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Laura Pieratt is an evolutionary catalyst using Divine Alchemy and Light Language for rapid spiritual evolution. Engage Spiritual Alchemy to effortlessly shift consciousness back to BEING your Original Divine Light

Divine Alchemy for
Rapid Spiritual Evolution

Energetic Support for the
Emerging New Earth Human

You Are Love Incarnate!
We are all Divine Light Beings

Rapidly Remembering Who We Really Are,
Embracing our Divinity as 5D New Earth Humans!

Welcome Tribe! We are One Family of Light! Humanity is changing very quickly now and it can be difficult to find stability outside of yourself. That is a perfect time to turn within to access the stable core of your True Self residing in your sacred heart where you know you are One with Source. You were no doubt guided here by your higher-self/soul because you are ready to experience more of the divine human you know you are deep in your core!

I’m glad you’re here joining people from over 160 countries that have visited this website because our hearts are calling us together as New Earth tribe. I hope you will enjoy exploring the many free uplifting posts in my archives, including powerfully transformative light language audios and videos. Find a moment of rest and refuge, effortless transformation by divine alchemy and Grace. Come back often to immerse in a few moments of Heaven on Earth, with the energies of Divine Love, Light and inspiration shared by my high-vibe spirit team to uplift and assist humanity in ascending into the New Earth’s Golden Age. Most of the materials in the site are free so consider visiting every day to keep or reset your consciousness to the frequency of Divine Love. As you focus on love and immerse yourself often in its pure vibrations, it will become your new normal, and hence the foundation of all your creations.

The Material in this Website Supports…

• Spiritually Awakening
• Accelerate your Ascension Journey
• Clear, Release & Unify Fragmented Aspects
• Activate Deeper Spiritual Knowing and Potential
• Activate DNA, Light Body & Spiritual Gifts
• Embody your Higher Self to Live as 5D New Earth human
• Connect to Source-Core within/ Live from Oneness
• Consciously Express and Contribute your Unique Spiritual Essence to Life 
• Co-Create New Earth from your Galactic-Universal-Source Awareness

What’s up on Planet Earth and Why Am I So Tired?

We are collectively feeling a quickening, a pressure to wake up and be part of the changing consciousness. We know in our heart it is time to step into our part of co-creating the 5D New Earth reality. Why, you might wonder, can’t you just go on with things as they are? Because we really are not separate as we often feel or imagine. Spirit animates all life. And the veil between the spirit and physical worlds has thinned so much that you can no longer deny the vibrations of Love and Home pushing on your consciousness to let go of all that is not of divine Truth and Love. All humanity is being affected by the entrainment effects of higher cosmic light flooding the planet and pushing to the surface all that is not in alignment with Love, Peace, Integrity, Truth, Unity, Compassion, Abundance for all, and other aspects of the Divine Light Matrix. Those who are sensitive are intuitively feeling the New Earth’s higher frequency potentials calling our hearts to bring them into being. Your soul is prompting you to awake to your part in co-creating the next golden age! Some of us are architects and some are builders of the New Earth. But all have a role to play in the new creation unfolding.

Ready or not, you affect and are being affected by it all because you really are One with All. So why are you tired? Here’s at least part of the answer…Timelines are collapsing. Karma is completing (for those who will not just let it go by Grace). We are doing lots of 4D clearing of mental and emotional fragments and patterning. Souls are unifying. Everything not in alignment is being forced to the surface to be seen and let go (or experienced again with awareness). The veil is thinning. We are becoming aware of our multidimensional nature and galactic lifetimes, guides, angels, and fragmented aspects. We are experiencing loss of sleep, odd body pains, memory loss, and spacing out. Our bodies are working hard to transmute density, build and upgrade our crystalline light bodies as quantum DNA activates, and to integrate the higher light encodements and frequencies flooding the planet from On-High to facilitate humanity and Earth’s ascension. All things are being prepared for the Divine Plan’s next act! 

Why Does it Feel Like a Roller Coaster I Can’t Get Off?

Dimensions can be defined by their frequency. The New Earth is a love/unity/peace frequency creation matrix and we can now feel it’s presence interpenetrating the lower frequency 3D world we are more accustomed to. As we do, we begin remembering exciting new potentials that are available, as we expand into 5D and even onto higher dimensional frequencies in our dream states, meditations, and with each high vibrational thought.

But then it seems we inevitably crash  back down into limited experience with each fearful thought, judgment, and moment of self-doubt. While this up and down roller coaster ride may be exhausting, it nonetheless serves to acclimate us to the New Earth reality we came here to gradually create, replacing this one, by focusing our awareness on it. We are feeling the vibrations of love, unity, peace, and abundance calling us Home. And we are learning to choose them consciously in order to sustain our presence in them for longer periods with each visit. The next reality is so close now that we can’t ignore its presence or its influence to stay asleep any longer.

Change may seem scary, but it’s actually a relief to release attachment to who you think you are (limited identity), what you think defines you (external validation, achievement and materialism), what you think you know (cup is full, stagnation, routine), and release resistance to the unknown (desire to maintain control as false sense of safety) that exhausts us daily.

How Can This Website Help Me?

What we really desire is to let go and fall into the loving vibrations of our spiritual essence that is One with Source within. This website is full of material that let you do just that!

Dive in and explore many opportunities to experience divine alchemy through light language, channeled messages, spiritual insights and radio interviews that supporting an accelerated path of healing and transformation with ease and Grace, so needed at this time. Most of the materials are free to enjoy, download, and share.

