A Daily Dose of Love – 6-Month Light Language Ascension Series

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Arp 273 Galaxies collide! The titanic gravitational forces rip apart entire galaxies and they fall back together, forming completely different structures. Interacting galaxies provide some of the most interesting and varied visual forms known. Arp 273 is a particularly interesting example of this, with terrific form, a strong feeling of motion and power, yet extraordinarily graceful.


The Divine Human is Emerging!

as you Recalibrate into a New Earth Divine Human

Light Language is The Language of Creation.
It is the Language of your Soul and a direct connection with Source – ALL THAT IS.

~ listen to one track each day for 6 1/2 months for effortless ascension evolution ~

Note about the $33 priceI know you will enjoy evolving with ease through this great series at this low price – only 17¢/track! Spirit asked Laura to spread seeds of love far and wide to create a “Global Tsunami of Love!” The $33 price align with the energy of Christ Consciousness – the vibration of master number 33.

The many testimonials attest to the true value of this powerful transformational series for ascension. It’s real value is clearly far greater than the $33 price which mainly covers the cost of website hosting and keeping it available for download via DropBox. 


Provide time for a 2.11 GB download!
Be sure you download all 192 tracks from 4 separate folders
PLUS the 50 page BONUS Companion Guide and Tracks Sheet!

It was necessary to separate the files to keep each download under the 1 GB maximum file size allowed for a .zip download from Dropbox to your computer. If you have a Dropbox account with over 2.11 GB storage available you can download it directly to your Dropbox account. Otherwise you will need to download it to your computer. Consider Making a playlist in your mp3 player for easy access to immerse in a dose of love each day! Playlists also make it easy to mark your favorites.
BONUS! A PDF Companion Guide is now available to help you work the DDOL series. Tracks that contain messages in English will be in bold so you can find them easily. You can read insights from the channel (Laura) on specific transmissions, comments from other users, and a enjoy a few transcriptions of English messages as you progress through the DDOL journey!

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DDOL is an Immersive Spiritual Sound/Light Frequency Path for Ascension 

A Co-creative Process for Healing and Transformation
to Upshift, Heal, Bless, Clear, Attune and Activate YOU!

A Daily Dose of Love Testimonials

What is Channeling?

What is the Language of Light?

Benefits of Experiencing The Language of Light

Listen to Post #5, in which my guides explain this work (in English)
Messages in the first 2 months are mostly in light language to attune you to the vibrations. Then you will begin hearing more English messages mixed into the series.

Listen to Track #1 (Light Language)



DDOL is a daily series of Language of Light posts for healing and ascension. For 192 days (6 1/2 months!) you will listen to a brief 5-20 minute channeled sound/frequency energy healing transmission for ascension support!

It doesn’t get much better than this! Immersion in a daily sound bath of divine light energies, sacred light codes, spiritual activations, attunements and alignments to raise your vibration for ascension can be life changing. And it is effortless and enjoyable!

With each experience, this series will help you gently and with Grace
• open your heart
• remember who you are as a divine being
• raise your frequency
• expand your consciousness
• release old 3D paradigms, thoughts & belief systems
• connect with your higher self & higher dimensional realms
• enhance your intuition
• experience greater truth and wholeness
• journey though myriad frequencies of love from where you are to Oneness

Recalibration is a necessary part of the ascension process. A Daily Dose of Love is a frequency immersion path that plants seeds of awakening and transformation into human consciousness. You will recalibrate your light body templates in a gentle transformational process, with ease and Grace.

If you value your experience, please spread the word that A Daily Dose of Love is available. Let’s c0-create a huge field of many hearts unified in Oneness!

