Laura Pieratt – Intuitive Energy Healer and Spiritual Channel gifted in the Sacred Sound Alchemy of Light Language. Explore Laura's Transformative Sessions, Blog, Energy Archives, and Ascension Tools & Coaching.

Laura Pieratt – Intuitive Energy Healer and Spiritual Channel gifted in the Sacred Sound Alchemy of Light Language. Explore Laura’s transformative recordings, blog, energy archives, and ascension tools on this site.


We Are Light Touching Light,

Rapidly Remembering Who We Really Are,
Expanding into our Divinity as New Earth Humans!

Congratulations! If you found this website, you were no doubt guided by your soul! Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Humanity is Awakening! Are you ready to Embrace, Embody, and Express your Soul’s True Light as the divine human you already are?

I invite you to drop out of your mind’s seeking and feel with your heart. Tune into your soul resonance and inner knowing. Then explore this site from that place of trust, expecting to find a treasure here that is perfect for you!

I am a divinely guided intuitive healer and full-body conscious channel of divine love and light from the heart of Source. I transmit healing, quantum light activations, light language, and energetic alignments, attunements, and activations that reconfigure and restore 5D human energy templates for living in love, harmony, peace, unity, and balance – all hallmarks of ascending New Earth Humans.

Contrary to all appearances, we are restoring the Garden of Eden templates on Earth, and humanity is intricately linked in the divine plan for Earth’s ascension into her 5th dimensional expression. Humanity is rising into the higher vibrations of the Golden Age of the New Earth.

I’m an incurable optimist and I absolutely love humanity and our beautiful planet! My soul’s purpose and joy-full passion is awakening, healing, and activating humanity for ascension. This involves a process of continual raising of consciousness through frequency upgrades and the release of old energy patterning and fear-based emotional reactivity. If you’ve found your way to my website, keep exploring! I believe in divine guidance, grace, and synchronicity. If you’ve found your way here, I know you’ll find something to bless you! 

My life and work have become a joy since I learned to live in trust and partnership with a vast team of Christed divine-light beings from many dimensions; Elohim, Angelics, Ascended Masters,  Celestials and Galactic Inter-dimensional beings and collectives, Elements and Inner-Earth Elementals and Immortals assisting Gaia, Dolphin & Whale consciousnesses, my own higher self and I AM presence, and so much more. More continues to be revealed to me all the time as I expand my awareness to embrace more of my multidimensional self and the infinite Universe.

The important thing I want you to realize is that I’m not that different from you. Like many others, my spiritual awakening was inspired by personal trauma, drama, loss, pain, and suffering. I was in a deep hole and I needed to open to avenues that my rigid analytical “prove it to me” mind did not want to go. But pain is a demanding teacher that kept me on task meditating and practicing self-healing for relief – because it really worked!

In the end, I got a lot more than relief! I found myself in an exotic world of new experiences I couldn’t explain and was even afraid to tell people about for fear I would be judged and ridiculed. But once I knew it was possible – and more importantly how, to help people move from the depths of despair to the heights of health, joy and soul fulfillment – I was hooked.

I hope that sharing my own experiences and spiritual gifts will help guide you through this often challenging evolutionary journey in an accelerated fashion, with the ease, joy, wisdom, gifts, and enthusiasm I discovered along the way.

Your Soul essence and divine light team is standing by ready to support your life and higher purpose too! My own vast, wise, ultra-high frequency, loving light team, whom I endearingly call “Team Laura Light,” has evolved over time as I became clearer about myself and my purpose. It took time to develop trust and release countless old patterns and limiting beliefs, self-doubt, mental interference, and the feeling I didn’t deserve such extraordinary gifts and support. Deeply patterned old paradigm conditioning kept me in limiting and painful experiences until I was able to release them day by day, and week by week, to experience a remarkably magical love-based reality manifesting with ease through synchronicity and grace. There is no finish line! I’m still in that clearing, unfolding, healing, and expansion every day. 

As I raised my frequency, my consciousness evolved to hold more love and light. When I learned to sustain a more constant vibration of love, peace, and gratitude my intuitive awareness, healing abilities, and other spiritual gifts increased substantially. Yours will too, as you turn inward for your truth, tapping deeply into the greater potentials of your divine blueprint and akashic inheritance within your multidimensional essence and 12-strand DNA. 