If you like light language and want to engage a powerful alchemical transformational series, I recommend “A Daily Dose of Love.”  Download 192 audio tracks and 50-page PDF companion guide for over 6 months of daily frequency entrainment providing effortless transformation! The cost is only $33 because it is my gift to life. I hope it blesses you! Testimonials

It’s all here to help you access, excavate, embody, and express your True Light.  It’s time to let go of resistance, to choose to embrace change with excitement, to feel empowered by your new sense of unified Self, to experience the joy and freedom of authentic expression, to allow your unique creative brilliance to shine and be seen in the world that you are helping to create through your conscious awareness and enlightened choices.

By immersing often in these feeling states as frequencies of Divine Light, you will eventually get so comfortable with them as your new normal that it will be easy to notice when you drop out of that high-vibe state. That awareness becomes your true empowerment to choose to pop back into vibrations of Love intentionally.

Simply find a post you feel drawn to, then relax and receive as transformation and transmutation occurs at soul levels, without you needing to understand, do, or know anything. Just open your heart and give permission to receive by Divine Grace what is already yours!  I hope this site becomes a sanctuary you return to often to rest and transform in a sacred space to experience the light of pure consciousness. Each visit activates more of that in your own body, mind and spirit until you are a walking radiant sun transforming all around you by your stable light and divine presence!


Okay, I See You Have Great ARCHIVES, but WHAT’S NEW?
How Can I Participate Directly?

I Want to Co-Create with You In Groups!

Awesome! Me Too! In the short-term, please sign up to my email list in the sidebar.

And please contact me f you are have or are creating a group you would like to invite me to be part of by Creating Space and Presence for the magic and miracles of Divine Alchemy. I love to travel, and can also join online groups, so don’t let that limit the possibilities. For me, it’s now about stepping into new opportunities and applications for what I call the ALCHEMY of BEING as we bring Tribe together to birth the New! My favorite new question: “What else is possible now?”

After 15 years of facilitating healing in private sessions, I was guided to walk away from all I knew. I’m just emerging from a 2-year hiatus away from sessions, posting, and actually from doing “work” at all! I was guided at the beginning of 2016 to let go of all doing and time-based scheduled activities as well as my identities built around roles and mission. I was told I was transitioning from “doing mission” to “being transmission.” My guides asked me to just stay in flow with life, watching for signs and synchronicity as I explored what they called the “Alchemy of Being.” It’s been an incredible journey into the void of non-doing, non-wanting, and very little time-based focus as I dwelled in a space of awareness of the divine perfection in all things. My husband and I travelled extensively during that time, which provided a wonderful backdrop for staying in flow and engaging synchronicity with very little planning, control or agenda.

With the February 2018 Lunar Eclipse, I feel myself coming out of this long cave space of hibernation, ready to slowly turn my awareness and presence back into the world of form. I am still getting clarity of my new role (if you can call Being a role) but I am told it will involve more global travels and groups! Yay! Sounds like my kind of fun and engagement!

Meanwhile, between the gaps of life activities and anticipated travel, I’ve begun writing down my insights and experiences again so those may be posted even before the next website emerges. I think it would be fun to share again, and hopefully interesting and helpful for those of you going through similar territory. 

GROUPS will BE HAPPENING…at some point
Together we are changing consciousness and co-creating the New Earth!

tIn addition to the spiritual sound alchemy of light language, I intuitively “know” how to work in the gaps where spirit and matter meet. You may know it as the void, or zero-point but it is the 99% of space where the Divine Matrix is multidimensionally woven into this time-space matrix and can be accessed for divine alchemy to take place. My 2-year foray into the void was to become more comfortable with it and conscious of it as my Home space. It turns out that is why I have moved 20 times and traveled so much of my life. Evidently, in addition to interacting with energy bits here and there in my travels, my presence pokes holes in the 3D matrix wherever I go, breaking down the matrix of conditioning so there are more “gaps” or space for galactic codings and the New Earth matrix to come in and become visible.

All this operates from aspects of my Being, well beyond any actual awareness of “doing” anything in particular on my part, as Source/divine intelligence really does the doing! To better understand this role, I asked Spirit to give me a visual metaphor for what I am doing. I was shown that I’m like the Christmas tree, providing a background for all you beautiful lights to be seen, and all your shiny intricate ornaments, your dreams, teachings, and creations, to have a space to flourish in the new matrix. You see, we each incarnated this time with spiritual gifts that will activate and emerge to assist in the shift of ages. 

My JOB (Joy of Being) is to create a space and facilitate divine alchemy. As as we gather to co-create, multiple things can occur, much of which is beyond our consciousness at this time, so I feel its best not to limit what is possible by too much identification. Nonetheless, here are some things that are most likely…Transformation, new awareness, disbelief, suspension of belief, or a release from conditioning and belief, things may flood in, people may be able to access more of who they are, or see what is beyond what they already know or believe. Light codes can activate something or something new can be birthed, other’s dreams and knowings as multiple seedings can planted in the rich soil of pure consciousness. Healing may be experienced, etheric fields supporting your physical body, nervous system, endocrine system, DNA, light body and/or integration of the higher light influxes you’ve been receiving may be grounded into more functional ways of being in this world, but not of it. In any case, we will be operating in the gaps between things, where spirit and matter meet, for this is where new creation can be transformed, transmuted or birthed anew.

