovery, regeneration and joyful participation in life, with enhanced understanding of conscious evolution.

We are aligning with the perfection of the divine mother, the divine father, the divine whole.  Father, Son and Holy Ghost merge, combine and redefine their polaristic experience into a refined perfect balance of self-sustaining love and devotion. Devotion to self, devotion to others, devotion to life, in all forms of creation.

We are translating eternity into waves of unfolding Light, into new structures of Living Light potential for future evolution. We are One. We are evolving into a unity of conscious creators, interpreting divine plan and perfection into new ways of creative expression. The new is the open frontier, always present for reinterpretation.

I am, that I am, that I am, that I am, Complete Love”


Creation is ever-changing and evolving, no matter what dimension or spiritual level we are experiencing. All humanity and the planet Earth are now in the process of ascending together as one. This is a process of raising our vibration from a 3rd to 5th dimensional reality—and beyond, since 5D is the threshold for love/unity/oneness absolute consciousness, also known as Christ Consciousness. Ascension involves many ongoing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes at inner and outer levels of reality and experience. It may be a wild ride but it is a great blessing and a joy for souls who wish to support the divine plan to end karmic incarnation cycles and finally bring Heaven (5D) to Earth (3D).

Ascension has never been done in this way, where we retain our physical bodies instead of flashing in an instant into our higher dimensional lightbodies. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this uncharted territory. We have been preparing for this for eons and really are ready to birth this Golden Era. Many wonderful gifted lightworkers have awakened to assist in this process. We have unbelievable support from the Heavenly realms and all we need to do is allow it to unfold from within our connection to our Soul and God/Source. The key is to just BE you, your true divine eternal Self that is, by releasing what is not love and no longer serves your highest light. It is time to begin embodying your soul and allow it to guide you Home to Love.

No one knows for sure how this will actually look or feel for humanity, but many agree that on December 21,2012 the earth became a fifth dimensional planet, releasing the density of duality and making it much easier to enter into Unity Consciousness (also called Christ Consciousness), remember our divine essence and create Heaven on Earth, as it was originally intended. It may be that only those “sensitive” to energy or fairly “intuitive” are noticing these changes already but they are affecting everyone to various degrees and explain many unusual experiences with severe weather patterns, extreme solar flares and short lived unusual physical and emotional symptoms.

Ascension is a process of evolving and as such has been going on for eons, but most actively and with increasing intensity since the harmonic convergence in 1987 when humanity as a whole agreed, at our soul levels, to ascend in mass with the planet while maintaining physical bodies. Since that time, massive waves of divine Light radiating key frequencies and Light codes have continued to stream onto the planet, into people, animals, plants and minerals too. In other words, all kingdoms of life are undergoing accelerated evolution. Many light workers and other people sensitive to energy vibrations felt a shift at the end of December 2012, as was anticipated. I actually felt it on 12/12/12, while in Kona, Hawaii where I joined a group of light workers doing meditations, including the dolphins in our planetary work.  The 2012 Shift from My Perspective

Now, of course, not all will shift into this higher consciousness instantly, but it will be easier, without the drag effect of lower thought forms and the duality energy of old fears, to sustain elevated states of divine love (unconditional, non-judgmental), harmony, acceptance and peace. We will understand more directly that we are truly One, recognize ourselves as powerful creators and take responsibility for what we create, so our creations harm none and benefit all.

Old systems that are corrupt or not functioning for the highest good of all are breaking down to be replaced by systems that are led by and contributed to by people with higher intentions to benefit all life in a balanced way.  It is time to shift from fear, lack consciousness, survival oriented living, powerlessness and self-centered actions into new ways of sustainable living that enable us to follow our heart’s direction and joy.  This transition from the old to the new is indeed challenging, but it is a necessary step, opportunity and blessing in this time of the great shift.  It is all happening with the love, support and assistance of the higher realms according to divine decree.  We all have angels and guides to help us. The more you are able to avoid struggle and resistance, simply surrender, give permission for help and trust your higher self to guide you, the easier your path will be.

Humanity Rising is what I’ve been guided to call my work related to the Ascension, which is indeed about humanity rising in mass.  Therefore, you will find my language of light podcasts, and other healing work, under that heading throughout this website. Many of my channeled messages are also in the same vein, offering guidance about how to live and c0-create in the new energy of an ascended earth.


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In recent years my work has taken a turn from focusing on strictly physical and emotional healing in private sessions to a variety of ways I consciously support the soul awakening process for individuals, groups and the planet. My guides asked me to use the name “Humanity Rising,” for this broader aspect of my work, in order to trigger the mass conscious memory of humanity’s collective decision to rise together in a mass ascension. If you have found your way to my website, you are either a light worker or one who is awakening–or ready to awaken–at rapid pace and wondering what is next in your divine plan.

To that end, I invite you to experience the transformative sound frequencies of the Language of Light. Without trying to consciously understand it, simply open your heart and feel, while actively listening in a meditative state – Humanity Rising Series: Language of Light Podcasts. In future episodes you may want to listen to recordings in the background of your day on an MP3 player, or on a loop as you sleep.


NOTE: I have several channeled messages on the subject of ascension and the new world we will create, which I will archive as I am able to port them over from my former website, but the main thing is to focus on LIVING LOVE, letting go of old thoughts and patterns that keep you stuck in old paradigms, forgive yourself and others and live in loving kindness and compassion for all life.

 The 2012 Shift from My Perspective (Post)

Channeled Message from Gaia about Mass Ascension and My Work in The Great Shift


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