Everything you need is always present within you! Your higher self and light team is ready to be welcomed into partnership with you! Are you ready to connect and partner with your own True Light? Are you ready to hold the energy of the more that you are? Earth is Ready and waiting for all her precious children to join her in a 5th dimensional focus.

You are a powerful divine sovereign being. Reconnecting to that wiser and fuller part of your being is an important first step. Going deeper into your core connection with Sprit is a continuing process of evolution. Your higher self/true light/soul-essence is your personal GPS guiding you on the ideal path for you. 

My guides direct all of my work, including energy sessions, channeled messages, spirit-led projects like my two albums and A Daily Dose of Love!  You will find over 50 hours of free healing and ascension information, tools and resources in my posts and radio/video show archives.

I have spent a great deal of time creating free material that will bless people I will probably never meet. If you are so blessed, please consider keeping energy in flow by…

• sharing my work with others
• freely offering a kindness to someone you feel led to help
• making a donation in the sidebar link to support the free work I provide

It is time we move out of lack consciousness and realize we all have something to give. That something is who we are – infinite eternal love! 

Thank you for visiting my site! In Oneness, Laura

photoWelcome! I’m Laura Pieratt

I’m very glad you’re here, joining people from over 130 countries that have visited my website. There are so many resources here to explore, so dive right in!

Follow these links to learn about ascension, the alchemy of light language, receive healing, light activations, or simply immerse in frequencies of divine love by listening to the many free light language recordings available to raise your frequency, attune to your soul’s true light and activate your DNA and light body so you can hold and anchor more divine love and light. It’s time to evolve and emerge as 5D humans in the New Earth! Be sure to check out the “Free Stuff” page too!

Our guides lead us to exactly what we are ready to experience for our next transformation. If you are still reading and resonating with me, you must be ready to expand back into your divinity, embrace your soul’s true light, remember your mastery, manifest with ease, activate your spiritual gifts and flow with your divine purpose!

 _DSC85113 New-Earth Human Template Activations

“I attended a group process for the rebirth and prosperity codes. It was a magical experience that is hard to put into words. It helped raise me to a new vibration in which thousands of doors presented themselves with thousands of possibilities that are still unfolding daily. My work and my life have been changed forever, as if I was guided on a path to see, feel and experience limitlessness. Thanks Laura for the extraordinary gift of you!”
~ Cathy Goulet, Hay House Author (Cincinnati, OH) February 2015

1) Experience Rebirth Codes of Holy Light
2) A
lign to the Prosperity Grid for Social Consciousness
3) Activate your Light-body, pineal gland, heart chakra and navel chakra to access to your multi-faceted Self


This Website is Like a Butterfly Field for You to Sip the Nectar of Divine Love!


“Joy! Joy!Joy! Hearing the languages of Love once again!”
~ Joyful JuDY

My guides tell me that Spirit doesn’t need a crusade – just butterfly fields for people to gently land and nourish themselves awhile with the nectar of the love of Spirit. Then they will carry that on within themselves and bless others!

I warmly invite you to spend some time mining the many free resources this website offers and enjoy what resonates with you.

50+ HOURS of FREE Life Altering Channeled Quantum Energy Transmissions
A Daily Dose of Love – 6 months of daily light energy transmissions!

Divinely Guided Healing • Divine Alchemy of Light Language
Light Codes • DNA Activations • Energy Alignments & Attunements
Channeling from The Heart of Oneness

YOU ALREADY ARE a DIVINE BEING, LOVE INCARNATE. In earth bodies we have accepted a veil of forgetting in order to learn through the illusion of separation from the Source of All Love and Creation. But we are not actually separate, only the thoughts and beliefs we took on keep us in that illusion. We absolutely can transcend, evolve, dissolve, and transmute our old fears, wounds and thoughts about who we are and what is possible. As a divinely guided channel, I work through Grace as a way to help you do just that!

“Speechless, Mindless, Blessed, in Gratitude”  ~ Sarah Dolbier

My job (Joy of Being!) is helping you heal and expand into the more that you already are. You might call it wiping the mud off the windshield so you can see and remember what you really look like under all that grime of life. It’s time to restore your soul essence and divine blueprint for ascension. A glimpse into your Soul’s True Light can be profoundly life changing! Are you ready to EMERGE into the greater realities of YOU as an eternal divine multi-dimensional being? if so, keep reading or click on a link and start exploring the many healing resources on this site.