Our New Space of Being

The truth is, we are moving beyond personal identity into collective awareness where we know we are One with All That Is. After we complete our 3D karma, and 4D shadow work based on duality perceptions, mirrors, projections, and triggers, we are ready to have sustainable 5D love/unity experiences. At this point we allow our personal identity to expand from singular to collective, letting go our attachment to who we think we are (full cup – always will be limited) and what we think we know (empty cup – able to discover more, what we don’t yet know –  asking what else is possible now?). In this way we can open to more possibilities for new experience, open playfulness, the spirit of discovery, exploration and adventure, and creative expression without concern for talent or self-judgment. We not only allow ourselves to be guided by a greater force than our mental minds can yet understand or consciously direct. The best part is that the ego’s fears are no longer driving us to resist and avoid circumstances so the adventure becomes much more fun and interesting. We stop fearing and resisting the unknown and actually enjoy it, feeling curiosity, excitement, and even relief because we dwell in a place of stable peace and trust that we are not alone. We trust that Source within will actually support and guide us better than we could do “on our own.”

When we surrender to the Source within to guide us, we can stay in the flow of life, being with what is without a story to define it, us, or why it is happening to us. We can move beyond the triggers and shadow work of the 3D and 4D reflective realities into a 5D guided-by-knowing creative matrix experience. We are then empowered to change with life’s flow because we know we are One with Life and trust that all things that occur have purpose. We take responsibility for creating our reality individually and collectively, trusting that when we remain aligned with The One, opportunity and synchronicity will rise to meet us. In this way, we accept that we are each here with something to contribute to the New Earth creation and it will be created through us, by BEING one with our divine spirit which has the broad view of the Divine Plan that we lack while in physicality. 

When we release personal identity, we can understand ourselves as pure consciousness and our bodies as representatives of the human collective and planet Earth. In that way we can use our creative potential and free-will to align with Source, desiring and creating only that which is good for all. We can stop questioning our every thought and motivation, as well as the exhausting process of discerning if this is for us – or not. When we know we are One with and always connected to Cosmic Mind, decisions can be made more from resonance than reason in a binary sort of YES/NO knowing. One can of course delve deeper in inquiry for details or a broader understanding but the initial impulse to “do” or “not to engage” feels comfortable as one’s truth. This allows the old anxiety to fall away that was born of self-doubt…Am I choosing right? Am I missing something important? Do I know enough? Am I enough? Can I do this? Will I fail? None of that really matters anymore because you are simply moving into the next experieice – or not. You see, it isn’t about the outcome anymore. In this new space it is about the experieice, the expression, the creation, the potential, cooperation, and co-creation. It’s more like the innocence of children playing just to have an experieice for the discovery of what that is like, with no pretense, agenda or need to it to turn out a certain way. So our projects/creations/engagements will be like play and flow from our innocent, benevolent, love-centered heart, just for the fun of it! It’s no longer about pleasing or appeasing the ego here.

In this space we have the power to use our unique capacity, free-will choice, and spiritual gifts to actually change the collective reality, which we once thought separate, overwhelming, and well beyond our scope of any real impact. The exciting thing is that from our unified/Oneness/Source within, we can receive guidance that directs our desires, actions, and creations from a deeper Source-mind knowing that is aligned with all – the Anima Mundi, or vital life force of Creation itself. It’s only our belief in and therefore perception of separation that causes us to experience separation at all, and the fear that naturally arises from that insecure feeling-state!

Spirit first lead me to this new space of BEING with the question…”Will you drop deeply enough into humility to experieice being extraordinary?” I honestly didn’t even know what that meant at the time but it felt like such an important communication offered with such love and tenderness that I immediately committed, saying YES! As I continued following my guidance, I began to understand the meaning. You see, it takes a lot of humility to move through the world without an identity to validate your existence. We tend to love ourselves based on our sense of perceived value; what do we contribute of value in the world, our achievements, material belongings and status, what we know, who we know, where are we relative to accomplishing our goals and dreams. These and more are ways we grade ourselves, comparing ourselves to others. It is actually exhausting because even if we are proud of what we have done in the past we never feel complete, at peace, like we are enough – it is all so limiting too because we deny ourselves experience that might be joyful and fulfilling to us but don’t seem of much value to others. Our identity also serves as our reference point to help us find our place in the world of form.

Conversely, in the word of Spirit, you know you are eternally whole, complete and perfect. Love, Peace, Joy, Unity, Compassion, Abundance, and other divine qualities are stable ever-present unconditional aspects of your Being, simply part of your totality. You would never think to question them or think you need to earn the right to deserve to thrive in any existence. You wouldn’t question your thoughts as worthy or doubt your right to create the reality you wish to experience. It will take time for us to acclimate to that fullest level of Oneness realization, but even transitioning into this perspective is when life gets very stable and balanced. It is a remarkable freedom to chose without concern about the response, judgment, or conditional valuation of others. This is true freedom to BE who you are and to love and allow others to BE who they are, knowing everyone is a point of consciousness expressing part of the totality of infinite possibility.

It took the better part of 2 years, being largely unplugged from the 3D matrix, consciously following guidance to let go of what was, trusting spirit and life to lead me to this next space even though I had no idea what awaited me there. I was largely focused inward with few reference pointes. Rather than meditating for information in advance, I learned to stay connected to my spirit, asking for guidance or understanding about whatever I was feeling or experienceing in the moment. I learned to BE in this world but not of it.

It was not all fun and freedom, however, for the void is a place one can get lost. I felt disconnected and unconcerned about what was happening in the world around me. I thought I had lost my compassion, passion and desire to help others at all. I felt so centered, deeply peaceful, in complete gratitude and perfectly complete and happy with whatever was here now. I became fascinated by the many magical synchronicities that brought moments right to me wherever I was, allowing me to be present for random people without any effort, planning or agenda. They would tell me what a difference my presence had made or email me later saying magic an miracles had happened in their life since we met. I was always stunned because I hadn’t “done” anything  but sit or stand a moment and be attentive, fully present for 5-mintuess to an hour – no more. In the meantime, I was also getting a ton of information and metaphoric insights from my guides but, as part of my choice to let go and do nothing, I didn’t even try to capture or record them to share or post. I just let go of everything except what was right here now and enjoyed every moment of life with my husband, traveling with a flexible flow, and being ingratitude for life as it is. WOW!

