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Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!! May you experience the blessing of unconditional love as you gather with friends and family tomorrow. Remember, we are all divine beings at various levels of awakening to that reality. Sometimes the illusion and our masks are so convincing that we forget. It is nonetheless true!

To everyone, wherever you reside on this exquisite planet Earth, I pray you will be blessed by this divinely guided LIGHT LANGUAGE HEALING! I so enjoyed bringing them through as a guest on The GoldRing Healing Fountain Radio Show, (11/21/16) with hosts Jeanne Christie Drinkel and Gary Moore.

You won’t want to miss listening to this show! It was full of powerful light language transmissions! Please use this LINK to listen to the ARCHIVE. 

I AM FREE TO BE ME! We interspersed two important energy transmissions between callers requests for healing. Let’s move from  SURVIVE TO THRIVE with the help of these transformative transmissions!


Due to the earthquake that had hit Japan only fifteen minutes before we went live, we diverted our discussion on synchronicity to take advantage of the prayer potential of the radio audience, expanding our light language prayer to cover the planet and humanity in any area of crisis. Gratefully, the news that flowed in later indicated there was not a lot of damage or injury from the earthquake in Japan. Nonetheless, please add your love and light to this prayer whenever you listen because it was directed at the entire planet and any area of need or crisis. Thank you! We wrapped up with a quick rundown of some physical body system upgrades I’ve been experiencing so you can watch for them coming to you!

I globalize callers issues so you can receive healing right along with them. Light Language is quantum and holographic so your higher self can direct the energy so you receive exactly what you need. In this show we had time for 3 callers…

Caller: Cathy – Her concerns were regarding lack consciousness and the fear of running out of money. While she has a job and money in the bank, old limiting childhood programs keep her in lack consciousness. We focused the light language healing on ABUNDANCE – opening to be who we truly are with the ability to trust in and receive infinite abundance. It’s time to LET GO and DANCE WITH THE UNIVERSE which is expertly guiding us when we are not trying to lead.

Caller: Anna – STRENGTHEN YOUR CONNECTION to YOUR CORE and EARTH’S CORE. This healing was for GOING INTO THE CORE OF YOUR BEING and OPENING TO THE FLOW OF LIFE – breaking down self-doubt and opening the root chakra to CONNECT TO and RECEIVE FROM GAIA’s crystalline core.

Caller: Deanna – A big LOVE BLESSING came through with a beautiful INSPIRING MESSAGE from Spirit! You’ll just have to listen to receive and IN-JOY this!


Since we skipped over the synchronicity discussion, I’ll share three examples of what I have been experiencing recently so you can begin to see what is possible – and that synchronicity is happening lightning fast upon the heels of our thoughts. If you are not yet experiencing this then just pay attention because it is happening now. 

We are at a CHOICE POINT. We need to get really clear now about what we want and what we think and feel because the outer world (collective) is far more rapidly responding to our inner thoughts, feelings, heart’s guidance, and divine template downloads than ever before! We are really starting to live from our core connection to our soul and Source.

The Shift from Doing to Being is a shift from an outer to an inner focus as our the impetus for doing activities that spring from the heart’s joy, love, and reverence for life. This could be a long discussion so I’ll just share some examples below of some of my own recent extreme synchronicity, so you get the idea and start watching for it in your own life.

It’s time to watch for the signs and go inward to discern or understand their meaning when you see them. They may be doorways to connections and opportunities, they may show up as invitations or warnings about what you are creating by your thoughts, they may be playful indications that you really are getting signals from the Universe, they may provide clear guidance or be reflections of potentials, or they may simply validate something you’ve been considering and showing you it is a good idea that will receive support. I am also getting spontaneous visions of potentials so I will recognize it as a guided opportunity when it shows up in my real life. The main thing is to start noticing signs and synchronicity, and invite the Universe to dance with you by following its lead. The thing to remember is that winner vs loser scenarios we are accustomed to are part of the old matrix. Spirit driven activities in the New Earth matrix are always win/win! Look beyond the surface for this truth!

Notice when you are thinking of something you want to change, when you are focused on what seems to be wrong, broken, or needing healing and step into that CHOICE POINT to a focus on what is possible instead, what feels right. SEE it and FEEL it is already done in perfect flow and divine order. Then watch for the signs it is so.

1 – While in the middle of writing an email to show host, Jeanne, about this show’s programming, a friend of mine called to talk about how frustrated she was feeling by family members trying to plan her wedding. She is excited to be joining her finance’s large family, and grateful for their inclusiveness, but feeling the pinch of conformity in order to keep peace and please them because she wants to fit into his family (conformity and belonging) and show her appreciation for all they are doing for them. I asked if she wanted to be my guinea pig for this recoding work of shame, conformity and belonging which would also help me prepare for the show – a win/win. She received a healing and I got a change to see how Spirit would work with this issue – and make a recording I will eventually post as a download in addition to how it was transmitted live in this show. The amazing synchronicity was that she called at the exact right moment for the work I was in the midst of creating and provided the opportunity for me to practice it before the show.