Quantum Tools for Ascension!

How can can we accomplish such a big task and consciousness shift quickly? DIVINE QUANTUM TOOLS for ASCENSION! It’s just time for humanity to wake up to who they are and ascend in Oneness with this beautiful planet Earth. So in the infinite wisdom of divine Source, light workers with many gifts are present at this time on Earth to assist with this aspect of the divine plan.

As a chaLaura tight prayer hands highnnel, I easily access divine whole-light energy processes, frequencies, upgrades, light language, light codes, alchemical divine energies, activations, energy processes, wisdom teachings, and information that can help you quickly shift everything, in the Now. All you need is pure intent and an open heart ready to receive love!

Each divinely guided session, whether it involves a healing, activation, attunement, alignment or other process, is transformational, unique, channeled and divinely guided by my guides – ultra-high-frequency light beings from the Heart of Oneness. Each session is like a personal symphony just for you, sacred and full of the profound energies of love, gratitude, compassion and healing.


You will find hundreds of opportunities in this website for vibrational immersion into divine energies that provide healing and transformation. Please explore this website with an open heart, mine it for the many treasures within. I invite you to stay in touch by signing up for All My Blogs.


• RAISE your Consciousness and Frequency
• ENHANCE your Spiritual Gifts
• CLEAR Emotional & Mental Blocks
• RELINQUISH what No Longer Serves You
• ACTIVATE & RECODE DNA/Divine Blueprint
• BUILD your Light-Body
• AWAKEN to your Divine Self & Purpose
• EMBRACE your Authenticity & Soul Purpose
• TRANSCEND Limited Thinking

• LIVE in The Now, OPEN
 to New Possibilities
• EXPERIENCE Unity/Oneness

• LIVE in Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance


Anita Owens' spirit guide, King Solomon, graced us during a healing session on Kachina Point, a Sedona vortex. Notice the energy lines of his crown radiating upward above his head! There are a couple other guides in the space around him too. Look sideways to see the purple guide's face. Photo©TomShoemaker2011

Anita Owens’ spirit guide, King Solomon, graced us during a healing session on Kachina Point, a Sedona vortex. Notice the energy lines of Solomon’s crown radiating upward above his head! There are a couple other guides in the space around him too. Look sideways to see the purple guide’s face. Photo©TomShoemaker2011


More Insight into How Laura Works

I ask you to trust that you are more than you realize. When in channel with my team, we are directly linked into the Heart of Source/Oneness. From our multidimensional linkage, I will help you attune to your Soul’s True Light. We will work multi-dimensionally, guided by your higher self, using quantum alchemical processes, including the Language of Light. As I tune into you I become a surrogate, walking every step with you, even feeling for you what you are unable to feel or remember and sharing what I experience.

We will clear old patterns, drop karma, open to forgive and accept yourself and others so you can move beyond the drain and drag of old energies that no longer serve you in this now. We will install new programs of Holy Light–Light Codes of non-dual love and peace, harmony and gratitude, trust and alignment, compassion and benevolence. Restoring your divine energetic blueprint through alignment with your True Light allows profound life changes, such as ease in manifestation, the ability to receive where it was blocked, activation of your spiritual gifts and guidance, enhanced intuition and receptivity to your divine plan.

As a spiritual channel, intuitive energy healer and Language of Light sound alchemist, I am guided through quantum processes by a team of ultra-high-frequency Beings, Angels and consciousness collectives from the Heart of Oneness. I have facilitated thousands of transformational soul healings  since my own amazing healing in the year 2000. You are so much more than your body and mind. You are an eternal being, divinity incarnate. It’s time to wake up and remember that now! And I’d love to help you!

My job, indeed my joy-path, is to be a clear channel, co-creating with you to clear blocks and old patterns that keep you in limitation. Since all healing is actually self-healing, I work as a connector to your Soul Energy and Source as we bring you into alignment with your True Light as a divine being. I call this form of soul healing, Divinely Guided Healing, because I work fully guided in channel.  My guides prefer to call it True Light Process. By any name, I believe it is pure Grace!