During the entire 2 years, I was grounding in the understanding of my value as simply existing, the totality of my Being was enough. Of course this is true for us all, but it was not easy for me to accept the truth and KNOW I AM ONE because I had old programs still clearing from my cellular matrix. Feelings of unworthiness were a major block to transmute. It’s a BIG shift from the thought of Oneness, which has resonated with me as true for a long time, to actually knowing/feeling it as a cellular Truth. I invite you to play around with the Truth of it. Sort of immerse in the feeling of it until it becomes true. Maybe you’ll quantum jump and get to embodiment faster than I did! But it mattes not because it is not a race and there is no where to go. We are here now, already whole and complete. It’s just a matter of trusting and knowing that is true so one can experience it.

BEYOND HERE, you move into my older writings…not yet updated since my emergence after a 2-year hiatus, but there until the new website is ready to launch. It’s still useful for accessing understanding about the great free transformative materials I created before my break from doing to being. Everything in my archives remains valid and powerful, indeed much of it will be moved to the new site. The same Source has been working through me all along. I’m just shifting my participation a bit from doing work with individuals to letting Source operate through my presence through The Alchemy of Being as I travel the Earth and interact with groups who can offer their multiple seedings into the new matrix.

Okay, Back to the older material…

This inner light is your essence. It is your birthright. The key is to accessing, experiencing and expressing it as your True Self is to let go of the limiting beliefs and emotional patterning imprinted upon you by society and past experiences. These limiting fear-based conditioning and unconscious patterns have become your truth and reality, eclipsing your True Divine Self from being seen and felt as real.  This truth and reality can be discovered by a slow evolution through life experiences, or an accelerated path of clear intent, presence, surrender, and the resultant increases in frequency that cause DNA and light-body activations of your higher consciousness and inherent spiritual abilities. You came to earth to free this pure consciousness of Love from within and to share with all in the Earth plane. 

Effortlessly activate that which is already present in you, but still lies blocked or dormant in your DNA as pure potential. Everything you need is already within you. The alchemical materials in this website can help you experience your Soul’s True Light – your direct connection to your multidimensional, cosmic, God/Source within.

We all have different gifts and purposes we brought to Earth to assist in humanity and Earth’s ascension, and the creation of the New Earth. I happen to be very galactic and sonic in nature. My body is a multidimensional frequency device. As such, Source/Consciousness works through me using the Divine Alchemy of light language and of my vibrational presence (even works in audios and written materials) because my energy field is able the whole spectrum of divine to support effortless transformation Spirit told me that as we move into the higher planes we transition from DOING mission to BEING transmission – what they called “The Alchemy of Being.” I was asked me to live from Being and let  Divine Alchemy and Loving Presence do the work, rather than “doing” private sessions.

So while I no longer offer private sessions, this website hosts a treasure trove of wonderful healing, light language energy upgrades, activations, attunements, and light codes, loving channeled messages and other ascension resources in my Archives and Resource Links pages. Most of it is available free of charge. I invite you to explore, download, share, and be blessed by following your intuition and resonance to something perfect for you now. 

Waves of cosmic light from Source are increasing in intensity and frequency daily now. In order to keep up and transition with the greatest ease, we must keep surrendering into the healing and transformative gifts of the divine light, and stay in flow. This means accepting change and letting go of our limited understanding of who we think we are and what we think we know. It can be challenging but the rewards are true liberation to live from your truest light/soul essence in sustainable unity; love, harmony, peace, abundance, creativity, and joy. 

This is a real experience many of us are already experiencing! Humanity is being led one heart at a time into a collective experience of Oneness. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re crazy if you are having unexplainable experiences of deep knowing, heightened awareness, other worldly visions, or “ascension symptoms.” Many thousands of others are having them too, as part of their spiritual evolution. You can read about this process and find reference points in this website and countless others popping up all the time as people share their very real experiences, and messages from spirit. 

We are literally collapsing timelines and dissolving duality as we unify ourselves and transition into the Love/Unity vibration of the ascended New Earth. This is not a concept or pipe dream – and it’s not a drill! All hands are on deck because we came her to ascend a planet and that has been done. Now the focus is on humanity ascending to live on the ascended planet Earth. 

All the materials in my website are designed to help you raise your frequency and get to the next level of your expanding soul awareness and expression, light body integration, connection to your own divine guidance, and other aspects of support through the ascension journey to Being fully embodied as a multidimentional New Earth human living in the christen timelines of The New Earth. 

My guides recently told me there is only one message to share that really matters and that is to…


This simple message is a reminder that THERE IS ONLY LOVE. The trick can be in getting to the place in your consciousness where you can LOVE IT ALL!

So Dive into this website, indulge, download, share with others, and come back often for more inspiration. This website is your portal to Source for empowering messages and light language energy transmissions to expand your consciousness and upshift your frequency. The alchemy of divine love and Source light does the work effortlessly! 

Divine Alchemy using spiritual energy to help you clear the debris blocking you from accessing, embodying, and expressing life in alignment with your soul’s True Light, which is divine love in your own perfectly beautiful, unique soul vibration.

One path or another, and each in their own divine time, every single human is ascending with the Earth in this Great Shift of Ages. Might as well find a way to participate consciously, enjoy the journey, and smooth the way for yourself by transforming with ease and grace while assisting the all life as you do! 