2 – My cat of 12 years suddenly activated a very serious dormant disease (FIV) only 2 days after his annual wellness check in which he got a clean bill of health. It absolutely shocked me that he got so sick only two days after I had asked the vet if she had any clients that might adopt two older cats, something we need to do because we will be taking even longer trips in the near future. I took him back to the vet to discover he had crashing blood platelets and a high white count. He improved slightly after a round of treatments but the vet said he would not able to sustain life more than a few weeks, or months, given his condition. He died within a month. I was devastated and felt responsible for this instant synchronicity by talking about adopting him out in front of him, wondering if he could have really understood us. I had time to talk to him at a soul level about how much we loved him and how much we appreciated the peace he maintained between the three female cats. Eventually I found peace of my own in knowing that no matter the cause of his sudden disease onset, he knew he was deeply loved, and, if he didn’t want to live with another family, at least he got to come into and leave our lives on his own terms. He had originally adopted us by showing up on our porch and refusing to leave only two weeks after another cat had died. Guess he knew we had a vacancy and his job was to fill our hearts and bring peace to the other cats.


3 – The first part of this final synchronous story demonstrates setting aside the mind to following divine guidance without knowing why. The second part holds the magic of synchronicity…

I had caught a cold during my recent trip to California so I wasn’t surprised when my first thought of the morning was to book a hotel instead of staying at the home of a friend who was just diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. They tried to talk me out of it but I was stubbornly fixated on this guidance. My friends referred me to an inexpensive hotel nearby but, when I looked it up to book the hotel, I felt guided instead to a different hotel with a jacuzzi. Still not understanding the real reason I felt so compelled to book the more expensive hotel with a jacuzzi, I decided it must be about the hot steam healing my cold symptoms faster. My mind still tries to make sense of my odd impulses until it understands what is really going on – lol!

I went to bed at 8pm, far too tired to bother with a jacuzzi. I was loosing confidence in my impulse to pay $50 more for this jacuzzi hotel since I expected to leave early in the morning. But I awoke still feeling there was something important about the jacuzzi, so after breakfast I went to check it out. It was enclosed in a tiny building with an iron gate setting it apart from the pool – and there was a ray of sunlight beaming right into the center of the water inviting me to come play! I accepted the invitation and enjoyed being alone to mediate, sing light language songs, and enjoy a fantastic download in the hot water and sunshine. I thought that was all of it!

I finally understood that I needed this time alone in water (water is a great energy conduit!) to receive information about a new potential for a divinely guided project. I had prayed for a way my husband could find an interesting role and feel included in my spiritual work while we travel. I was being shown how we could weave together our love of travel, photography, and both our photojournalism backgrounds that involved doing stories on people – a great way to make more direct contact with people and more deeply immerse in their culture. I was shown to ask people we meet when traveling to share their spiritual wisdom for the world. Of course we would photograph them and the locations, and find some creative way to visually share the interviews. I was shown it as an opportunity to metaphorically wear noise cancelling headphones to shut out all the angry chatter people have been engaging in to discover the unified heart’s wisdom, a global voice and vision, that is being drowned out by all the loud voices of polarized people entrenched in duality, opposition, hate, and anger right now. This unified voice is in the stiller deep wisdom of our hearts and it yearns to be heard.

Now for the magic! Just as this download was finishing, I was startled by two men getting into the jacuzzi. My first response was to be quiet – normal polite elevator behavior. I felt a little embarrassed, too, because I had been alone, singing with my eyes closed and in a strange language with my hands and arms moving all over. I must have looked like a crazy woman! But they looked ethnic and I wanted to try out my new guidance and ask them their wisdom just as spirit had shown me to do when we travel to foreign countries, but I was aware it was rude to assume someone of ethnic origins was not “American.” So I got bold and told them I had been praying when they showed up and that I had received an impression to begin asking people their wisdom to share with the world.

I asked if they would be willing to share their cultural background and wisdom for the world which led to a deep beautiful conversation and heart connection. They were from Peru. Only the older man talked but he shared his wisdom that we must live in peace. He said he knew in his heart this is both necessary and a choice because he had grown up during the Basque revolution in northern Spain and lived through terrible violence. He, his father, and grandfather all fought in the revolution and he became a recognized firearms champion in his country. Then one day he made a choice, walked away from guns and moved to Peru to live a peaceful life. Our meeting was so instantly synchronous that it literally interrupted the insight I was being given from the inner planes. It was and outer world sign, validation,n and reflection to me of the potential I was being shown in my inner world. And the outer world reality was even more powerful and vivid that I had imagined. Yes! I thought, I’ll step into this potential and see what happens without any goal or agenda but to have great fun and fulfillment expressing my natural joyful gifts, rather than accomplishing a mandate to serve. This would just be me being me, weaving my natural interests, passions, talents and skills, my core relationship with my beloved, and our shared nomadic adventurous creative spirits.

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