Laura Pieratt Intuitive Energy & Language of Light Sound Healer, Channel, Writer, Teacher

Laura Pieratt
Intuitive Energy & Language of Light Sound Healer, Channel, Writer, Teacher


Awakening • Healing • Activations
Transformation for Ascension

Welcome! I am Laura Pieratt. I’m glad you’re here. You might be asking, how can I help you? So let’s get right to it. My passion is to use my spiritual gifts to help you…

 • HEAL & TRANSFORM at All Levels of Your Being
• AWAKEN to your Divine Self
 • RECONNECT to your Soul’s True Light
 • CLEAR Emotional & Mental Blocks
• TRANSCEND Limitations
 • RAISE your Consciousness and Frequency
 • RELINQUISH the Past to Live in The Now
 • CREATE from Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance
 • ACTIVATE & FOLLOW your Soul Path and Purpose



Reconnect to Your Soul’s True Light, Path and Purpose!
Everything You Need is Within You. Let’s Reveal and Activate it Now!




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What does your deepest Soul longing wish you to Do/Be/Share/Remember?

Ascension is an ongoing journey, but we can make it faster, more fun and much easier! The ascension journey is an ongoing process of raising your frequency and consciousness through multiple stages; Surrender, Trust, Allow, Release, Transform–START! 

Your personal map for your Soul journey is within YOU!
It is in your heart, your DNA and your Soul connection.

I have been successfully navigating this awakening and healing journey for myself and hundreds of others for many years. My soul purpose at this time is to use my spiritual gifts to help raise humanity’s frequency into Christ/Unity Consciousness. To this end, I offer healing and ascension support for individuals and groups. I also travel extensively for sheer enjoyment and to contribute to planetary energy work intuitively and as specifically guided. 

I have been blessed with a powerful merge with a remarkably vast array of Light Beings and Collectives in the realms of Spirit, whose primary purpose is to assist in the joint ascension of Earth and Humanity. They bring forth the pure Light of Truth, Divine Love and Light Key-Codes, clearing limiting patterns and distortions to reveal your True Light. I channel my healing system, True Light Process, activating that which is already present in you, but lies blocked or dormant in your thoughts and DNA. Everything you need is already within you. Our work together is always a co-creation to bring forth your greatest alignment with your Soul’s True Light, your direct connection to God Source.


• SHIFT out of pain, suffering, distress, disease, limited consciousness

• ENHANCE your spiritual gifts

• OPEN to infinite new possibilities 

• RELEASE what no longer serves you

• HEAL on all levels

• RAISE your consciousness and frequency

• BUILD your Light-body

• ACTIVATE DNA & RECODE divine blueprint

• EMBODY divine qualities for ascension

• THRIVE in an empowered joyful loving life of peace, creativity, health & prosperity!



DIVINELY  GUIDED HEALING – As a channel, I connect with your energy. Your higher self directs me, as my higher self and spiritual team–a vast multitude of angels, archangels, guides, ascended masters and a host of group consciousness collectives of high vibrational Light Beings orchestrate the work through me. To get a sense of what this feels like, listen to one of my “A Daily Dose of Love” light language posts.

It is a true blessing to work this way because the spiritual team understands exactly what you need to heal, shift, clear, activate and recode far better than either of our minds could possibly perceive. They do the work through me, performing divine alchemy that is so remarkably intelligent and transformative that I consider it pure Grace! I also surrogate for you, feeling your emotions and giving them a doorway to express and clear through me. I may negotiate with your personality aspects, visit past lives or your pre-birth plan, explore akashic records for information, wisdom, gifts, healing, insight, soul fragment reintegration and much more.

 • DIVINE  ALCHEMY – The Language of Light is a form of divine alchemy that engages higher dimensional energies, information, sounds and frequencies from God/Source to clear, activate, heal and recode your DNA, light body and divine blueprint for this Now. And Light Language has the added benefit of bypassing the mind’s resistance, enabling accelerated transformation, while triggering even greater awakening and remembrance of your soul vibration. Such an enhanced Soul connection combined with increased intuition will support you in your perfect journey.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU NEED - Most people schedule a session because of a specific concern and we certainly work with that. But most issues involve some link to past lives, karma, trauma or other limiting beliefs or repeating emotional patterns that you can’t possibly know at a conscious level. No problem! I work directly with energy – across time and dimensions! You do not need to know “what is wrong,” where it comes from or have a story to explain anything. Since I channel your healing, we can even ask your higher self to direct the healing that is perfect for you! Just bring an open mind and a sincere desire to improve your life and to live from love, unity and benevolence as you move into manifesting your highest potential from the realms of infinite potential.