If you aren’t already aware of the Great Shift, humanity is ascending by rapidly raising in vibration and consciousness, awakening to live as 5th (and higher) dimensional spiritual humans. This transition is taking place in full concordance with the Earth’s raising frequency and ascension. Ascending dimensions requires us to release the 3D duality matrix with its illusion that we are separate from the Creative Source of All that Is. As you release the old separation/duality linear cause and effect matrix as your reality you will naturally align with the new Earth grids and matrix that support love, peace and unity for all—often referred to as Heaven on Earth. It may sound like a fairy tale but if you are still reading, you are feeling the truth of this in your heart. I’m not here to convince anyone of anything. You must decide what is true for you. I just offer a way to make it easier and more of a natural effortless evolution to shift into your more expanded multidimensional self. 

Since you’ve found your way to this website, it’s a pretty good indication you are ready to Embrace, Embody, and Express your Soul’s True Light as a divine human. That means you are ready to help create Heaven on Earth by simply Being You!

To experience your true self we might need to help you remove some layers of fear, grime, pain, lack, unworthiness, and other old patterns caused by multiple lifetimes in veiled awareness. But soon you’ll begin to remember who you really are—a human body housing your divine spirit, a soul made of Creator’s pure love and light! 

Quantum Tools for Ascension

How can can we accomplish such a big task and consciousness shift quickly? Alchemy! We use divine light/quantum tools for ascension! My favorite is…


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I hope you will enjoy exploring over 50 hours of healing and soul-enhancing material, almost all free of charge! You will find loving channeled messages (in English) from Spirit, light language alchemical frequency transmissions for healing and ascension, healing radio and video shows, and other wonderful life-affirming treasures in this website.

Please in-joy, be blessed, and share with others. 

Entering the Void

2016 was a year of great change and letting go for me, and many others on the planet. I’m writing a bit about my shift in awareness and perspectives in hopes that it helps you find a reference point in what may be a confusing time for you.

You see, we are all being affected by the ongoing up-shifts that only promise to intensify as pure spiritual energies bathe, cleanse, recalibrate and activate human’s DNA and light bodies. The New Earth Christ Consciousness grids of love, peace, and unity anchored on the planet in mid-2015. They are accessible to everyone now. And the intensifying infusions of light from On-High are affecting everyone, whether they are consciously aware of it and intentionally participating in this ascension journey or not. Hang in there and seek help when you need it (my trusted references). It may be a wild ride but it is all part of birthing Heaven on Earth. And we are the co-creators and conduits because we are The Light!

I usually got new healing assignments from my light team at the end of each calendar year to prepare and launch at the beginning of the following year. But my guidance at the beginning of 2016 was to stop doing healing work all together! I was to let go of planning, scheduling, struggling with technology, and resistance to what is. I was asked to stay in surrender and flow as I took notice of how divine timing and synchronicity would lead me. I willingly entered the Void, floating between worlds as a witness. I watched my thoughts, emotions, and compulsions come and go, releasing what no longer was to be part of my journey and embracing new concepts and energies. I received countless insights, teachings, downloads, upgrades, transmissions, and silent infusions of divine love, light, and peace. I didn’t even try to capture, record, or write my impressions. I just let go of it all, and any agenda — to simply BE in the experience. I felt lighter and freer, even while feeling more embodied, grounded, and peaceful as the year progressed.

The waters of the void were a bit murky for me in 2016 because my beloved mother passed in the middle of the year. I would have intense emotions and then feel detached from emotions altogether. At first I had to work through the grief and loss, embracing that natural process. But later I wondered if I was losing my compassion and caring because I didn’t want to be with people, help clients, DO healing, or DO anything for anyone. I was worried! Who was I becoming that didn’t care anymore? I was tired a lot too. Was I depressed? Was this a normal part of the shift or was I still grieving my mother? 

I had several spiritual readings with friends that assured me I had not lost my compassion, in fact my heart was more open than ever and my energy was more clear and pure. I had only lost emotional reactivity (a 3D trait based on emotional memory). My guides explained that I was not disconnected at the heart, simply disengaged from the old matrix. I was not uncaring either. I was simply unconcerned now that I had the perspective that all is perfect and in divine order. This new space of peace was reflecting such complete acceptance and forgiveness that there was very little reactivity remaining in the present. The reactivity that came up, however, was intense and always related to something very personal. It was a gift to let it in because I recognized it was coming up for release.

Emerging Into The Next Space

Since 2002, I’ve offered private healing sessions. At the beginning of 2016, however, as I mentioned previously, my soul guided me to stop “doing” sessions and other goal and agenda-based activities in order to explore what I am calling “The Alchemy of Being.” Perhaps I will teach, or write a book, on that subject someday when I have a more grounded understanding and experience in this new territory (actually it’s not new at all—it is really a return to our natural state of being). Or perhaps I will discover it is enough to simply be me, transmitting the love and light vibrations I continue to download, embody, and BE. I really don’t consciously know what this change is leading to but I enter into it in full trust and surrender, following my spirit without hesitation.

This change has meant consciously letting go of my identity as a healer, as well as other roles, polarized archetypes, ideas about myself, and even my sense of spiritual purpose and mission. Letting go of an identity-based definition of self is the movement from I AM (   fill in the blank   ) to simply I AM.  This release of limited identity allows us to return to our broader soul identity as eternal divine beings of love and light who can enjoy expressing that essence in infinite ways.

We are shifting away from an outer 3D focus that involves identifying and knowing who we are by outer world reflections and responses. We are returning to an inner awareness that will create our outer reality in accordance with our inner truth. We are leaving the repeating karmic cycles of learning through cause and effect in a time-based reality rife with emotional reactivity to live a 5D (and higher) inner-sourced state of love, peace, and unity experienced through multidimensional awareness and creation from a deep Soul and Source connection – One with All That Is.