Schedule a Session with Laura

As I tune into your energy, I am able to feel your energy and assist you in releasing, evolving, dissolving or resolving or gaining its wisdom for you as divine-light Beings open doorways to your TRUE LIGHT so you can glimpse, remember, and attune to that which you are as a divine-light being, eternally One with Source. From that greater truth and perspective, the Universe becomes available to you as your true home and unlimited resource. Such a direct alignment with Source allows you to begin sourcing from within, instead of looking outside of yourself seeking love, approval and resources from others. Through these quantum healing shifts and alignments, you become the source of love, light, peace, healing and manifestation for yourself and others! This is a multi-energy-body process addressing healing at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels–and far beyond that into your vast multi-dimensionality!

I pray you will be blessed by something in this website. There are many FREE TOOLS and GIFTS in the archives and most of it is FREE!. Clearing the past and uniting in Oneness with your higher self opens unimaginable new possibilities. My Light team is chiming in to say, “We are here, ready and honored to assist you with Love!” Indeed, we are One, and it is no accident you have found your way to this site. It would be my honor to assist you in your journey back to your TRUE LIGHT! 


It is a beautiful thing when, as you excavate your soul, you discover your authentic Self and live in the joy of fearlessly expressing that which you truly are! Unlike healing modalities based in learned techniques, your channeled True Light Soul Session will be unique to you and your needs, guided by your higher self.

I warmly invite you to explore the many free and fee-based resources in this website. Perhaps you will enjoy putting a toe in the water by listening to some FREE Light Language healing transmissions. Explore away! Book a session, download an album, subscribe for FREE to a six-month frequency healing journey called A Daily Dose of Love, or join me on Facebook. Tune into a radio show or listen to the archives. Enjoy and return often for more!

You may think you are simply human, but in truth you are Divine Love incarnate, a radiant eternal spiritual Light Being taking temporary form to explore the balance of light and dark until you feel enough love and compassion to remember you are Light! Many people are still in a cocoon of forgetting, but if you are here, reading this, YOU HAVE AWAKENED!! Congratulations! Now What?

Well, that’s where I think I can help! As an intuitive healer, channel, writer, light language speaker and spiritual teacher, I have a passion for helping people heal and transform their consciousness to live authentic lives of immense love, joy, peace and radiant purpose. My service to life is inspired by my own health crisis which led to a heart-felt passion to help others return to wholeness by remembering, restoring and enhancing their connection to their divine nature and all that can occur with that realization.


I was asked by Spirit to create this website and call it “HUMANITY RISING” to trigger and support spiritual awakening and vibrational shifts in the hearts of people who would find it. If you’ve found your way here (no doubt you’ve been guided) YOU ARE ONE! There must be something here just prefect for you. So, let’s co-create something wonderful!!

“That healing experience dramatically and energetically changed me emotionally and physically. Within 48 hours, it became very apparent that a major reprint on my energetic field was taking place. What was once carried within my body as an emotional and energetic dead zone from a traumatic incident in my teenage years became awakened and alive with a burst of joyous and electric emotions and physical responses. I truly believe Laura is here to help us become as we are meant to be….awakened, alive with the God energy and connected to the light as One.  I would highly recommend connecting with her for any level of help in your life.”  ~ Namaste, Susan Z Rich, (Bonnie Albers on Air host)

My website, Humanity Rising, and all my healing services, including Light Language, assist you to rise quickly and effortlessly into your TRUE LIGHT vibration–your Soul Essence that is Divine Love. The wonderful bonus is that as you raise your frequency to that of Divine Love/Unity/Christ Consciousness, not only does your own life improve radically, but you help the entire planet and all others do the same! Spiritual solutions are always such a WIN/WIN!



Language of Light Albums

Language of Light Albums

Energy transmissions in The Language of Light “provide dynamic restructuring and realignment of your Light Body according to non-dualistic Higher Truth and Divine Light Programs, essentially attuning you to your own soul vibration.”

