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Rise Up…Shine On Divination Deck by Michelle Griffith

Laura Pieratt is an energy intuitive, healer, channel, and light language alchemist.

In this archived edition of The Healing Fountain radio show, hosted by Jeanne Christie and Gary Moore, Laura helps you expand, align, and embody more of your divine TRUTH.

Sound Quality Alert: We had some ongoing feed-back/echo sound conditions that we were not able to resolve before or during the show. Apologies for the annoying sound interference but please know that the healing energy shared is not affected by such technical issues. This just gives us an opportunity to see through the surface “noise” to notice how we often miss the gift when focused on critical thoughts about how something, someone, or even ourself appears, sounds, or feels, instead of seeing the beautiful gift within.


We took 5 callers seeking help for unique concerns. We want to thank each caller for having the courage to stand in and hold a space for healing, not only themselves but for all with similar energies and issues. We used a lot of words but many of the messages came back to: BE HERE NOW, BE WHAT YOU WANT FROM OTHERS, and BE PRESENT WITH WHAT IS.

There is a major recalibration of all humanity occurring and we have to be very present not to judge, project, resist, or fear what we are experiencing. We have the opportunity to learn by witnessing it all from the stillness of our core as we live by our heart’s guidance, staying in flow and watching for the magic of synchronicity.

As we become more aware of our multidimensionality, we won’t be able to analyze and understand everything at mental levels, but will learn to be present, observe, surrender to higher mind and higher heart to lead us.

Our work is to embody our True Selves, know we are One, and LOVE IT ALL. There are many paths but the easiest way I have personally found is to stay awake, centered, peaceful, and curious as both the witness and the Be-er continuing to expand, surrendering my lesser self into my greater self. I am still learning to love it all but I know it comes as I stop separating myself from that which I do not recognize as me and remember to love it too!

The holographic coherence of All That Is and the alchemical power of light language allows each being listening live, and later in the archives, to receive exactly what they need, unique as that may be, because each is part of the whole.

Blessings to all who may pass this way to Embody more of your Truth.

1st caller – Jessica (22 min mark)
Jessica was catalyzed into introspection and the writing of a book on the subject of intimate relationship patterns by a recent relationship. We talked at length offering insights and a light language transmission. 

2nd caller – Jumpie (45 minute mark)
Having lots of change, ups and downs lately with a feeling of changing directions all the time but not going anywhere. 

3rd caller – Natalie (51 minute mark)
Feeling miss-aligned, lost, and like she’s borderline depressed. Feels like she’s back to square one after 15 years on her spiritual path. This is an important one than many people are struggling with now and misunderstanding! Tune in and find the beauty of the Void and the Alchemy of Being.

4th caller – Diana (1:04 mark)
Anyone feeling like a fish out of water, seeking your place and people but not finding them while you continue living in a place and with people with whom you don’t feel any connection? This is what Diana called about. And at the time of the call, her car had broken down in the country with an hour and a half walk to “civilization.” So now she’s way out there with no support and having to walk back to the place she wants to escape from. 

5th caller – Mary Lou (1:09 mark)
Seeking whatever Spirit wanted to share, Mary Lou was seeking validation and wondering “What am I not listening to that I already know.” I tuned in and offered a light language energy shift and embodiment process that she said was just perfect.

Embodying Divine Truth – Healing Meditation (1:17 mark)
Language of Light transmission to transmute what you are still holding onto that is false into DIVINE TRUTH, allowing you to surrender lesser into greater possibilities which will enable you to expand and embody more of your DIVINITY.

We focused on helping dissolve and transmute untruths that still have power over thoughts and choices, emotional reactions and expectations. These are the many thoughts and feelings you have been conditioned to believe that keep you small and fearful, identifying with your limited mind, human body, roles and identities, thoughts and emotions, and stories and histories that keep you in denial of your essential TRUTH.

We have all accepted many imprints since birth, and even before in other incarnations that still express in our cells as emotional memory, ancestral lineage, akashic history, identity, stories, DNA and more.

You don’t need to find each hidden mistruths you may still be unconscious of to let them go! You can instead let the higher non-dual energy of DIVINE TRUTH act as a powerful spiritual solvent and entrainment field to transmute that which is not true, and is no longer serving your greatest purpose, into alignment with and more embodiment of your DIVINE TRUTH.

Let GO and Let God with ease. You are a divine being. This is your birthright! As Spirit, you are always and forever connected to The Source of All That Is. The idea you are not is the greatest lie that perpetuates the experience of separation.

LINK to over 50 hours of archived radio and video shows with Laura Pieratt

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