NOTE: Most people will receive the greatest benefit listening to these sound healing transmissions in sequence, however, your are encouraged to follow your own inner wisdom, going at your own pace and returning to previous posts as you choose or skipping randomly as guided by your intuition.
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Read what DDOL participants are saying…
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“I want to say it again, because my gratitude is so strong – of all the healing and transformational modalities I have experienced, A Daily Dose of Love has been the most effective for me – gently unblocking, clearing, and loving me back into alignment with my true self. Sending you and your team so much love and gratitude, Laura. Thank you.”
~ Michelle Higgins, France

“Wow Laura…these links are so powerful…I can’t believe how they’re shifting so much stuff for me…each time I listen to one I feel it in a different part of my body..or I get an extremely deep sleep..then wake up feeling alive and full of positive energy…but after listening to 10, 11, and 12 last night, I had dream after dream after dream…but all past emotional stuff came up in them…and then I had a fit of coughing so that’s the old energy leaving my body…I can’t believe how powerful and amazing they all are…I’m absolutely loving it…lol still have no idea what you’re saying yet..haha..but thank you so much..smile emoticon just thought I’d let you know how I’m getting on..smile emoticon Blessings… If the first 12 [sessions] have brought out a shift in me and raised my vibration then what will the next 117 do to me?!smile emoticon I’m so excited to find out. This is an amazing course you have offered at an amazing price…I’m absolutely loving every minute of each experience…smile emoticon Bless you Laura and thank you..smile emoticon  ” ~ Liz Moore

“I am in my 115th dosage of Love. My experiences of the I AM Presence has truly changed my life. I am at peace with myself, my heart, with my fellow man, and God. A loving heart is a blessing to all.  ~ Maite”

“I just finished Daily Dose of Love #49. Wow, so powerful! I always love when you sing during your transmissions, as your voice and words always touch my heart. They are like songs of “remembering” for me. I really want to tell you how powerful your vibrational songs are. I can feel them vibrating around my pineal gland. They feel like a tuning fork might feel when applied to a crystal, ready to awaken some deep inner power. I love your work and am so blessed to have found it.
   ~ Love, Rene, Cuenca, Ecuador

What Should I Expect from my DDOL journey?

The entire series lasts 192 days (6 months and 2 weeks). The initial two months is a daily frequency immersion in the Language of Light to attune you to the non-dual frequencies of Creator/Source Light. After that, uplifting messages in English alternate with sequenced waves of pure Light Language sound/light/energy with DNA activating Light Codes, frequency alignments, clearing and healing.

For those who need some English for their mind to stay the journey, the following messages in English can be accessed anytime by skipping ahead. #5, 27, 31, 43, 50, 54, 57, 59, 60, 61, 63, 67-72, 74, 77, 79, 80, 82-92, 94-97, 101-105, 110-113, 115, 117, 118…and many more, but that gives you a start.

Four months into the journey (about #125), things really intensify with Dolphin Activations, 8th chakra opening and Joy Blasts, as we stretch into the higher chakras through higher pitches/frequencies of divine light. A month or so later, when you get to #160+, you will Journey to Paradise and Receive a White-Gold  Alchemical Elixir of the Holy Spirit/Shekinah! WOW! – for me it was an almost overwhelming ecstasy of the Divine Mother’s Love!

The process has moved well beyond the initial seeding of me offering healing to those who wish to participate. As more and more people have joined the journey, it has created a great field of love – a collective cup of people all around the world holding and spreading these higher light ascension frequencies of divine love.

Please JOIN US–the DDOL family/collective–in anchoring more Divine Love and Light for yourself and the planet, as you personally upshift, heal and transform for ascension too! For indeed, WE ARE ONE!



Laura Pieratt 2013photo©GarrettPieratt

Laura Pieratt

I became very excited when Spirit suggested we create this new series of healing transmissions! It is a loving gift from Spirit for a tired humanity!

All you need to do is relax, open your heart, give permission to receive the love, light, healing, activation codes and blessings imbedded in these spiritual energy transmissions, and listen from 5-20 minutes each day! And, of course, SHARE the LOVE!

One of my most powerful and unique channeling gifts for healing and ascension support is my ability to speak, sing, tone, and even sign with my hands, the Language of Light – including dolphin and whale tones!