“There is glory and Light vibrating in every cell of your body just waiting to be invited to express its divinity in the Oneness, unifying you with your Soul in full remembering.”  ~ messages from my guides about Light Language

Click the play button below to LISTEN to RELEASE & ALLOW
– a track from My Language of Light Album


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My passion is inspired by my own healing journey which included a direct realization, indeed amazement, of the power of spiritual energy healing in which I repeatedly witnessed one healing miracle after another, as relatively common events. Since healing myself of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue in 2001, I have been passionate about helping others experience such healing miracles too! After four years of pain and struggle to get through the day, the doctor’s shocking and completely disempowering diagnosis followed by the words “no cure” set me off in a whole new direction with a profound resolve to get my life back. As we all know, when one door closes another opens! And that is when Spirit stepped in to show me the way!


My journey gratefully led me to excavate my Soul in addition to my health. I am now the deeply spiritual, loving, authentic, compassionate, healthy person I never dreamed existed within me. From my current state of vibrant health, wellbeing and abundance, I am able to live my dream and soul purpose of helping others awaken, heal and transform, sharing the spiritual wisdom and healing gifts I discovered and developed along my own journey. I know from experience it is possible for you to transform in such profound ways too! And I have spent the last decade and a half discovering how to assist you! My Story…

Poem by Cezarina Trone, Dec. 13, 2013, in gratitude for a healing
Laura’s interview with Cezarina on BlogTalk Radio’s Quantum Creativity

swiftnaturecoverWith such purity of heart,
You keep my MAGIC alive…

Dear Alchemist of Light,
I watch your hands sweeping the dust off all the hidden places…

I hear the singing of the Cosmic Spheres in your sweet voice and I smile again and again…

You gift me unexpected wonders and so I honor The RADIANCE of life itself Spiraling from your eyes Into every corner of the Universe!

This site is full of FREE MATERIAL to ASSIST YOU to return to your DIVINE SELF! 
More about True Light Process

In all of my HEALING SESSIONS, ALBUMS, POSTS and RADIO PROGRAMS you will receive profound Source-Light healing energy frequencies and activations that shift, clear, unblock, realign, harmonize, activate, encode and evolve your energy patterns and consciousness. And because the work is guided by God/Source/Holy Spirit/Divine Love and your Higher Self, it is always safe and perfect for you.

I have made healing and ascension sessions available in various forms and prices, from paid private sessionsand custom recordings to FREE posts and radio programs, including a FREE 6-month journey for healing and transformation, so no one is ever denied this powerful healing process.


As an intuitive healer, I am guided by your higher-self as I directly channel a vast spiritual team of highly evolved loving angels, archangels, guides and healing masters who work through God/Source/Holy Spirit to provide your healing. This form of divinely guided healing is deeply transformational multi-dimensional Soul Healing, well beyond what our minds can comprehend or access without such divine guidance and intervention. 

Everything in the Universe is Energy! Every particle of Creation is part of The Oneness. It is time to come to know yourself as Spirit in form. You are literally Divine Love incarnate–even if your awareness of that Truth has been veiled and distorted in this 3-D plane of duality through a false sense of separation. It is time to restore Wholeness to this plane of live, to live as the divine humans we were originally meant to be.


Did you know that many physical illnesses, pain and chronic conditions are held in place by emotions and belief patterns? As each of us heals, we clear such energy blocks so we can create our experiences from greater love and wholeness. The challenge is where to begin! We are often not even aware of what thoughts, feelings, emotions and patterns are keeping us stuck. Past life and karmic influences can muddy the waters even further. That is why I love this channeled healing process!

In my healing system, True Light Process, we partner with Spirit, working directly with pure energy patterns and frequencies and the Divine Alchemy of The Language of Lightin a way that transcends our attachment to old stories, wounds, identities, duality and the mind’s resistance, so we can change distorted energy patterns at their point of origin to reflect the real Truth of your Being–Divine LOVE.

This is a remarkably fast transformative process for consciousness evolution in which we eliminate dense limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions to reveal the greater light, truth and potential of your soul essence. For those serious about healing and transformation, I have discounted the fee for 3-session packages to make it more affordable to work through entrenched issues. Remember, we are excavating the Soul, which involves peeling away layers like peeling an onion, but in my experience, one or more significant layers typically clears in one to three sessions.


Reconnect to Your Soul’s True Light, Path and Purpose!
Everything You Need is Within You. Let’s Reveal and Activate it Now!