ONGOING SUPPORT, POWERFUL FREE TOOLS and DISCOUNTS! – My website is full of powerful tools to support your transformational journey including: Discount on multiple sessions, A Daily Dose of Love immersion series and dozens of free Light Language mp3 energy transmissions and channeled messages in my blogs and Light Language Albums.



One of Anita Owens' spirit guides, King Solomon, graced us (see image on tree) during a healing session on Kachina Point, a Sedona vortex. Photo©TomShoemaker2011

One of Anita Owens‘ spirit guides, King Solomon, graced us (see image in front of tree) during a healing session on Kachina Point, a Sedona vortex.

Some terms and ideas related to my work may be new to you…

For example, I am a conscious channelMy channeled healings, sound frequencies and messages are guided by a vast multidimensional team of highly evolved loving angels, guides and celestial Beings who weave their love, light, energies, sounds, light codes and information through me in many ways. They literally reach right through me! I no longer need to mediate to connect with my team. I am in a continuous merged state in which they are always present and available, working through my higher self and I AM Presence.

Channeling the Language of Light is one of my favorite gifts and most unusual tools for accelerated easy transformation. Still relatively unknown, it is an extremely powerful alchemical sound process for the dynamic restructuring and healing we need for ascension. As eternal beings, we all use Light Language as our primary means of communication throughout the Universe. I speak, sing, sign and tone in the Language of Light, including dolphin and whale tones. You will see a lot about Light Language in this website, so please have fun exploring! And be sure to check out some of my posts to experience the energy of these spiritual energy transmissions!

Click the play button to listen to RELEASE & ALLOW, a track from My Language of Light Album   

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Experience some free healing energy transmissions on this site to discover the potential for accelerated transformation. Then SCHEDULE a SESSION so we can address your specific needs!


True Light Process and the Language of Light heal and attune you to your Soul’s True Light.

We are moving into frequencies that no longer support duality in its extreme conditions of separation. Everyone is experiencing intense shifts at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It’s time to stop struggling and partner with the unprecedented opportunities and new potentials for empowered change now available through healing and Grace. Please enjoy the following beautiful message from my guides and let it sink deeply into your core of remembering, filling you once again with the love and hope you had when you volunteered to incarnate. ~ Infinite Blessings, Laura

“There is a song of Grace upon the waves of time. We are progressing into an era of recovery, regeneration and joyful participation in life, with enhanced understanding of conscious evolution.

We are aligning with the perfection of the Divine Mother, the Divine Father, the divine whole.  Father, Son and Holy Ghost merge, combine and redefine their polaristic experience into a refined perfect balance of self-sustaining love and devotion. Devotion to self, devotion to others, devotion to life in all forms of creation.

We are translating eternity into waves of unfolding Light, into new structures of Living Light potential for future evolution. We are One. We are evolving into a unity of conscious creators, interpreting divine plan and perfection into new ways of creative expression. The new is the open frontier, always present for reinterpretation.

I am, that I am, that I am, that I am, Complete Love”



I channel highly evolved loving Beings from many dimensions in my posts and healing system, True Light Process. The Language of Light is a powerful component of my healing work, recordings, posts, group events and experiential custom classes.

I serve as a catalyst, accelerating those potentials already within you that lay dormant, distorted, blocked or unrecognized. These processes facilitate an expedient transition to more coherent frequencies and Higher Light for your spiritual evolution, enabling an elegant shift with ease and grace through these times of intense change.


All of my services provide powerful healing and consciousness evolution by clearing deep blocks so you can heal, release or evolve personality aspects, incomplete lesson plans, karma, trauma and duality programs. As your blocks clear, we bring in healing, harmonization, attunements, Light Frequency Alignments, Divine Light Blessings, DNA Activations, Light Codes, Divine Blueprint Encodements and more. You are thereby able to integrate, enhance and  accelerate your spiritual evolution, also known as ascension. Through this process of dynamic light vibrational healing and sacred sound alchemy, which I have named True Light Process, you are able to re-member, re-align with, re-connect to, and embody your divine soul essence, what I like to refer to as your “True Light.” What a blessed journey it is when you are able to see it in this Light!

According to my healing guides, energy transmissions in the Language of Light “provide dynamic restructuring and realignment of your Light Body according to non-dualistic Higher Truth and Divine Light Programs,” essentially attuning you to your own soul vibration.

They remind us, “there is glory and Light vibrating in every cell of your body just waiting to be invited to express its divinity in the Oneness, unifying you with your soul in full remembering.”

This is an ideal, safe, effective and sacred accelerated path for the rapid transitions required at this time of global evolutionary spiritual shifts.