This Shift, for me, now involves a process of continuing to consciously disenge from the linear time-based 3D matrix of doing and drama to exist in the 5D matrix to Be – consciousness in transmission/expression. I’m currently in a learning phase, like how learning to drive a car takes a lot of focus but eventually you can drive without thinking about it and just enjoy the journey while being attentive to other things. I believe the next step will be where “doing” activity flows from full alignment and expression of the soul (wholeness) rather than from the mind’s idea of what it should be doing or needs to do to be enough, have enough, fit in, feel safe, etc., all 3D aspects of lack, need, unworthiness, fear, and a desire for external control and validation.

I have treasured, and continue to love the many emails, support, and trust my clients and email list connections have provided over the years. Thank you one and all! I hope sharing this perspective helps those of you who have supported me for years, and looked forward to my frequent posts with healing gifts, understand why I have been so silent, dormant, and seemingly unproductive. You and those new to my site will still be able to enjoy over a decade of gifts spirit has provided to you through me as a channel. My soul says that writing a book is still an option if it gives me joy so who knows what will come next? 

I will continue to accept offers to be a guest on radio shows because it is a fun easy way to connect and spread new energies and seed love into the collective while adding more free assistance to visitors to my archives. I invite you to sign up for my email list in the right sidebar to receive event notices and future posts to this website. 

Update: In March of 2017, feeling a bit restless after a year away from the purpose and focus of sessions and posting messages, I asked my higher self…”If I was to go back to writing, channeling, posting, group work, or sharing messages, what would my message be?” The response came with a bit of a chuckle at my still present compulsion to get back to “doing” work, but the answer was very clear. “Three words will do it,” my guides said, “LOVE IT ALL! Put that on your Home Page and you’ll be done!” The feeling was one of being humored and then redirected back to my current path of exploring The Alchemy of Being, without looking for more ways to get distracted or busy “doing” more than simply Being. 

I wish you infinite blessings at whatever stage of your journey you are experiencing now. I pray that something on my website will bless you and lift you into a stronger connection with your higher self, Source/Creator, and a sense of Oneness.

With all my love, Laura

Let your heart take you there!
Before proceeding to explore, I suggest you move out of your mind and into your heart so discernment will guide you to what is perfect for you.

To access this inner knowing, drop out of your mind’s seeking and feel with your heart. Once in your heart space, tune even more deeply into your diamond heart/core to feel your soul essence. Practice tuning into your higher self/soul often throughout each day until you develop a well-worn path and realize you are permanently linked in a soul merge that cannot be broken. Notice how pure, peaceful, intelligent, and perfectly available your soul is to you anytime you tune in for guidance. 

From this soul connection, your eternal connection to God/Source/All That Is, connect into the New Earth Grids. When you feel that above (Soul/Source) and below (Gaia/Earth) connection within your heart of hearts, ground into Earth’s 5th dimensional crystalline core and feel the PULSE of CREATION pulsing in your body. Do this often to stay in alignment with the Oneness/Christ Consciousness/Unity grid matrix of the New Earth.

About Laura’s Work

_DSC8511I am a Soul Alchemist. Alchemy of the soul brings forth the soul essence to express as the True Self. This is key at this time of ascension. 

Since 2002, I have been exploring many ways of “doing healing” as my soul mission. I certified in various modalities and eventually learned to trust the information I received intuitively and my own natural healing gifts. I work very effectively as a divinely guided healer, intuitive, and full-body conscious channel of divine love and light from the heart of Source. I even developed several of my own modalities. My goal was always to help one return to wholeness so their unified soul could be embodied and express though them as their True Light. I called my unique practice of soul alchemy, True Light Process, offering channeled sessions for many years.

This work is still effective today but I am now enjoying exploring another perspective in which all is divinely perfect. Where I used to focus on what is wrong, blocked, fragmented, needing to be fixed, healed, aligned, or balanced, I now see everything through its divine potential and perfection. All is already whole, complete, and perfect. We are simply experiencing a dimensional perspective in which we agreed to forget that we are whole and always One with Source in order to experience remembering it.

So instead of all the doing activity and healing “work” of my former sessions—diving into past lives, old emotional patterns, pain, and fragmentation to release or repattern them into wholeness—I prefer to be still, feel love, stay in flow, partner with synchronicity, witness the sacred beauty of creation, the emergence of infinite potential, and allow shifts to occur by holding space and being present without agenda—what I am calling “The Alchemy of Being.”

I’m an incurable optimist and I absolutely love humanity and our beautiful planet! My soul’s purpose and joy-full passion continues to be ascension, awakening, healing, clearing old matrix energies, transmitting love and light codes, activating human DNA, and co-creating the New Earth. I’m just doing it so naturally now that I hardly notice I’m doing anything at all. My life and work have been pure joy since I learned to live in trust and partnership with a vast team of divine-light beings from many dimensions; Elohim, Angelics, Ascended Masters, Celestials, Galactic Inter-dimensional beings and collectives, Elements and Elementals, Immortals assisting Gaia from deep within the Earth, Dolphin, Mer and Whale consciousness, my own higher self and I AM presence, of course, and so much more. It is truly a grand symphony of love, light, energy, dimensions, color, frequencies, sacred sounds and geometries, information and synergy. More continues to be revealed all the time as I expand my awareness to embrace more of my multidimensional self and the infinite Universe.

The important thing I want you to realize is that I’m not that different from you. Like many others, my spiritual awakening was inspired by personal trauma, drama, loss, pain, and suffering. I was in a deep hole and I needed to open to avenues that my rigid analytical “prove it to me” mind did not want to go. But pain is a demanding teacher that kept me on task meditating and practicing self-healing for relief because it really works.