This new series is more than a daily sound audio! If you listen daily, over time, you will find it to be a healing journey and process for ascension that can uplift, heal, bless, clear, attune and activate you to new potentials within your own DNA/divine blueprint and those of The New Earth which we co-create each moment! We are literally transitioning into a way of attuning and living in the 4th & 5th dimension and beyond!

Listening daily to these spiritual energy transmissions will help you remember the more of who you are, activating dormant spiritual gifts while raising your frequency to hold the higher vibrational Light patterns of non-dual Love and Unity Consciousness necessary for ascension.

Spirit asked me to channel this as a sequential series to provide a building-blocks type energy series of healing, Light Codes, DNA activations and divine Light blessings for a tired humanity in need of restoration. Everyone deserves this Grace! 

We are literally recalibrating The New Earth Human! How cool is that!  Recalibration is necessary part of the ascension process. This frequency immersion path plants seeds of awakening and transformation into human consciousness. I invite you to join me if this resonates with you, and ask you to spread the word that such a gift is being offered, so as many people as possible can receive this ongoing daily dose of the Love of God.

While every Light Language transmission contains blessings, my guides strongly advise that most people will get the greatest benefit by listening to the transmissions in the sequence they are offered, since they are designed to build one upon the other, over time! Remember, each time you listen you are in a different NOW than before, since you have been influenced by the previous transmission! In this immersion process, the Language of Light works like a spiritual solvent. 

As a transformational process, you will discover that what seems similar and repetitious for a while morphs into something different as you progress. For example, there are sections where an emphasis is on balancing the divine masculine and feminine energies (you will hear a lot of alternating Om/Oma). And there is a section focused on alignment of SELF, another section full of OMs is followed by a series focused on anchoring your I AM Presence. As you enter the second month, you will find many hopeful loving messages in English, and so forth. So please stay in the Present and allow this journey to unfold with you and within you. 

Try to make time to listen in a quiet meditative state of open receptivity, at least the first time. It is a co-creation and must be invited and accepted with an open heart for it to be transformational for you.

Thank you for adding your love, light and energy of SELF to the Whole of Life!!

Important Note:
A Daily Dose of Love is designed to offer restoration and healing AND also to activate you in your ascension path, which includes releasing what no longer serves you and facilitating many transformations, as you begin to embody your True Light.

This is a healing and transformational process, so you may periodically notice that listening to these posts triggers various emotions and sensations. Thankfully, Grace is available and we do NOT need to “process” all our old stuff in a challenging way. Time is a 3D construct. Release and healing CAN be instant, if you are not attached to the issues and can accept that healing does not have to take time! Call upon Grace to assist you to heal and transform quickly and with ease.

Tips: Drink lots of fresh water to help clear what your cells are releasing. Step back and observe your responses without attaching to them. Begin to notice your thoughts, choosing positive ones in place of  habitual negative patterns. Meditate if you know how or cultivate a practice of sitting in silence, with no agenda, a few moments throughout the day.  

Send yourself love and be willing to accept or release any feeling, according to your highest good, without placing a judgment on it. Breathe and surrender into the moment, observing yourself and others with detached awareness, without needing to react or change anything until old patterns have had a chance to reveal themselves, express, release or transform. Then use empowered choice to set your vibration and intension where you wish them to be – Love, Peace, Truth, Forgiveness, Compassion, Acceptance, Harmony and other non-dual qualities that support your expansion into greater love and peace, relative to the issue at hand.

Keep listening to A Daily Dose of Love, in sequence–or as you feel guided–taking time to integrate as needed. Subscribe to this post to receive one each day delivered to your email inbox–in sequence from the beginning–so you can download and store them to use at your own pace if daily use is too much for you. Consciously choose Self-Love in every moment and hold the intent that you will transform with ease and Grace. 

And finally, keep your sense of humor about you and Share the Love!

