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Cosmic Christ Consciousness Integration
& Quan Yin Blessing

All you need to do is enter your heart and give permission to receive all the blessings imbedded within these energy meditations/activations. 

After taking a few callers, I lead everyone through a Universal-Self Alignment meditation to integrate and anchor the Cosmic Christ Consciousness in our hearts, and deeper still into the heart of Mother Earth.

And…we got an unexpected bonus in response to Julie Heart, who called in on her birthday! When I channeled a light language birthday blessing for Julie, globalizing the blessing for all listeners, Quan Yin came through with a beautiful liquid light crystalline infusion of divine love! Enjoy and the Love in to fill and fulfill your precious heart! 

For those who don’t know me, I am an energy intuitive, healer, channel, and divine soul alchemist with the gift of speaking, singing, and toning the language of light. After working as a healer for 15 years, I was guided in 2016 to redirect my life out of the activity of healing “work” to simply BE.

It’s been an amazing journey into the void and threshold between 3D and 5D (and beyond). I am still exploring living in the now, following flow and synchronicity in an unscheduled life, simply being without attachment to identity, agenda, purpose, or activity beyond embodying Christ Consciousness as a unified state of being, I AM. I’m calling this experience ‘The Alchemy of Being,” and it continues to be a wondrous, grace filled experience! I hope you will join me and add your BEINGNESS to this expanding collective of divine humans anchoring the Light of Love for the good of All!

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