Anita Owens' spirit guide, King Solomon, graced us during a healing session on Kachina Point, a Sedona vortex. Notice the energy lines of his crown radiating upward above his head! There are a couple other guides in the space around him too. Look sideways to see the purple guide's face. Photo©TomShoemaker2011

Anita Owens’ spirit guide, King Solomon, graced us during a healing session on Kachina Point, a Sedona vortex. Notice the energy lines of Solomon’s crown radiating upward above his head! There are a couple other guides in the space around him too. Look sideways to see the purple guide’s face. Photo©TomShoemaker2011

In the end, I got a lot more than relief. I found myself in an exotic world of new experiences I couldn’t explain and was even afraid to tell people about for fear I would be judged and ridiculed. But once I knew it was possible, and more importantly once I discovered how to help people move from the depths of despair to the heights of health, joy and soul fulfillment, I was hooked.

I hope that sharing my own experiences and spiritual gifts will help you trust your own and thereby guide you through this often challenging evolutionary journey of ascension in an accelerated fashion, with the ease, joy, wisdom, gifts, and enthusiasm I discovered along the way.

Your soul essence and divine light team is standing by ready to support your life and higher purpose too! My own vast, wise, ultra-high frequency, loving light team, whom I endearingly call, “Team Laura Light,” has evolved over time as I became clearer about myself and my purpose. It took time to develop trust and release countless old patterns and limiting beliefs, self-doubt, mental interference, and the feeling I didn’t deserve such extraordinary gifts and support. Deeply patterned old paradigm conditioning kept me in limiting and painful experiences until I was able to release them day by day, week by week, and year by year to experience a remarkably magical love-based reality manifesting with ease through synchronicity and grace. There is no finish line. I’m still clearing, unfolding, healing, and expanding every day. But it does get easier and a lot more fun!

As I raised my frequency, my consciousness evolved to hold more love and light. When I learned to sustain a more constant vibration of love, peace, and gratitude my intuitive awareness, healing abilities, and other spiritual gifts increased substantially. Yours will too as you turn inward for your truth, tapping deeply into the greater potentials of your divine blueprint and akashic inheritance within your multidimensional essence and 12-strand DNA. 

Everything you need is always present within you! Your higher self and light team is ready to be welcomed into partnership with you. Are you ready to connect and partner with your own true light/soul essence? Are you ready to hold the energy of the more that you are? Earth is ready and waiting for all her precious children to join her in a 5th dimensional focus.

You are a powerful divine sovereign being. Reconnecting to that wiser and fuller part of your being is an important first step. Going deeper into your core connection with Spirit is a continuing process and evolution. Your higher self/true light/soul-essence is your personal GPS guiding you on the ideal path for you. Would you like a bit of advice? Be inspired, but don’t compare yourself to anyone else! Your journey will be unique and so will your spiritual gifts be and the way you use them. BE YOU and LOVE YOU every step of the way!

This Website is like a Butterfly Field
for You to Sip the Nectar of Divine Love!


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“Joy! Joy!Joy! Hearing the languages of Love once again!” ~ Joyful Judy

“Speechless, Mindless, Blessed, in Gratitude” ~ Sarah Dolbier

“Thank you Laura for all you do! I wouldn’t start my day without DDOL. So peaceful and grounding! ~ Maria”

My guides tell me that Spirit doesn’t need a crusade—just butterfly fields for people to gently land and nourish themselves a while with the nectar of the love of Spirit. Then they will carry that on within themselves and bless others!

My guides direct all of my work; energy sessions, light language energy transmissionschanneled messages, spirit-led projects like my two albums and A Daily Dose of Love. Enjoy over 50 hours of free healing and ascension information, tools and resources in my posts and radio/video show archives. I warmly invite you to spend some time mining the many free resources this website offers. Enjoy what resonates with you and leave the rest. 

I have spent a great deal of time creating free material that will bless people that I will probably never meet. If you are so blessed, please consider keeping energy in flow by…

• sharing my work with others
• freely offering a kindness to someone you feel called to help
• donating to a person, or organization whose work touches your heart 

It is time we move out of lack consciousness to realize we all have something to give.
That something is who we really are — Love!

As a channel, I easily access divine whole-light energy processes, divine frequencies, upgrades, light language, light codes, activations, wisdom teachings, and information that can help you quickly shift, in the Now. All you need is pure intent and an open heart ready to receive love!

Each channeled work, whether written, recorded, or video taped is transformational, unique, and divinely guided by ultra-high-frequency light beings from the heart of Oneness. Each session is like a personal symphony just for you, sacred and full of the profound energies of love, gratitude, compassion, healing and joy.

You will find hundreds of opportunities in this website for vibrational immersion into divine energies that provide healing and transformation.

Please explore this website with an open heart, mine it for the many blessings within. I invite you to stay in touch by signing up to my email list.


• RAISE your Consciousness and Frequency
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• AWAKEN to your Divine Self & Purpose
• EMBRACE your Authenticity & Soul Purpose
• TRANSCEND Limited Thinking

• LIVE in The Now, OPEN
 to New Possibilities
• EXPERIENCE Unity/Oneness

• LIVE in Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance 


Language of Light Albums

Language of Light Albums

Energy transmissions in The Language of Light “provide dynamic restructuring and realignment of your Light Body according to non-dualistic Higher Truth and Divine Light Programs, essentially attuning you to your own soul vibration.”

“There is glory and Light vibrating in every cell of your body just waiting to be invited to express its divinity in the Oneness, unifying you with your Soul in full remembering.”
 ~ messages from my guides about Light Language

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In all of my ALBUMS, POSTS, LIGHT LANGUAGE, SERIES, and RADIO & VIDEO PROGRAMS you will receive profound Source-Light healing energy frequencies and activations that shift, clear, unblock, realign, harmonize, activate, encode and evolve your energy patterns and consciousness. And because the work is guided by God/Source/Holy Spirit/Divine Love and your Higher Self, it is always safe and perfect for you.