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Your higher self knows your specific life plan and purpose, what you need to experience and what you are ready to release and heal. As we are guided by Spirit, healing can unfold in the highest and best way for you, according to divine plan in ways we can’t even begin to realize or access from our limited perspective. This is the beauty and Grace of such divinely guided healing.

As we awaken to Divine Love and Unity Consciousness, we begin to recognize our connection to Planet Earth and the many kingdoms of life, as part of The Oneness. As we come to trust the divine plan, we align with the coherent intelligence of the God/Source energy running through us, which we call intuition, inner wisdom, or divine guidance. Aligned with that inspired wisdom, unity consciousness and trust, we naturally create and live empowered, loving, meaningful, balanced, harmonious lives in which we joyfully express our authentic selves and unique gifts without fear of judgment, ridicule, lack and other limiting concerns. As more of us begin to thrive in mass, living our Truth with love, humility, authenticity and integrity, we uplift the entire human collective, serving the ALL by expressing our True Light here and now, ultimately and collectively creating Heaven on Earth!

2013Photo©Ed Pieratt

Ascension Inspired ~ 2013Photo©Ed Pieratt

My guides chose the name Humanity Rising for my website and work, telling me that those words are triggers for humans to remember we are here to upshift our consciousness into Oneness, rising together to Ascend into the 5th dimension and beyond as a unified collective with Planet Earth. I am so blessed and honored to serve in this way as we usher in The New Earth Golden Age of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness.

Ascension is a Team Sport! Let’s partner in your healing journey. As we take responsibility for what we are creating, we improve our lives in extraordinary ways while consciously uplifting the Whole of Life!

Thank you for adding your love and light to the collective of a Humanity Rising! Please take advantage of all the great information and FREE STUFF using the links throughout this website and the search bar at the top right of each page. I am blessed and honored to share in your journey. 

Whatever path you choose, may Infinite Blessings and Divine Love light your way!  ~ 
In Oneness, Laura Pieratt



Laura tight prayer hands high • DIVINELY  GUIDED HEALING – As a channel, I connect with your energy. Your Higher Self directs me, as my Higher Self and spiritual team–a vast multitude of angels, archangels, guides, ascended masters, and a host of group consciousness collectives of high vibrational Light Beings, orchestrate the work through me. To get a sense of what this feels like, listen to one of my “A Daily Dose of Love” light language posts. Of course, that will only give you a glimpse of one aspect of my healing work, a single tool in my toolbox–the Language of Light. 


It is a true blessing to work this divinely guided way, because rather than following a technique or modality, our dedicated spiritual teams work in unity. They understand exactly what you need to heal, shift, clear, activate and recode far better than either of our minds could possibly perceive. They do the work through me, by your agreement, performing divine alchemy that is so remarkably intelligent and transformative that I consider it pure Grace! 

• I may SURROGATE for you, giving repressed emotions a doorway to express and clear.
• I may NEGOTIATE with your personality aspects, visit past lives or your pre-birth plan.
• We may EXPLORE the Akashic Records for information, wisdom, gifts, healing and insight.
• We may REINTEGRATE soul fragments, clear old wounds, forgive or dissolve old karma.
• We may ACTIVATE the Paradise Codes (Paradise lies within!) and other Key Codes in your DNA.
• We may ENHANCE greater Love, Trust and Intuitive gifts or activate/align your Life Purpose
• We may AWAKEN, align and activate Remembering of your Spiritual Gifts and Divine Purpose.
• We will ENGAGE and TRANSFORM at levels and dimensions well beyond our awareness!

• DIVINE  ALCHEMY of THE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT engages higher dimensional energies (information, sounds, colors and frequencies) from God/Source/Creator to clear, activate, heal and recode your DNA, light body and divine blueprint for this Now in the Golden Age of The New Earth. Light Language is a wonderful tool for ascension with the added benefit of bypassing the mind’s resistance, enabling accelerated transformation while triggering even greater awakening and remembrance of your unique  soul vibration and Oneness. Uniting the seeming polarities of the personality self and the Divine Self in Unity is a huge step in ascending into a state of Oneness. Such an enhanced Soul connection combined with increased intuition will support your continued Soul journey, according to your divine purpose for this lifetime.

• YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU NEED – Most people schedule a session because of a specific concern and we certainly work with that. But most issues involve some link to past lives, karma, trauma or other limiting beliefs or repeating emotional patterns that you can’t possibly know at a conscious level. No problem! I work directly with energy – across time and dimensions! You do not need to know “what is wrong,” where it comes from or have a story to explain anything. Since I channel your healing, we can even ask your Higher Self to direct the healing that is perfect for you! Just bring an open mind and a sincere desire to improve your life and to live from love, unity and benevolence as you move into manifesting your highest potential from the realms of infinite potential.

Language of Light Albums

Light Language Albums

My website is full of powerful tools to support your transformational journey including…

 • Private Sessions with a discount on multiple sessions
 • A Daily Dose of Love, a free daily immersion healing subscription journey
 • Blogs – Free Light Language transmissions & channeled messages 
 • Light Language Albums (download at
 • Free Healing! I’m a guest on various online radio shows. Visit Archive!


True Light Process and the Language of Light heal and attune you to your Soul’s True Light.

We are moving into frequencies that no longer support duality in its extreme conditions of separation. Everyone is experiencing intense shifts at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It’s time to stop struggling and partner with the unprecedented opportunities and new potentials for empowered change now available through healing and Grace. Please enjoy the following beautiful message from my guides and let it sink deeply into your core of remembering, filling you once again with the love and hope you had when you volunteered to incarnate. ~ Infinite Blessings, Laura

“There is a song of Grace upon the waves of time. We are progressing into an era of recovery, regeneration and joyful participation in life, with enhanced understanding of conscious evolution.

We are aligning with the perfection of the Divine Mother, the Divine Father, the divine whole.  Father, Son and Holy Ghost merge, combine and redefine their polaristic experience into a refined perfect balance of self-sustaining love and devotion. Devotion to self, devotion to others, devotion to life in all forms of creation.

We are translating eternity into waves of unfolding Light, into new structures of Living Light potential for future evolution. We are One. We are evolving into a unity of conscious creators, interpreting divine plan and perfection into new ways of creative expression. The new is the open frontier, always present for reinterpretation.

I am, that I am, that I am, that I am, Complete Love”



I channel highly evolved loving Beings from many dimensions in my posts, healing system, “True Light Process, and New Earth Activation Sessions. The Language of Light is a powerful component of my healing work, recordings, posts, group events and experiential custom classes.

I serve as a catalyst, accelerating potentials already within your DNA and Akashic history/memory that lay dormant, distorted, blocked or unrecognized. These processes facilitate an expedient transition to more coherent and harmonious frequencies and Higher Light for your spiritual evolution, enabling an elegant shift with ease and grace.

These times of intense and rapid shift require us to be able to let go of the old and change quickly. You will eventually get there but it can really help to have someone skilled at energy shifts and activations to help you get out from under the rubble so you can embrace and express your joyful heart-fulfilling True Light and divine purpose. We are here to ascend and help planet Earth birth her 5D New Earth expression too! What an awesome time and place to be alive!

WE CAN THRIVE NOW! Let’s emerge together, boldly, with joy and empowerment, into our fullest expression of divine beings. We are ready to be aware of ourselves as multidimensional beings of love/light. We can activate our light bodies and hold and anchor into the Earth the True Light energies and New Earth templates of Unity, Oneness, Reverence for Life, Peace, Compassion, Prosperity and Abundance for all, in alignment with Divine Plan for restoring Heaven to Earth! If this excites you as it does me, let’s connect and create magic! 


All of my services provide powerful healing and consciousness evolution by clearing deep blocks so you can heal, release or evolve personality aspects, incomplete lesson plans, karma, trauma and duality programs. As your blocks clear, we bring in healing, harmonization, attunements, Light Frequency Alignments, Divine Light Blessings, DNA Activations, Light Codes, Divine Blueprint Encodements and more. You are thereby able to integrate, enhance and  accelerate your spiritual evolution, also known as ascension. Through this process of dynamic light vibrational healing and sacred sound alchemy, which I have named True Light Process, you are able to re-member, re-align with, re-connect to, and embody your divine soul essence, what I like to refer to as your “True Light.” What a blessed journey it is when you are able to see it in this Light!

This is an ideal, safe, effective and sacred accelerated path for the rapid transitions required at this time of global evolutionary spiritual shifts.

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