Light Language is a Spiritual Energy Language Used Throughout Creation

NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

The Language of Light works through the divine wisdom of your higher Self, so it is always perfect for you. You will receive exactly what you need in the moment. The rest will remain in your energy field like a savings account for you to draw upon when ready. This gift from Spirit provides a powerful shifting process for ascension that doesn’t require people to work at it. Spirit tells me people are tired and need this spiritual fuel.

To ascend, we need to transcend our 3D duality consciousness to hold a 5th dimensional non-dual Unity Consciousness (Christ Consciousness). We also need to transform our 3D physical bodies into higher frequency crystalline light-bodies.

The Language of Light originates from the higher planes beyond duality, providing the very Divine Light Frequencies, Light Codes and DNA activations we need for ascension. They will help you recalibrate, on all levels, to the intense new energy shifts on the planet, as well as attune to and sustain the higher dimensional energies necessary for ascension. A Daily Dose of Love will help you navigate such massive shifts with more ease and Grace.

My guides explain A Daily Dose of Love, saying…

“It will catalyze change in many who are unable to get started on a path or don’t believe they have the ability to change. Too many people feel lost, uncertain or unable to begin The Shift or keep up with the changes the Earth shift provokes. They are overwhelmed at the idea of starting a spiritual path that involves time and effort, diligence or fortitude, because they already feel overwhelmed by needing these very qualities just to get through the day and are exhausted after a day of efforting. 

“We wish to offer rest, respite and ease. We want to offer something people can look forward to as a pleasure, a gift at the beginning or end of the day. To slip into these sound frequencies the way one might feel comforted by slipping into a warm bath with candles to have a brief personal moment of peace and respite. We offer these as a gift to be received like a care package from Home, reminding you your Family in Spirit is thinking of you every day and sending you love. It is offered in the purity of such a loving gift, to be allowed to take root in the heart and blossom day by day.

What if you came home exhausted at the end of a day of giving and doing, depleted, angry perhaps or just despairing that every day is the same, feeling no real progress toward your own goals or believing your dreams are impossible? We see too much of this hopelessness and despair – doing for survival and to take care of those you love, but not to feed the soul – not generating more love and joy on the planet.

We wish to pour into you the very love and joy, lightness of spirit, comfort and upliftment that you wish you could give those you love, but feel you have no energy left to do so. Would you not welcome a daily packet of THAT and enjoy it like a daily dose of Love? We hope so. We offer it with joy. And we welcome you to suckle at the breast of The Beloved.

This project to infuse more Love Light on Earth is like planting seeds in a field 

In fact, I was shown a  vision last year of a pristine plowed farm field, without a weed or stone in it, ready for planting. I asked what it represented and was directed to look up toward the stars. As I did, I saw brilliant starlight beaming onto earth, implanting Light Codes into the well prepared field. I now understand that the vision was showing me how Light Codes from the heaven, in the Language of Light, would seed the field of human consciousness. And this is my work.

So I ask you to join me in sowing more Divine Light into the fertile fields of human consciousness and The New Earth by sharing this work though social media. And, the beautiful synergy is that, in addition, you will carry these higher light energies of Divine Love in your Light Body (energy fields) and share them as you go about your day. Without you ever saying a word, they will be received by those who need them while you simply stand nearby emitting the Love vibrations you have been integrating. We are always emitting something, so why not emit these daily blessings to those who are not even aware of their availability! You will be helping to awaken the sleepers so they can enjoy this gift of ascension too!

And finally, since we might not collectively realize the harvest of the seeds planted through this project unless people share their experiences, I hope you will share via post comments or email me your experiences directly. And please share with anyone you think would benefit and enjoy too! Spirit tells me we don’t need a crusade, just butterfly fields so each person can nourish themselves upon the nectar of Divine Love and Light.

You may read about the many BENEFITS of listening to the Language of Light throughout this website. And you may also enjoy listening to my other Language of Light PodcastsCDsmessagesYouTube videos and radio interviews

 – Laura Pieratt and anyone associated with this work or this website does not provide any medical advise, make no claims, promises or guarantees and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges.  You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical care.

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