ARCHIVE LINK – Healing with Laura Pieratt on Healing Fountain Radio – 2/13/17

Use this LINK to listen to the Healing Fountain Radio Show Archive of February 13th for Healing Love. Laura Pieratt shared her gifts as an energy intuitive, healer, channel and light language alchemist with three callers. You can benefit from the discussions and healing energy shared with each of the callers.

The was the day before Valentine’s Day so our focus was naturally on Love.

Laura reminds us that we are love incarnate! When we get caught up in the fear, judgment and divisiveness going on in the collective consciousness we add fuel to the fires of separation and duality. Instead we have the opportunity to live above the fray, being in this world but not of it. 

Our focus with callers was on embodying more love by unifying the separation and healing the fear within ourselves so we can more fully embody our True Self. This way we can create a peaceful space of divine presence that radiates love, divine solutions and inclusive unity to all in this plane. 

Life can feel like a sand castle being eroded by unstoppable forces at this time of deconstruction of the 3D matrix. Hang in there and focus on Love, Peace, Compassion, and Unity. You will be helping to create that for all in the New Earth. 2017Photos©LauraPieratt

Energy follows attention. We create what we focus on. Choosing to focus on Love, Unity, Compassion, Peace, and Abundance no matter what we feel or see going on at this chaotic stage of deconstruction and transmutation of the 3D matrix allows us be Creator’s agents of change, transmuting all that is not of the love/unity vibration into the 5th dimensional New Earth potential. 

Let’s engage the Alchemy of Being Love—creating Love by being Love. This way we will help stabilize this chaotic collective shift into the Golden Age even as we are individually shifting with greater ease, too.


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