Did you know that many physical illnesses, pain and chronic conditions are held in place by emotions and belief patterns? As each of us heals, we clear such energy blocks so we can create our experiences from greater love and wholeness. The challenge is where to begin! We are often not even aware of what thoughts, feelings, emotions and patterns are keeping us stuck. Past life and karmic influences can muddy the waters even further. That is why I love this channeled healing process!


Your higher self knows your specific life plan and purpose, what you need to experience and what you are ready to release and heal. As we are guided by Spirit, healing can unfold in the highest and best way for you, according to divine plan in ways we can’t even begin to realize or access from our limited perspective. This is the beauty and Grace of such divinely guided healing.

As we awaken to Divine Love and Unity Consciousness, we begin to recognize our connection to Planet Earth and the many kingdoms of life, as part of The Oneness. As we come to trust the divine plan, we align with the coherent intelligence of the God/Source energy running through us, which we call intuition, inner wisdom, or divine guidance. Aligned with that inspired wisdom, unity consciousness and trust, we naturally create and live empowered, loving, meaningful, balanced, harmonious lives in which we joyfully express our authentic selves and unique gifts without fear of judgment, ridicule, lack and other limiting concerns. As more of us begin to thrive in mass, living our Truth with love, humility, authenticity and integrity, we uplift the entire human collective, serving the ALL by expressing our True Light here and now, ultimately and collectively creating Heaven on Earth!

2013Photo©Ed Pieratt

Ascension Inspired ~ 2013Photo©Ed Pieratt

My guides chose the name Humanity Rising for my website and work, telling me that those words are triggers for humans to remember we are here to upshift our consciousness into Oneness, rising together to Ascend into the 5th dimension and beyond as a unified collective with Planet Earth. I am so blessed and honored to serve in this way as we usher in The New Earth Golden Age of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness.

Ascension is a Team Sport! Let’s partner in your healing journey. As we take responsibility for what we are creating, we improve our lives in extraordinary ways while consciously uplifting the Whole of Life!

Thank you for adding your love and light to the collective of a Humanity Rising! Please take advantage of all the great information and FREE STUFF using the links throughout this website and the search bar at the top right of each page. I am blessed and honored to share in your journey. 

Whatever path you choose, may Infinite Blessings and Divine Love light your way!  ~ 
In Oneness, Laura Pieratt


We are moving into frequencies that no longer support duality in its extreme conditions of separation. Everyone is experiencing intense shifts at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It’s time to stop struggling and partner with the unprecedented opportunities and new potentials for empowered change now available through healing and Grace. Please enjoy the following beautiful message from my guides and let it sink deeply into your core of remembering, filling you once again with the love and hope you had when you volunteered to incarnate. ~ Infinite Blessings, Laura

“There is a song of Grace upon the waves of time. We are progressing into an era of recovery, regeneration and joyful participation in life, with enhanced understanding of conscious evolution.

We are aligning with the perfection of the Divine Mother, the Divine Father, the divine whole.  Father, Son and Holy Ghost merge, combine and redefine their polaristic experience into a refined perfect balance of self-sustaining love and devotion. Devotion to self, devotion to others, devotion to life in all forms of creation.

We are translating eternity into waves of unfolding Light, into new structures of Living Light potential for future evolution. We are One. We are evolving into a unity of conscious creators, interpreting divine plan and perfection into new ways of creative expression. The new is the open frontier, always present for reinterpretation.

I am, that I am, that I am, that I am, Complete Love”



I serve as a catalyst, accelerating potentials already within your DNA and Akashic history/memory that lay dormant, distorted, blocked or unrecognized. These processes facilitate an expedient transition to more coherent and harmonious frequencies and Higher Light for your spiritual evolution, enabling an elegant shift with ease and grace.

These times of intense and rapid shift require us to be able to let go of the old and change quickly. You will eventually get there but it can really help to have someone skilled at energy shifts and activations to help you get out from under the rubble so you can embrace and express your joyful heart-fulfilling True Light and divine purpose. We are here to ascend and help planet Earth birth her 5D New Earth expression too! What an awesome time and place to be alive!

WE CAN THRIVE NOW! Let’s emerge together, boldly, with joy and empowerment, into our fullest expression of divine beings. We are ready to be aware of ourselves as multidimensional beings of love/light. We can activate our light bodies and hold and anchor into the Earth the True Light energies and New Earth templates of Unity, Oneness, Reverence for Life, Peace, Compassion, Prosperity and Abundance for all, in alignment with Divine Plan for restoring Heaven to Earth! If this excites you as it does me, let’s connect and create magic! 


All of my services provide powerful healing and consciousness evolution by clearing deep blocks so you can heal, release or evolve personality aspects, incomplete lesson plans, karma, trauma and duality programs. As your blocks clear, we bring in healing, harmonization, attunements, Light Frequency Alignments, Divine Light Blessings, DNA Activations, Light Codes, Divine Blueprint Encodements and more. You are thereby able to integrate, enhance and  accelerate your spiritual evolution, also known as ascension. Through this process of dynamic light vibrational healing and sacred sound alchemy, which I have named True Light Process, you are able to re-member, re-align with, re-connect to, and embody your divine soul essence, what I like to refer to as your “True Light.” What a blessed journey it is when you are able to see it in this Light!

This is an ideal, safe, effective and sacred accelerated path for the rapid transitions required at this time of global evolutionary spiritual shifts.

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